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Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Marcel's Girlfriend

Well, it's pretty damn early in the morning for me and I've managed to stay awake. So I figured, what the heck. It's been awhile... With Marcel going to school now our schedule (Marcel and mine) has changed up a bit. Getting up at 6:30am in the freakin morning tends to do that. I have a hard time convincing him to get out of bed when all I wanna do is roll over and snooze some more. He seems to be enjoying it though. He did manage to floor my jaw the other day while we were eating yesterday though. So there we were, eating lunch and chatting with Marcel about his day at school. The conversation turns to his friends at school when Lana asks him about his girlfriend. He then proceeds to tell us about his girlfriend at school and how pretty she is. He's five!!! Makes a daddy proud...

Halloween is getting closer and closer and I'm falling further and further behind on these costume projects. I think Marcel might be the only one sporting a costume if I don't kick into gear. I've just got so many other things going on right now it's hard to focus on one thing. Starter one the truck on day, the damn water heater flooding the bedroom and laundry room the next, cleaning out my gaming room before Friday (Lana's aunt is moving in for a short while), cleaning the tank, etc. I get so busy at moments I don't know what I'm doing. I think I've been spending too much time in the house, but I'm in one of those moods where I don't feel like "socializing". It's not a bad thing though, despite what those of you who can't go 10 minutes alone without feeling the need of hearing someone else's voice (freaks!!) I'm not saying I don't enjoy socializing, but I hit stages where I need "me" time. Sometimes sitting on the toilet a few minutes longer for piece and quiet just don't cut it when you have a five year old in the house. I think I just need to plan a bookstore trip by bus. I remember those rides and walks being so relaxing. Even though your surrounded by people, everyone is lost somewhere else thinking about something else. I need to just load up my backpack with water and a good book, and hit the bus stop. Hit all my favorite bookstores reading on the way, do a little walking now and then, and wander home by bus when it gets late. Sounds like a plan in the making...

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