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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Sex Toy Convention

It's been a few days since we got back and I still feel worn out. We left on Thursday for Vegas, arrived at the Stardust hotel in our limo around 2:00pm, and settled into our suite. That's about as much relaxing we did the entire weekend. The rest was a blur of faces, camera flashes, hand shaking, and "she went that way." I did manage to get out of the hotel a few times though. Lana stayed pretty busy the whole time with a packed schedule. I was left to wander sometimes on my own (scary huh?) and ended up on the strip, had 40 dollars sucked from my hands into a slot machine or two, hit the sushi bar, and the hot tub a few times. I was a little disappointed. The strip wasn't as big as I always thought it was. I never did get to pick up some more sets of casino dice, but we've decided Vegas is a definite come-back-to trip.

It's always weird going to Lana's conventions. I get to meet some of the ladies I talk to on the phone, I get to put a face to the voice on the phone, the name in the Spotlight-er Partners in Passion. It's always great to see familiar faces too, people I've grown to really like not just as "Lana's Business Partners" but as friends. The first year I was dumbfounded, floored, humbled, and humiliated all at once all weekend. I never took her business very serious that first year or two. Her first convention came and went and I just "that's nice dear" the whole thing for the most part. Convention 2002 slapped me in the face. Lana and her team swept the awards. I couldn't have been prouder but at the same time I couldn't have felt more like shit. The saying, "If your not helping your in the way" comes to mind. While I never said she couldn't do something or berated her for her business decisions, I never told her how good she was doing. Why? Because I didn't know. Yeah, you don't need to tell me. So I made a decision and have been trying to stick to it. I don't stand in her way, I don't tell her how to run her business (she does that fine), I throw in my two cents when she asks for it, but for the most part I try to take out the distractions of running a business at home. I'm tryin to be more like Mike. Not the basketball player. The cooler guy, Mike Horwath. This dude rocks. I couldn't begin to tell you all the stuff this dude does to help his woman but he should do a seminar for the guys next convention (HINT, HINT).

This year they had Sue Johanson as a speaker as well as Brian Biro. While I dig Sue Johanson and her style of sexual education, Brian Biro's seminar was what I really enjoyed. If you ever have the opportunity to listen to this man speak, seize the Woo! Woo? Go buy his books or listen to his seminar and find out ( After listening to him speak I felt so focused I was ready to go home and start applying what I learned from him. The best part of his seminar is the board breaking though. Sounds cheesy doesn't it? I thought so too the first year they had him as a speaker until I saw how powerful of an action it can be. All these women (a few husbands too) break off into groups. Everybody has a board. Written on one side, with an "X" in the middle, is their obstacle (procrastination, laziness, fear of failure, etc). On the other side is the reward waiting for them on the other side when they break through their obstacles (more family time, recognition, more money, etc.) and those people they'll share it with. Everyone looks nervous. Ever see over 200 hundred women all trying to hide in a big open room? The first few step forward reluctantly. IT's written on their faces. F-E-A-R. They don't think they can do this. This is silly. I really don't want to be here but I'll give it a try. The crowd begins shouting their name and clapping. After a minute or two of this the name loses meaning. It's a speaking in tongue effect. It's the power of the voice and energy, not the sound itself. Between the clapping, stomping and shouting, the room is charged, hot with focused energy. You can feel it. Then they thrust forward at the climax of it all. All that fear and self doubt? Gone. Blown away like tissue. An incredible experience. So incredible in fact, this year I wanted to hold the boards. I jumped when I was asked if I could because it's one of the things I had been looking forward to.  I got front row seats this year. I watched it in their eyes. You could read it in their eyes. Then you caught their eyes and didn't let go. For a moment that seemed to last forever all the chanting, clapping and stomping became white noise and only the energy was there. Often times the only way I knew the board had been broken was by the reaction of the crowd. Then our eyes unlock and they look at the broken board. I can't explain to you the kind of energy that comes off a person after they've accomplished something they thought they couldn't do. You want to do it again and again. When all were done I found myself looking around the room wanting more. An amazing experience I won't forget. I found my Woo that day and grabbed it. I can't wait to listen to him again next year.

So this year's convention is finally done, Lana's back in the saddle, hyped up and supercharged. Sounds scary doesn't it? Not quite four years in the business and she's already a big dawg, collects a fat check monthly, has close to 300 people on her team who sell over a million in product a year, and she's yet to really apply herself. Am I braggin? Damn right I am!!

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