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Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

A New Book

I woke up late today, about fifteen minutes ago to be exact. I hate getting up this late. I don't sleep well (bad dreams), I feel tired all day, and half my day is down the toilet. With the level of boredom I've been experiencing lately, that might not be a bad thing. Lana actually got up at ten this morning. She has a party at two and wanted to visit her mom a bit today so I kicked her outta bed when the alarm went off.

I was up late last night just waiting for Lana to come home from her party. I've watched about all the He-Man my mind can absorb at this point and have decided to attack a book. It's pretty good so far and I'm really digging the plot. It's title is Heroes Die. Imagine a world not too far into the future of automated homes, personal A.I., automotive slavelanes to control traffic, and entertainment rules all. Sound familiar? Lurking behind all this is a 1984 government that controls it all. Then comes our Hero, Caine.

He's an actor, but not as we might recognize them. He transports to another parallel world and lives out a life of a street brawling assassin in a world where magic works, all for the entertainment of the higher castes. While he's on an Adventure, millions of viewers are watching, feeling, tasting, smelling everything he is via a transmitter inside his brain. They are Caine via induction seats.

Hari, his real name, has the celebrity life along with the celebrity wife. He's still in love with her despite their differences. When he finds out she's lost in the Otherworld and in danger, he contracts for one last Adventure to bring her back before she's lost forever. Knowing he might not come back this time, he goes to see his father who was imprisoned for what Orson Wells called Thoughtcrime.

Anyway, I'm digging the book a lot so far. I like the 1984 setting with a sci-fi twist and would like to see it in a GURPS game. I'd get to use all the sci-fi I want plus the option of going to Otherworld for Fantasy... Hmmmm. This has the potential to be better than the He-Man world...

Off to read more!

Friday, July 30, 2004

Dinner and a Movie

I didn't blog yesterday. I sat down to though, if that counts. I was told by Lana that I had to play cards with her, Kelly, and Brit. She twisted my arm, as always. ;)

Yesterday I cleaned Marcel's pool in the backyard and filled it. He's had a pretty rough time having his stuff packed up while we wait to move (the 5th!!!) so we decided to have a Marcel Day. He had two of his best buds over and they swam in the pool then painted after we all went out to dinner. Then Micah and I went to the movies. I would have stayed home but I had already bought my ticket online before Marcel Day was declared.

I originally was gonna take Kelly with me since she's been having the opposite of my troubles lately. Here I am, bored out of my skull at home with nothing to do. I've torn through five books in the course of two and a half weeks, watched dozens of movies on DVD, slept, been to the movies a couple times, and slept some more. I can think of no crueler torture than boredom. I take that back.

Kelly has been at home as well but with a whirlwind of drama going on. Escaping to her bedroom is only a temporary retreat. She wishes for ten minutes of peace where I'm ready to tear my hair out after five. When she came over and was de-stressing, I invited her to go along with me to see The Village at the midnight showing. She declined but her man Micah decided to go along (no vodka involved).

We had to sneak Micah in since they were sold out. The theater was pretty full but definitely not to capacity. Yeah, I'm trying to justify sneaking Micah in, so what? We had every intention of paying. Micah did buy one of those overpriced buckets of caffeine though.

Hey, the movie was pretty good though. The beginning had me crawling in my seat though. It's a pretty bad start until you learn what the plot twist is, then it all makes sense. Definitely worth seeing again. Plus there's some pretty intense scenes too. I'll probably go see it again since I have almost a week to kill until move day.

Well, I'm off to watch Donnie Darko now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Laundry and Dishes

Got up around 9:30 today. Not much happened today. I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash, and did the dishes. I've been putting it off since my garbage disposal is broken and my landlord won't do anything about it. It's been broken now for about three months now and a raunchy smell comes from it when I run the water in that sink. I'll be so glad to get out of this house.

I made a couple Walmart trips with Marcel for some food and other necessities (four booster packs of Mirrodin and a G.I. Joe vehicle for Marcel). Like I said, an uneventful day. I watched a few more episodes of He-Man. I'm on Season two, episode 79. A pretty bland day.

I'll keep this one short since Kelly, Dosha, and Barb are coming by to play cards and watch a movie. I picked up "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" while on one of my Walmart trips today. I've seen it, but I thought Lana might like it too. At least, that's my excuse. ;)

Oh, I did see the new batman trailer! I had to watch it with no sound but I'm hyped. Plus over at they had what could be a possible photo leak of the new costume. I must say, I'm disappointed if it is. I was hoping since the movies is supposed to be a return to Batman's darker roots, I was hoping for the dark knight costume like the one in the Batman - Dead End movie. I'll still go see it though, rubber armor suit and all.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Good Day

Up at 11am and out the door by 10pm. Amazing. I think I might actually be on the road to a regular schedule. I finally got the Owlcon trophies delivered. Yup, I just now got them delivered. Let's just say I won't be taking on any timely projects for other people. I'm too much of a procrastinator. I feel so bad about delivering the trophies so late I couldn't even think about accepting their money despite Angelo's insistence. I won't be volunteering to do trophies next year, to say the least.

The trip did me good though. I hooked up with him around 4pm, which gave me some time to kill, so I hit Half Price Books and Nan's Cards and Comics. I picked up a few more paperbacks to burn through since I won't be moving until next weekend (closing date is the 5th). For the most part I just wandered around the stores, soaking up the relaxing vibes.

I love used bookstores. The smell of old books all around you, the quiet shuffling of people patiently looking for the right one, sitting quietly in a corner reading the first few pages of a book. Very therapeutic.

Nan's has the feel of a old used bookstore, but for me it's something a little more. As an Army brat who bounced around a lot, there aren't too many places I have a very long history with. Nan's is one of the exceptions. The first time my dad took me I was around 11 or 12 years old and I've been going there regularly since then. Every time we visited Houston while my dad was on leave, or later when I was, I made it a point to always make a Nan's Trip. I'm a recognized face (as is my son's now), I know the guys (and one gal) who work there, and the store has a lot of great memories attached to it. Comics I used to read, toys I used to own (or wanted), dusty games I played as a kid (Fireball Island rocks!), a small wall of paperback fantasy and sci-fi, and they even have a adult section for "mature audiences." For the most part, it's just a bunch of big breasted super chics who happen to lose there top every issue, nude figurines, and collectible playboy and hustler cards, and tasteful art books. Yeah, I've been in there since then since I'm now an "adult". I swear, I don't think I'm ever going to get used to being referred to as an adult.

Overall, a damn good day out of the house even if it was only for a few hours. Oh, I picked up some much needed (everything I get at Nan's is much needed) tiny dice and a new game. The game? Grass. You're a pot dealer competing to make the most money the fastest. First dealer to peddle 250K worth of weed, wins. It came in a hemp bag. I can't wait to play. :)

Monday, July 26, 2004

Up Early

I actually got up before noon today!! I couldn't sleep so I finally decided to get up. I was shocked to see that it was 1100am considering I had been out till 3am playing cards and hanging out with Micah and Kelly. Then add onto that I had been out the previous night hanging out with Micah, Derek, Johnny, and Chris until 630am on Saturday playing arcade games.

Thanks to Micah, I've added another project to my list of Cool Things To Do. Micah is building an arcade cabinet. He downloaded a shitload (not just a buttload, but a shitload) of emulators for games like Contra, Streetfighter, Mortal Combat, Marvel Vs. Capcom, etc. Quiet literally hundreds of games. Like I said, a shitload. So now I've got this idea in my head for my own arcade system for my big screen (61in rear projector television). A table height cabinet on lock down wheels with a long A/V cable and power cord. I'm hyped just thinking about it.

On other good news? We heard back from our bank financing guy about our house. The house was appraised five thousand less than what the sellers were trying to sell it to us for. When the sellers found out, they dropped the price rather than going through the hastle of negotiating the cost, a new contract, etc. So hopefully by this weekend!!!!!!

Oh, here's a few links for DIY arcades from Micah to me to you. Enjoy! - the emulator (also look for mame32 windows version) - roms - roms - NES Emulator - SNES Emultaor - Sega Genesis emulator - Intellivision emulator - cool Cabinet site with lots of links. - ipac and optipac boards - sticks, buttons, lightguns, spinners, etc. - build your own arcade controls - spinners and more

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Killing Time

I think I finally got this blogger thing tweaked out the way I want it. One of these days I'll actually learn CSS but until then it's just a bunch of trial and error (with lots of errors).

I think today I'm going to try and get out a bit before Lana goes to her party tonight. Maybe pick up a new movie or something. He-Man is starting to grow a little old (I have over 20 more disks to watch) and the more I watch it the more I want to GURPify it. With all my gaming stuff packed away, I really want to wait until we're in the new house. Arg. That was supposed to happen this weekend. I have patience for all the wrong things I think. Anyway. Off to the movie store. I feel like sci-fi tonight... Gawd, I gotta get outta this house.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Powered by Blogger!!!

Well, I finally did it. I switched to a real blog thingie. What finally prompted me to do so? Pure chance, actually. I just submitted my first Steve Jackson GURPS demo (which was accepted) and was contacted by the guy editing it. After reading his email I noticed he had a website posted at the bottom. So I followed it out of curiousity. He's the guy who wrote the GURPS SWAT book! How cool huh? He also has a blog (check it out at brian underhill). I didn't get around to reading any of it yet (though I plan on it) but I really liked his blog format and look. So I followed yet another link at the bottom... Yeah, I'm bad about that. I get lost in porn pop-ups, but who doesn't? Gotta be particularly careful now that I'm using Lana's computer since mine is down. ;)

Well, back to my He-Man episodes.


Been a lazy past few days. All my gaming stuff is packed up other than my GURPS stuff, all my costuming projects are shelved until the move and the radiator on the truck went out over the weekend. I have the worst luck with cars I think. It started out as a small leak at the airport picking Lana up. We canceled a weekend trip to San Antonio with my mother in law camping since I was scared it might not make it. So five hundred dollars lighter the truck has a new radiator. Not a major setback (never thought I'd hear myself say that about five hundred) but it did keep up cooped up in the house. Move day is now just pending on a house inspection (scheduled next week sometime) and a closing date set. Whooo hooo!!! It looks like I won't have to burn this house down after all. I'll be free soon!! So what have I been occupying my time with? Just about NOTHING other than watching movies and cleaning. I'm going to go crazy if we don't move soon just from sheer boredom.

Hey, saw a cool movie last night. I had never heard of it but I took a chance since I've really been trying to see movies with other people besides "A" list actors. Anyway, the movie is called Love Object. It's got all the great elements of a good horror flick. Okay, this anal retentive guy orders a Love Doll. Not a blow up doll but a full-sized, made-to-order, silicone doll (with a built in jerk off hand). Yup, just like the ones found at In fact, the ones used in the movie were direct from the factory from Real Doll. Anyway, he falls in love with this thing and begins to believe it's alive somehow when it begins to express jealousy towards a growing relationship he has with a woman at work, the woman he built his Love Doll to look like. I laughed, I cringed, I laughed some more, and in the end it creeped me out a bit. A true classic to be I think. Well, back to watching some He-Man with my little man. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Early Morning Thoughts

Okay, so a out-of-the-house J-O-B isn't what a needed. I'm still a little on the restless side these days but I don't think getting a J-O-B is the solution. I work damnit. I keep a clean house (maybe not spotless), I do laundry (always behind but who isn't), I feed my clan (gotta love fast food), and then theirs the things I enjoy that I make time for. A little defensive? Sure, maybe but this staying at home thing can make you cagey. On one hand, I'm unemployed ex-military, been out of the work force for three years, and my educational background stops at high school and a couple community college class credits. On the other, I spend more quality time with my son than most. I include him in most of what I do around the house, we rough play and bicker like brothers. Lana and I spend as much time as we want just "hanging out", watching movies, playing games, and being around friends. I think my restlessness stems from me letting others definition of success cloud over my own. I don't need a J-O-B to structure my time around or define my success. I just need to remember what's important to me and keep my eyes on the prize.

What got me thinking about the whole thing more was Lana. She just got back from a five day Banff Springs Hotel trip where she was pampered, compliments of Passion Parties, Inc. and C.J. Haynes interrogated her about me somewhere between the mud baths and massages. As Lana put it, the old woman told her she was limiting my potential. Told her she needed to let me know I was free to do the things I wanted to do and that I was supported. Here's the thing about C.J. Haynes. Here's a successfully shrewd business women in her sixties who Lana and I actually have a lot of admiration for in more ways than one. She's one of the founding women for the very successful company my Lana works for. She barely knows me but knew what I needed to hear. Hell, I didn't know I needed to hear it but I guess I did. Despite all the money this woman has earned with blood, sweat, and tears, she knew that the real prize isn't money, but family. I've always known that Lana supported me in whatever oddball ideas popped in my head, but sometimes you just gotta hear it I guess. So I'm going to make an effort to do the things I enjoy, make time for me, and stop putting them off. After all, I still have a full G.I. Bill waiting for me. Some sculpting classes, an art class or two, photography class, a welding course, start reading more like I used to, and writing.

My point to all this rambling? I dunno, it's five in the morning and I need sleep. Why I woke up, I'm not sure. A little restless still I guess, but not an uneasy kind. Excited I guess. Lots of changes going on around this house lately. Marcel's turning six next month, he's lost two teeth, a family move is in the works into a house we've been drooling over for more than a year, and I'm back on focus I think. It's funny what a dark and quiet house will get you thinking about. Well, off to bed again. 'Night all.