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Friday, July 30, 2004

Dinner and a Movie

I didn't blog yesterday. I sat down to though, if that counts. I was told by Lana that I had to play cards with her, Kelly, and Brit. She twisted my arm, as always. ;)

Yesterday I cleaned Marcel's pool in the backyard and filled it. He's had a pretty rough time having his stuff packed up while we wait to move (the 5th!!!) so we decided to have a Marcel Day. He had two of his best buds over and they swam in the pool then painted after we all went out to dinner. Then Micah and I went to the movies. I would have stayed home but I had already bought my ticket online before Marcel Day was declared.

I originally was gonna take Kelly with me since she's been having the opposite of my troubles lately. Here I am, bored out of my skull at home with nothing to do. I've torn through five books in the course of two and a half weeks, watched dozens of movies on DVD, slept, been to the movies a couple times, and slept some more. I can think of no crueler torture than boredom. I take that back.

Kelly has been at home as well but with a whirlwind of drama going on. Escaping to her bedroom is only a temporary retreat. She wishes for ten minutes of peace where I'm ready to tear my hair out after five. When she came over and was de-stressing, I invited her to go along with me to see The Village at the midnight showing. She declined but her man Micah decided to go along (no vodka involved).

We had to sneak Micah in since they were sold out. The theater was pretty full but definitely not to capacity. Yeah, I'm trying to justify sneaking Micah in, so what? We had every intention of paying. Micah did buy one of those overpriced buckets of caffeine though.

Hey, the movie was pretty good though. The beginning had me crawling in my seat though. It's a pretty bad start until you learn what the plot twist is, then it all makes sense. Definitely worth seeing again. Plus there's some pretty intense scenes too. I'll probably go see it again since I have almost a week to kill until move day.

Well, I'm off to watch Donnie Darko now.

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