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Saturday, July 31, 2004

A New Book

I woke up late today, about fifteen minutes ago to be exact. I hate getting up this late. I don't sleep well (bad dreams), I feel tired all day, and half my day is down the toilet. With the level of boredom I've been experiencing lately, that might not be a bad thing. Lana actually got up at ten this morning. She has a party at two and wanted to visit her mom a bit today so I kicked her outta bed when the alarm went off.

I was up late last night just waiting for Lana to come home from her party. I've watched about all the He-Man my mind can absorb at this point and have decided to attack a book. It's pretty good so far and I'm really digging the plot. It's title is Heroes Die. Imagine a world not too far into the future of automated homes, personal A.I., automotive slavelanes to control traffic, and entertainment rules all. Sound familiar? Lurking behind all this is a 1984 government that controls it all. Then comes our Hero, Caine.

He's an actor, but not as we might recognize them. He transports to another parallel world and lives out a life of a street brawling assassin in a world where magic works, all for the entertainment of the higher castes. While he's on an Adventure, millions of viewers are watching, feeling, tasting, smelling everything he is via a transmitter inside his brain. They are Caine via induction seats.

Hari, his real name, has the celebrity life along with the celebrity wife. He's still in love with her despite their differences. When he finds out she's lost in the Otherworld and in danger, he contracts for one last Adventure to bring her back before she's lost forever. Knowing he might not come back this time, he goes to see his father who was imprisoned for what Orson Wells called Thoughtcrime.

Anyway, I'm digging the book a lot so far. I like the 1984 setting with a sci-fi twist and would like to see it in a GURPS game. I'd get to use all the sci-fi I want plus the option of going to Otherworld for Fantasy... Hmmmm. This has the potential to be better than the He-Man world...

Off to read more!

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