Alex Camacho
Crosby, TX, United States
Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

New Year's Eve

It's just a few hours until the beginning of a new year. I look back on this year and can't think but ask where all the time went. Special things that happened this year? I became an uncle again. My son started School. My wife's business team hit over a million dollars in sales this year. I heard from an old friend I hadn't seen in over ten years. What does this add up to? There's no stopping time and the only thing to do is enjoy the ride. I've made it a point all this year to try and not be so negative and I think I've succeeded on a lot of points. It's been a self improvement year really. ; Maybe not physically, but spiritually. Hey, I'm no beer swigging gut man or nothing but I sure as hell can't run two miles in thirteen minutes (but I bet I could still do it in under sixteen!). I've tried to take on more of my dad's outlook on everything. He's the strongest man I've ever known. He never gives up, even when the world seems set against him from all ends. What does he do? He turns to his family and gathers strength from them and keeps going knowing all will end well in the end if you want it to. Thinking positive. It seems like such a little thing and I know now how much of a difference it can make. I never really thought about how negative I can be at times until it Lana pointed it out to me. So, when I wonder how I'll go at something I just ask myself what my dad would do. Sound cheesy? It may be but my father has always been my role model and he's even more so now. It doesn't matter how much money you make, what kind of car you drive or what kind of shoes you lace up in the morning. What matters is spending those first few moments awake in bed before going to bed laughing and tickling your son (or wife), sneaking up on your kiddo to watch him play, and lots of other private moments with your family. It's going to be a good year, I can feel it.

New year's resolutions? Hummm... More quality time with Marcel and Lana. Visit my brother more often. Get out of the house more often even if it's just to the park. ; Call my dad when I think of him even if it is a bit of an inconvenience. Spend more time with my nephew and niece. Here's a biggie for me write more often and maybe get the balls to even put a few short stories up here. Lana's positivity is contagious I think. The woman can see the good in just about anything. She has this weird way of picking me up out of a bad mood without even knowing it. So out with the negative and in with the new.


Monday, December 22, 2003


Well, it's just right around the corner and I'm not finished shopping. Every year I tell myself I'm going to get started early and every year I put it off just a little bit more. It's okay though cause I got most of my Christmas shopping out of the way. While we didn't go crazy this year like we did last year, but Marcel probably won't notice. I still gotta get a tree up... I still have a few days left though. ;)

My birthday just passed for those who care. I turned 23 again for the 4th time. Fourth time must be a charm because this was one of the best birthdays I've had. Lana, me, Marcel and Jonathan all drove out to Corpus Christi and stayed in a bay side hotel. We left on Thursday and came back yesterday. The hotel we stayed at was right on the beach overlooking the water and the Lexington. We didn't tour it this time around but I figure we'll save it for this summer when we rent a beach house and take those sand castle classes. The kids had a blast. There's this monstrosity of a castle playground right on the beach. It's a parent's nightmare. It twists and turns everywhere. Children turn into tunnel rats and quickly lose their parents only to show up on the other end of the playground. To make it worse, it isn't fenced in. So what does that mean? It means mom and dad get to chase the kiddos through this gauntlet of stairs, latters, and tunnels. More than once I caught that pleading look from another parent. Took me a while to realize I had that same look stretched across mine. Needless to say, Lana and I got our workout chasing Marcel and Johnathan through it. I'd like to go back when we don't have the kids so I can enjoy it. It's really freakin cool and I'm getting ideas about a backyard castle... It's been a while since we had a big family outing like this and I'm happy my baby Lana did this for me. There's just something about not having a place to be, no deadline to worry about, and just driving where ever looks interesting. I think I almost got deported coming back from Mission, Texas though.

On the way back from my dad's after dropping the kids off for the night, we got stopped by a cop on 77. Apparently, my license plate light is out. He asks me to step out of the car and stand to the rear of the vehicle. Lana gets the interrogation in the warm truck while I stand behind the truck suckin down exhaust fumes in the cold. Then it's my turn. He snaps the questions at me and never lets me finish a sentence before he's snapping another one at me. Hell, by the end of it I felt guilty. He let us go with a warning to get our registration taken care of as well as the light. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.

On a completely weird and good news note, I heard from a family friend I hadn't heard from in years! Family friends we met back when we were living in Colorado. I was checking my email today and there it was. A name I hadn't heard in years sitting in my junk mail folder. I figured it was just a coincidence, but just in case... I shot her an email askin if it was who I thought it was and I got a response back!! So if they follow my link they might end up reading this... sooo...

Hi Jas! Hey Jacob!! Hey, Debbie!!! Miss you guys and can't wait to come up and see ya'll sometime. Marcel has never seen real snow and I miss it!! See ya'll soon hopefully! Merry Christmas!!!! ; --Alex and Family

Friday, November 7, 2003

Halloween Aftermath

Halloween has come and gone, thankfully. I never did get my samurai costume done. There just wasn't enough time and I waited way too long to get started. I did end up pulling a cool costume outta my butt though (I'll be posting the pictures soon in my photo album soon). I'm still a little exhausted by Halloween but excited about next year. The Monday before Halloween I started and completed Marcel's costume (I learned how to sew!) and I did my costume! I was knee deep in fabric, bondo, plaster, silicone, and hot glue. The entire house was trashed, I hadn't done laundry in days, and something was living under the pile of dishes in the sink. But I got em done!! We were a little late to the Halloween party (I had to wait for the spray paint on my armor to dry), but we were there. I must say, the party gets better every year. The past few days I've taken upon myself to do a complete overhaul of my tank. I'm completely re-landscaping everything. You'll hafta check out the tank page for details. Over all, things are going good these days, if you don't count the battle Lana's having with the electric company. Don't ask. I mean it, don't. Only thing putting a dampener on my high right now is my dad might be moving. Still in state, but moving. I don't see him as much as I should since he lives just 10 minutes away and I have no excuses except that whenever I think to visit it's usually kinda late and I hate to bug him late. He went for the job interview and I really do hope it went well even if I do have selfish thoughts bout him moving. He's a good guy and deserves it. Heck, he's still my role model. Is there a certain age that should stop? I hope not...

It's a roleplaying night so I can't stay on here too long with company getting ready to invade my home. I've been coped up too long I've realized. Been buried inside too long. While not always the social animal, it's good to be in good company now and then. Plus I need some input on how I should redesign my tank. Where the waterfall should go, should I put in a river, etc. To put it simply; All is good in the world right now. ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

A Baby Girl!!!

newborn_marian03Today was a very special day. Today, my little brother, became a dad again. I became an uncle for a second time. With just those few words, "It's a girl." from my brother I couldn't help but feel proud and envious at the same time. She's such a beautiful baby and when I held her I knew I held her for someone else other than myself. We didn't always see eye to eye and there were moments I said things I'd cut my tongue out to take back. Those things are done and can never be undone but I do what I can to atone for them in my own ways. I'll never lie about the woman she was, as I knew her, because that's what made me love her as well contemn her. The one thing my mom wanted, before she passed away, was to hold a baby girl in her arms. So many opportunities for forgiveness stolen from us by something as stupid as a car accident. Wounds left open to fester. Wounds I can't stop picking at over and over again. But when I held little Marian in my arms... My brother is a lucky man.

Congratulations Mike. Mom would be happy to see "her men" still standing together as a family with a place for her in our hearts still.

Xiamara and her baby girl should be coming home tomorrow evening. I can't wait to see the baby again and hold her. It's been so long since I held a baby. Man, do I miss it. The diaper rashes, the teething, the constant crying. I'd have to be crazy to want another baby. Then I remember him falling asleep on my chest or hearing that full belly laugh only a baby can do. I know I have a lot more of those "little moments" ahead of me, but I want more. Don't even get me started on brotherhood. I'll get even sappier on ya. Single children will never know what their missing and for them I feel sad.

newborn_marian08Name: Marian Joy Camacho
Proud Parents: Michael J. Camacho and Xiamara Gozman
Date of Birth: 14th October, 2003 (11:04am)
Weight: 6 Pounds 15 ounces 

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Haunted Hospital

I realized something a little weird today.  Yesterday everyone came by to roleplay (micah's GURPS Star Wars conversion game, not mine) at my place. It was sorta last minute plans after I had planned on doing nothing more then vegging out. Trust me, it was no fun trying to do dishes, sweep, laundry and vacuuming a house that hasn't been really cleaned since last week. Nevermind I get winded and go into coughing fits just walking fast with the remains of this flu. I can't even think bout anything too laborious without coughing. Don't get me started. I'm beyond "frustrated". I hate being sick. I reeeeeeaaally hate being sick, but I'm getting off topic.

So once we're all gathered (or at least those of us who didn't beeeey yatch out watching a tv show he coulda recorded!!!!) we were doing the customary gathering of all nerd/geek clans. We gathered around a computer while we discussed the impact of cgi on the movie industry, the deeper meaning behind Nightmare on Elm Street, and where would be a good place to have the piss scared out of us this year for halloween. Somewhere in there we even brought up the holy trinity (Episode IV, V, and VI).  Anyway, while we were discussing this away Derek sat at the helm of the computer looking for somewhere to have the shit scared out of us when he showed us this haunted hospital here in Houston. It looked vaguely familiar but I was too deep in conversation about the new Freddy vs. Jason movie to pay much attention. So we moved on to other subjects eventually making it back to the game room, now that the customary gathering/greeting had been met. So on with the game we went into the early morning hours like the old school gamers we are. Hoooo Waaaaaah!!! *coughing fit*

Today, James calls me up after I just got back from my brothers house painting care bears on his new baby room (Their inducing Xiamara on Tuesday!!!) and asks me if I could look through my history file for the site on that hospital. So I look it up and I get that nagging vague familiar feeling again when I find it. James is talking away to me on the phone when it hits me. I reach into my file cabinet and pull out my birth certificate. Yup, that's the place alright. I was born in a hospital built on the burial grounds of thousands of plague victims. It would later become a juvenile detention ward, a drug and alcohol rehab, and lastly as a psychiatric ward in it's final days. And I was born there. I'm almost proud. I was born in a place of local history, even if it is a little fucked up. I mentioned it to my dad and he says, last he heard, the city is having a problem with homeless people living it it. I made the mistake of mentioning to him I'd like to take a look inside and all he responded back with was, "I think that's called breaking and entering." No matter how cool your parents are, they have their instinctive killjoy parental moments. With proper planning, some flashlights and my digital camera though... I'll keep ya posted. Oh, here's the link by the way.

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Lucky John

"Were going to win the lottery." Lana announced to me the other day. Here's her logic. The starter goes out on the truck, I get my credit card stolen, Lana has a blowout on her way to Dallas, Marcel gets sick, and the water heater spewed all over the rug. Something good must be coming our way. If I had my wallet I'd go to the store and buy one, but since "Lucky John" still has it I'm still screwed.
Lucky John. I lost my wallet on Friday. I honestly thought I lost it in the pile of laundry or maybe left it in the truck. Well, I put off looking for it until Monday. That's when Lana checks our account and tells me someone (Lucky John) found my wallet and helped himself to my credit card. So now I have the joy of canceling my card, filing a claim, and waiting. Meanwhile I get a envelope in the mail today with my driver's license in it with a return address of Lucky John.
Hey Lucky John...  suck my cock you freeloading ass muncher.

If you're going to return anything of mine, return my fucking wallet! You know how hard it is to find a good wallet???

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Marcel's Girlfriend

Well, it's pretty damn early in the morning for me and I've managed to stay awake. So I figured, what the heck. It's been awhile... With Marcel going to school now our schedule (Marcel and mine) has changed up a bit. Getting up at 6:30am in the freakin morning tends to do that. I have a hard time convincing him to get out of bed when all I wanna do is roll over and snooze some more. He seems to be enjoying it though. He did manage to floor my jaw the other day while we were eating yesterday though. So there we were, eating lunch and chatting with Marcel about his day at school. The conversation turns to his friends at school when Lana asks him about his girlfriend. He then proceeds to tell us about his girlfriend at school and how pretty she is. He's five!!! Makes a daddy proud...

Halloween is getting closer and closer and I'm falling further and further behind on these costume projects. I think Marcel might be the only one sporting a costume if I don't kick into gear. I've just got so many other things going on right now it's hard to focus on one thing. Starter one the truck on day, the damn water heater flooding the bedroom and laundry room the next, cleaning out my gaming room before Friday (Lana's aunt is moving in for a short while), cleaning the tank, etc. I get so busy at moments I don't know what I'm doing. I think I've been spending too much time in the house, but I'm in one of those moods where I don't feel like "socializing". It's not a bad thing though, despite what those of you who can't go 10 minutes alone without feeling the need of hearing someone else's voice (freaks!!) I'm not saying I don't enjoy socializing, but I hit stages where I need "me" time. Sometimes sitting on the toilet a few minutes longer for piece and quiet just don't cut it when you have a five year old in the house. I think I just need to plan a bookstore trip by bus. I remember those rides and walks being so relaxing. Even though your surrounded by people, everyone is lost somewhere else thinking about something else. I need to just load up my backpack with water and a good book, and hit the bus stop. Hit all my favorite bookstores reading on the way, do a little walking now and then, and wander home by bus when it gets late. Sounds like a plan in the making...

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Birthday Plans

Fucking viruses. Sometimes the convenience of a computer just doesn't seem worth the hassle. It's been a while since I've messed with this thing I was so frustrated with it. Not having the computer up gave made me realize I could be doing other stuff when I'm bored. But it knew I'd want a fix sooner or later. They know you'll come back so they just wait, big black screen just waiting to swallow down hours of your time in a few gulps. Yup, and where am I at this moment? But I've got so many tools at my disposal with a computer. Movie times, maps, porn clips, movie trailers, news, pictures of naked redheads dressed in high heels and leather skirts that go all the way - nevermind. I missed the computer but sometimes I just wanna smash it for killing my time.

Marcel's birthday is coming up!! It's only a little more than a week away and Lana and I still don't have anything planned. My dad went out and got him a HUGE Incredible Hulk pinata, candy, table cloth, napkins, plates, etc. Think he's hinting at something? Yeah, we've been putting off making plans but I cringe at cleaning up after another birthday party. He's turning five. FIVE. A monumental day, besides his birthday, has snuck up on me. His first day of school. When did he get old enough for school? It seems like I was just potty training him and watching blues clues with him. Now he's asking questions that make me pause without an answer and finding a level of independence I'm not used to. He's always staying the night at my dad's or Lana's moms place. Sounds selfish (becuase it is) but I miss having a sleeping baby on my chest or burping him after he ate. There's a lot about the "baby" stage I miss. I never thought for a second I'd understand my mom telling me, "You'll always be my baby." I used to hate it. I used to get really mad at her for embarrassing me and get mean. Teenagers are such assholes.

Sometimes we grow out of it. I think I have, I think I have, I think I have...

Sunday, July 27, 2003

A Quiet House

Lana's out of town for the weekend and it feels so weird here without her. To make matters worse, Marcel wanted to sleep over grandpa's house yesterday and how can I say no? So there I was, in the house by myself. I ended up turning the radio on, watched some TV and read until I fell asleep. That is, after a trip to Jack in the Box for a big coke. Today I wasted away with an all day bookstore rampage. I went to Barns and Noble, Waldenbooks, Half price and Re-Run. Funny thing is I managed to buy not a single book. I was hunting and if I don't find what I'm looking for I just end up frustrated and get nothing out of the trip. Oh well. I ended up ordering the damn thing at Waldenbooks. So here I am tired, but not sleepy working on my site a bit. I hate a quiet house. Marcel is out cold and I can't help but want to wake him up to play some Nintendo or Bionicles. Man, bionicles are so cool... I wonder if you can buy them by the bulk like you can magic cards? I bet I could make some really cool stuff if I had more parts... Whenever Lana's not in the house I always feel a little guilty for watching my horribly bad movies because I watch them really loud. Reminds me of when I was little and knew my parents wouldn't be home for a while. I'd get on my dads stereo, turn it up all the way and put on a Bruce Springsteen record or my Beastie Boys (it was the first and only record I ever bought). I still hadn't confessed to him that I blew out his speakers. Bad Horror just feels right when at really high volumes. It's that guilty satisfaction I think that gets sated. Tonight? Basketcase and popcorn. Then I'll move to Dog Soldiers if I'm not asleep by then. Past few days I just wanna relax. I don't know what I've been doing but I just don't feel much like "going out" other than a little bit of "me" time. Bookstores, movies, writing, working on a project, etc. Well, gotta get the popcorn in the microwave sometime...

Friday, July 18, 2003

Mr. Fixit

Wow, what a trip. It's been a hectic past few weeks. It all seems like a blur. I've feel like I haven't really stopped moving every since the car trouble. I keep telling myself, "In the morning I'm going to start my morning gym routine back up" but something always comes up. Staying up late to all hours of the morning visiting, roleplaying, or just watching movies with Lana doesn't help me drag my ass out of bed. As soon as find a quiet time with nothing to do, I do all the things I shouldn't be doing rather than doing those I should (like laundry or dishes). Hey, the bathroom has a new light though! Yup, I decided I was going to be Mister Fixit when the toilet wobble got really bad.

After getting all my tools out, cleaning the toilet, draining it, and lifting it off the hole, I found that the concrete mounting brackets weren't anchored right and had rusted badly and the concrete crumbled around them. So I redrilled, reseated it, and bolted it back down. Man, I was feelin good. I fixed the toilet, I rock. Guys can be silly at times, I know. SO I'm thinking, I could go ahead and put that extra light fixture up since I already have my tools out... To make a long story short, two days later of crawling around in the attic running new wire, punching holes in the bathroom wall, and almost cooking myself a few times I finally finished. Both lights turn on now when you hit the light, there's now a spot for a future fan, but the damn outlet flips every time I plug something in it. Fuck it. Another problem for another day. I guess I should patch those massive holes in the wall too.

A note to myself, "I will get up early tomorrow and take Matt out somewhere. I feel bad but I've been so damn busy with everyday stuff that finding time for just him and me has been next to impossible never mind finding one on one time with my own son. But he calls, and often. Man, where do kids learn how to inflict such guilt trips? Anyway, I'm taking him to the movies tomorrow morning. Gotta get up early, gotta get up early, gotta get up early...

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Truck Trouble

I thought I fixed the car. Isn't that how it usually works? Just when I'm feeling I accomplished something, the damn thing starts acting up again.  Overheating and now dying when it's low idling in drive. I dunno. I'm done with it. It's going to the shop tomorrow. I still got oil under my fingernails no matter how hard I scrubbed. I don't know why I wanted to do it to begin with. It's no fun working on a car because you have to. That sense of urgency, that I-have-to-do-this-or-we're-screwed takes the fun out of it and makes it one big stress. Fuck it and let the mechanic fix it. I'm trying not to think about it in case that wasn't apparent. On to better things though.

I'm making a lot of headway on this site!! Working on this site has got me hyped about gaming stuff again. I was a bit burned out on gaming for awhile (I confess), but I'm getting back in the groove again I think. I'll have to call Matt tomorrow and let him know I can't take him skating tomorrow since the truck still isn't running right (there it is again). I'll make it up to him. I hadn't skated in so long I'm a bit afraid to. Remember when the skating rink was the place to pick up chics?? Nervous flirting, sweaty hands and slow skating to Every Rose Has It's Thorn. I actually found a few friends I went to school with back then on but what do you talk about with someone you haven't seen in over 10 years?  Sure, the "old days" are fun to recap but then it's just awkward. Maybe I'll drop em an email anyway.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Baking Cookies

Today wasn't the usual day around here. I've been out sweating my balls off working on the damn truck. The other day (I think it was Friday) I realized the truck was dumping oil all over the driveway. ; What is it with our luck with cars??? Luckily I think it's just a busted gasket to the oil pan but lucky for me Jeeps require you disconnect the exhaust and remove the starter just to get at the damn oil pan. I was going to take it to a shop and have them do it but when they told me 200...

Fuck it right? There's always one freakin bolt that doesn't wanna give. I gave up for tonight. It did give me some time to plot and scheme my next game session and Marcel had fun "helping me". I used to enjoy working on cars and I think, for the most part, I still do. If it wasn't for the mosquitoes and that one damn bolt I think it would have been pleasant despite being covered in oil and dirt. After a cool shower I felt much better and decided to relax here. ; Lana's in a domestic mood and wants to "cook or clean something" and is talking about taking a cab to Walmart. Let me repeat that in case you didn't catch that. Our car is out of commission right now and Lana needs to go to Walmart right now. To get a floor matt for the bathroom and "something to bake like cookies or something". Addictions are a nasty monkey on your back, but I guess it's better than smelling like the monkey.  Off to Walmart I guess. Arg.