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Monday, July 26, 2004

Up Early

I actually got up before noon today!! I couldn't sleep so I finally decided to get up. I was shocked to see that it was 1100am considering I had been out till 3am playing cards and hanging out with Micah and Kelly. Then add onto that I had been out the previous night hanging out with Micah, Derek, Johnny, and Chris until 630am on Saturday playing arcade games.

Thanks to Micah, I've added another project to my list of Cool Things To Do. Micah is building an arcade cabinet. He downloaded a shitload (not just a buttload, but a shitload) of emulators for games like Contra, Streetfighter, Mortal Combat, Marvel Vs. Capcom, etc. Quiet literally hundreds of games. Like I said, a shitload. So now I've got this idea in my head for my own arcade system for my big screen (61in rear projector television). A table height cabinet on lock down wheels with a long A/V cable and power cord. I'm hyped just thinking about it.

On other good news? We heard back from our bank financing guy about our house. The house was appraised five thousand less than what the sellers were trying to sell it to us for. When the sellers found out, they dropped the price rather than going through the hastle of negotiating the cost, a new contract, etc. So hopefully by this weekend!!!!!!

Oh, here's a few links for DIY arcades from Micah to me to you. Enjoy! - the emulator (also look for mame32 windows version) - roms - roms - NES Emulator - SNES Emultaor - Sega Genesis emulator - Intellivision emulator - cool Cabinet site with lots of links. - ipac and optipac boards - sticks, buttons, lightguns, spinners, etc. - build your own arcade controls - spinners and more

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  1. Hello. I'm a MIB, which is how I found your Blog. Thanks for the arcade links. I passed them on to my hubby (, who has been pondering downloading emulators and ROMs. Since the only video games that interest me tend to be pinball or very old games, I will happily encourage him to download :-).

    Best wishes on the closing and moving.