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Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Is the Weekend Over Yet??

It's been a busy couple of days. We had a nice relaxed birthday party, the kids ate pizza and played upstairs for the most part. The get together Friday ended with just Lana, me, Anthony, Liz, Derek, and Johnny. People were dropping like flies. I don't know if they were just bored or tired but I do know I had a good time being able to visit. Feels like it's been a while since we last had everyone really together. Now that I think of it, last Halloween party was the last time.

Speaking of Halloween parties, Lana wants to do it at our house this year. Allison wants to do it at her house, like we have in the past. I dunno. It would be more convenient here for numerous reasons (all the kids up stairs, more room, I can drink as much as I like, etc.) but I'll let the girls figure it out. All I know is I gotta get burning on these costumes. I think I'm going to make my samurai costume out of vacuum formed plastic rather than the original plan of fiberglass castes. This weekend I want to get started. We'll see.

I went out to Anthony's place to roleplay on Sunday and found out something cool. Liz just got a new cat and was pretty hyped about it. I remember her making mention of a new cat on Friday night but I couldn't remember what it was that was so special about this one. She ran into the other room and got the kitten. She called it a Polydactyl. Being the animal enthusiast I am, I was curious. I had no idea some cats were born that way. She told me that the extra toe (six toes per paw) is actually opposable, although not in all cats. It's a little freaky but very interesting and worth more reading.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Sally's training is coming along great. She now sits on command, didn't have any accidents in her room or new kennel, and inside accidents have dropped dramatically. I've always heard how intelligent Labradors are but I never knew. She's picking up so fast. I've always had dogs growing up (despite my dad not really liking animals in the house) but I've never trained an animal that picked up so quickly. I'm hyped. In fact, I'm currently looking for information on search and rescue training. I don't know how far I'll go with it but it helps that a good friend of mine is in a group in College Station. Plus Protocon is just around the corner... I should call Matt. Not tonight though.

I'm tired, hungry, and sleepy. I've been helping Derek move all day. I feel like I've been climbing stairs all day. It was worth it though. His girlfriend's roommate and friend are cuties. Nothing beats good eye candy to make things a little better plus their nice. I'm looking forward to helping him move into their new apartment already. I'm doomed to be a dirty old man. It's a good thing I'm only 24. ;)

Now that I'm home and relaxed, I'm going to jump my stinky ass in the shower and watch a movie. It's been a long weekend that's sort of spilled into the week but I can't really bitch. I've spent it with friends.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Weekend Preparations

I pretty much finished unpacking today. There's still the dreaded Marcel's room, but all the heavy stuff is done. Whoo hoo!!! I've got more projects than I can shake a stick at right now, but Halloween is taking a top priority right now. I'd like to get the vacuum table working sometime next week and start on the costumes. I gotta make it past this weekend first.
On Friday we have friends coming over for a friendly get together (games, hide-and-go-peek-a-boo, etc.), Saturday is going to be Marcel's birthday party, and on Sunday I'm roleplaying with Oscar and Anthony. It's going to be a hectic weekend but one I'm looking forward to. I feel like I've been isolated from my friends for weeks now and I'm really looking forward to having a full house.
Tomorrow I get to go back to the pound to pick up Marcel's puppy. Did I mention he's getting a puppy for his birthday? I drove out there today after finding the puppy online (it's amazing the things you can do online now) and put her on hold until tomorrow. I hope to never have to go inside another pound again. I've always hated going in them. This trip was particularly bad.
The place smelled like mildew, animal piss, and wet dog. I've got a pretty strong stomach but the smells were so strong I could taste it on my tongue with every breath. I had to keep myself from staring at a guy passively eating his lunch. What bothered me the most was waiting in the hallway where they keep the animals. The vet barely spoke English and had to check something while I waited in the hallway. I didn't understand much of what he said. I think it was a mix of Spanish and English. On the wall was a dirty computer printed calendar with A through E on all the dates. I couldn't figure it out at first until I noticed alphabet signs on the kennels. I couldn't help but look at the 25th - all C kennels. I had to stop myself from wandering over to kennel C because I know if I did I would taking at least one home despite having come for a puppy. I know logically it's a necessity, but it still makes me mad to thing that some pet owners are so irresponsible to allow an animal to be put in that situation. It's not their fault some people are irresponsible asses. Anyway, so I faced the other way and found myself reading a wall of posted profiles of people not allowed to adopt for varying reasons. Apparently some people are repeat offenders and must be turned away on sight. Some of the offenses were pretty bad but I guess it's a reminder to the clerks of why they must be turned away. I forced myself to stop reading them and played a game on the cell phone until the vet came back. He took my name, phone number and told me to come back tomorrow at 1pm. I think tomorrow I'll bring a book and wait in the lobby.

Monday, August 23, 2004


It's Next Monday and we're pretty much moved in. It all went down on Thursday, despite all the trouble and set backs. We rented the Uhaul on Wednesday. Lana and I loaded it down that night after she finished packing for her weekend business trip. After a few set backs we finally were able to get the keys to our new house. With the help of volunteers (Thanks Cory and Allison!!) we got the first truck unloaded pretty fast. The second truck was another matter. My brother Mike probably sensed my level of desperation (Lana was leaving for her business trip on Friday morning and the Uhaul had to be back before then) stayed and helped some more. The three of us loaded up the second, and last, truck load at around 2am. My brother's truck probably still smells like my fish tank. Xiomara kept a head count on the kids and made sure they didn't get packed in the Uhaul plus kept Marian entertained. Once it was unloaded, they went home exhausted. I don't know what we would have done without them. Once again, my little brother saves my ass. Lana and I unloaded the uhaul, I set up the tank, made a trip to Walmart for Start Right (couldn't find it in the mess of boxes), Lana cleaned the Uhaul while I acclimated the fish. About the time they were in the tank it was time to return the Uhaul. When we got back Lana took a shower, then a nap. I continued unpacking. Sleeping is a dangerous thing when you have to be somewhere in just an hour. At 730am we left for the airport. I came home and showered the layers of sweat and dirt off and prompting passed out at around 10am. The alarm woke me at 1pm. I moved the TV and couches into their spots and hooked up the DVD player. The cable guy was coming to hook up at 2pm. He showed up at 4pm and left at 6:3pm. I passed out on the couch watching I have no idea what. I was home.

It's odd really. It doesn't feel like a new house. It feels like our home. It's not the newness glamour of somewhere different but the comfortable feeling of finally being home after a long trip. Lana thinks it has to do with the fact that we've been dreaming about this house for two years now every since we first saw it, when it wasn't for sale at the time. I feel a little differently. Sure, I think the brain training has something to do with it but I think it was the fact that this home was truly loved by the people who lived here before us. They built the house, added onto it with each family member, and loved the house as a home, not just a place to stay. The house grew with the family. I think every place that's loved the way this one is, holds on to that in a way that others can feel it. Or maybe I'm just being silly. What does it matter though to anyone but me right? ;)

I better go for now. I need to pick Lana up from the airport today but I want to get some reading in before I go. I got my new GURPS 4th edition books in the other day and met the new UPS man. His name is Lee, he's been delivering on this route for over 20 years and he lives just down the street. He was our first (not last) neighbor to welcome us to the neighborhood. If that's not a good omen I don't know what is.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Zero Hour Nears

I'm thoroughly exhausted. My feet ach, my legs throb and my back in humming away quietly. Remarkably though, I feel good. It's only a few hours til Zero Hour. The house is supposed to close at 10:00am tomorrow. I loaded the Uhaul up today. It'll take two trips but I've already loaded a majority of it up. We're on a bit of a time crunch though. We're paid up until Saturday with our landlord and Lana's going out of town on Friday morning. So that leaves me to do the unpacking, cleaning and sheet rocking in the bathroom. I'm prolly gonna hit up a few friends for a favor to help out with the time crunch(that's a hint mofo's!!!). I feel almost like a kid on Christmas eve. Tomorrow I'll be sleeping in my new house...

Next time I blog, it'll be from the new house!! I've threatened Reggie, our bank guy, that I'll park the Uhaul in his front yard if I gotta wait any longer to get outta this house. I'm not sure if I was joking or not the more I think about it. ;)

Well, I better get some sleep if I'm going to be worth a damn. 'Night.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Next Monday?

Today is Next Monday. I knew it was coming but I still can't help but get frustrated and mad. We're now looking at this Wednesday but it'll probably be Next Monday. Sometimes I just want to scream. It's all paperwork. I realize this but I can't help but hate it. Nothing to do but wait. Serious De ja vu here...
Marcel was supposed to start school last Thursday. We figured him missing the first two days wasn't a big deal as we would be in the house by Next Monday. So here we are and Marcel still isn't' in school. Then Lana hit me with something we talked about years ago. Home schooling. I always wanted to do home schooling for Marcel but we never had the time and/or money to devote ourselves to it. With us both staying home and Lana pulling home a fat check every month, there's no more excuses and it's looking really great. I've been hitting all afternoon. If what I've read so far is true, Texas has no laws or regulations regarding home schooling. I've joined a few groups in Texas and plan on picking some brains in the next 24 hours. I think we're going to put Marcel in school until we know the ins and outs of all of it. For a week or two starting tomorrow. I'm really excited about it and I think Lana is too. Marcel's not sure what to think of it just yet. We told him the pros and cons of it and asked him to think about it.
Meanwhile, I'm wondering how we're going to move, get the power turned over, the telephone transferred, water turned on, cable up and running all before our landlord Elmor gives us the boot here since we're only paid up for this month. Lana's gonna try and sweet talk the home owners into letting us get all that transferred/turned on so we can start moving in before the final closing date.
I'm hungry. Maybe I should eat to stave off the bitchiness. I still wanna scream though. Arg. Gonna go clean the house a bit and get some food. Later.

Friday, August 13, 2004


Last night I dragged some of the guys out to see the new AVP movie. It was a midnight premiere on an Imax screen. They had two screens open and it was pretty full. I have to say, the movie was much better than I thought it would be. Lots of action and pretty fast-paced. There were a few things I didn't like about it but nothing major other than the ending. Total cheese. I won't give it away but any fan of the Alien and/or predator movies will enjoy it for what it is. As a bonus there was some major hotties at the theater.

Micah and I had a good conversation about the movie on the ride home and got into much heavier conversation when we got to his house. The girls were watching X Men 2 and we ended up getting into a little debate as to the possibility of peaceful coexistence of mutants and humans. Personally, I don't see it possible. I'm a firm believer that man has deluded himself into thinking he's no longer an animal and is above the survival instinct. Hate and fear (as well as all other emotions) are all just instinctive survival tools that allow him to assure the survival of the species, not the individual. To make a long story short, I believe that hate, fear, and all the other emotions man has deemed socially unacceptable are all a necessary part of the human psyche and are just as crucial to species survival. Like all survival traits though, the pack must cull out the extremes that could hurt the survival of the group. Anyway, a deeper argument for another time. ;)

I found something really cool online today looking for more examples of the predator costumes. Marcel has, yet again, changed his mind on his Halloween costume. I'm really sort of relieved because a Buzz Lightyear costume would be possible but difficult with time running short. Anyway, I found the official website of the guys who did the Batman - Dead End film. They are now making a Batman and Superman Teamup Movie!! I downloaded the trailer and can't wait for the movie to come out.

Other news? The house survey didn't get faxed over in time to our bank guy for it to close today so it's been postponed to... Next Monday, of course.

I did pricing for my NES emulator system and the computer cost is going to be 525. That's not including the cost for four joysticks, buttons, and the ipac board. It's cheaper than most arcade cabinets though since I won't be buying wood or a monitor so I'm saving at least a couple hundred. I'm still pretty hyped. Here's a mockup of what the controllers will look like. The controller shell is longer than the original Advantage and will be custom built out of fiberglass with a plywood bottom. I'll make a mockup out of wood (beveled edges, routed lines, and button holes), make a negative out of silicone from that, a mothermold out of plaster, and cast them in fiberglass. I think it'll work. My ebay purchase (three NES systems, two paddles, and an Advantage) ship on Monday. I plan on rebuilding the old NES cabinet Mike and me had as kids to house the whole thing since I can't find one online. They used to sell em at Toys R Us. It was a small cabinet on wheels, a shelf for your NES, a door below for your controllers and a shelf below for your games. The whole planning phase of this project is distracting me from the perpetual Next Monday I keep hearing will eventually come. Off to the Movie store. I'm gonna go pick up Predator and Alien on DVD if I can find em. Costume Research. ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Brain Brewing

Despite having slept in some today and finding out that our move has been delayed until next Monday (insert scream here), I have to say it's been a very productive and enjoyable day. I've been really stuck on the idea of creating a emulator arcade for my big screen tv.

The other day I was roaming through Kroger for a lack of anything better to do, when I picked up a computer magazine. I proceeded to camp in the magazine department despite how much I hate how people do that and began reading an interesting article on a cool case mod. This guy had turned two cases and various car parts into a cool computer case mod. When I got home all I could think about was how cool that was and how I could do it better. So I hit the net looking for different ideas on case mods when I came across One the site the sell mini motherboards, power supplies, and hard drives to construct - well, mini computers. Then they proceed to show you examples of how you can creatively utilize these mini computers. Suddenly guys are turning everything from toasters to Commodore 64's into mini computers. The one that caught my attention was the one that turned a NES into a emulator.

Then it hit me. I could make my emulator system an old NES case and use the casings for the old NES Advantage for the controllers!!! Micah and I started brainstorming, and before too long, we had a plan on to do just that.

That led to a pawn shop trip (looking for a NES case), Nan's and Gatti's with the kids (to look at some actual arcades). Most of the time we spent bouncing ideas off each other. We decided to pull Derek, another good idea kindda guy, into it. Trust me, we had to twist his arm really hard.

Initially, we planned on roleplaying but we were just too distracted by the whole process of brainstorming. Before too long we somehow came to the idea that we should make our own short films. Hours later, a coke run (Mountain Dew but everything in Texas is coke) , and a food run, we had an awesome plot lined out that we weren't just happy with, but hyped about. I'm pretty excited and can't wait to actually start writing it out with the guys. It'll be the first writing project I've taken on collaboratively. I'm excited. The story has a lot of heart I think. Hell, I'd pay to see it if it was a movie. Hey, we could be the next Kevin Smith, Matt Damon, and Ben Aflick trio. I think I'd be the Kevin Smith. He's the super cool guy.

I'm sure some might argue, but it's my fantasy so screw you. ;)

Been a busy day and my head is still buzzing with ideas. How to build the NES emulator and controllers, our Halloween costume projects, the initial writing for the short films. Do I need sleep??? It seems like such a burden sometimes. Arg. I guess I'll go harass Lana. 'Night.

Sunday, August 8, 2004

Where to Sleep

It's been a busy day. We woke up around our usual time today, around 1pm, but decided to actually get moving before the day was shot. I wasn't really feeling up for the drive to the beach like Marcel was, so we compromised. We grabbed a few towel and hit the pool at the Y.

Marcel loves the water and has always firmly believed he can swim despite contrary evidence. Today he actually did a little on his own. Okay, so he had a little help from a life jacket. He's been telling everyone that will listen that he swam without help from his daddy. He's told me at least a dozen times today and I was there. What really got me today though was watching him play tag with a few kids he met there.

It may not seem like that big of deal to most, but I was never (and still aren't) much of a socializer. To watch my own son strike up a conversation with two older boys who he didn't know and start a game of tag was simply amazing to me. I was mesmerized. I found myself numerous times trying to keep from laughing out loud when I saw how much fun they were having. I now know what my dad meant when he once told me he sometimes wished he could jump in like one of the kids when he'd hear my own few friends and me playing. I wasn't the only one though. This somehow tangible excitement the three of them were unknowingly pouring out soon had all the kids out of the pool and playing tag. If you have kids, you know how great a feat it is to convince them out of the water without pulling them out bodily. Hell, I wish I could have jumped in the game. You ever envy a child for no other reason then the want of a good game of tag in the sprinklers? Anyways.

Afterwards, we went for snowcones. While not as great as the ones my brother and I enjoyed after a busy day at the beach in Hawaii, the place off Normandy and Market serve a mean rainbow. After that? We hit the Movie Trading Company and picked up the first season of a new Spiderman show. I had Johnathan and Marian for the night too so we spent the evening on the couch eating ice cream and watching cartoons. I had to grudgingly send them to bed when they started passing out on the couch.

It's three in the morning and I need to figure out where I'm sleeping. Marcel, Johnathan, and Marian are hogging up a king size bed in the manner only a child can; all limbs flailed out in every direction so that ever quarter inch of bed is claimed. Marian fell asleep on my chest while I watched a movie. I forgot how good a feeling that is. I think I'll just squeeze in with em. 'Night.

Friday, August 6, 2004

Just the Guys

Lana's off on another business trip. It's a car party for one of her girls. We stayed up until her flight had to leave doing laundry, and watched a movie, among other things that are nonyabusiness.

I'm bloggin on my computer! Yup, it's up and running now. I'm now running 2GHz and 512 RAM!! My computer sounds like a damn helicopter taking off thanks to the megafan I bought, but I have a computer again and don't have to submit myself to the smoke room to check my email. Speaking of email...

The mystery email was from an old friend of my mom's. To make a long story short, a lot bad memories came back. I had posted previously on the whole thing, but I felt it was a bit too personal. (Never blog when your in a bad mood.)

The year the two of them became best friends was the same year my dad left for Korea for a year. My mom clung to her newly found faith in the church and I became a introvert (I guess I never grew out of it). We fought constantly, sometimes physically. It was one of the worst times of my life. I was at that horrible year of thirteen, my dad was gone, and my mom was struggling by herself with two boys. I felt so alone.

One of the most horrible memories I have was celebrating my dad's birthday that year. His duffel bags were packed, the candles on the cake were lit, and he was in his uniform. The only time I've seen my dad look more miserable was at my mom's funeral. I don't think we even bothered to cut the cake. We dropped him off at the airport that night.

When my dad returned he found an angry teenager, a reborn Christian wife, and a confused eight year old who was stuck in the middle. The church's pull almost tore our family apart. To say I harbor some bad feelings towards the church and some of the members is an understatement. They made what was an already hard situation unbearable.

I've been sitting at her email for a day wondering how to reply. I know now looking back she was doing what she thought best, and trying to help us but I just feel that some things a family must get though together to bring them together. I don't know. I'll email her tonight after I've thought about it some more.

For now though, Marcel and I are going to go eat and catch a movie. I hate when Lana's not here. The house gets so quiet.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

A Strange Email

Well, I finished Heroes Die today. I haven't read a book that good in a while. I had to sit awhile and just digest the ending. I can't say enough positive things about the story and can't wait to wrap my hands around the sequel to it. I see now it's going on my Favorite Books list. I'll probably go out to the bookstores tomorrow and see if I can't find it. What else have I got time to do right? Arg.

Now concerning this weird email I got. I sat down to check my email before curling up on the coach with some grub when I see an email titled "Colorado Springs, CO??? " I get a LOT of junk mail in my hotmail account. It's been an active account now for over ten years now and I use it for all those things online that require an email addy. The title caught my attention though since my family used to live there. My dad was stationed there for four years and I spent some of my most turmoiled youth there. It's a place that has a lot of very fond memories as well as painful. I've always wanted to go back. I know that most of the people I knew back then have probably moved away but I'd like to see the places I remember again. I still keep touch with a friend of the family who lives there and it would be nice to see her again.

The email pretty much just asked if I was the same Camacho family she/he knew. This person knew my birth date so I was a little thrown back. The name does sound vaguely familiar but that's all. He/she said they had been looking for us and there seemed to be a bit of urgency to the email.

I did respond though. I'm nervous as all hell about it. Like I said, a lot of fond memories as well as painful. I guess I'll find out soon enough who it is that not only remembers me and my family but has been looking for us.

Sunday, August 1, 2004

Hiding Go Peek A Boo

I was out pretty late last night so, again, no blog. Lana came home from her party and mentioned the Dosha was really wanting to karaoke. I shudder at the word now. It's not that they sing bad, but last time we got together for games and the K word Micah, Dosha, and Chris ended up karaoke'in all night long. I eventually ended passing out on the coach listening to karaoke follow me in my sleep.

So I when the girls came to pick us up for some karaoke action, I hung back, bought me a movie ticket to see The Bourne Supremacy online, and told Lana to call me on the cell phone when they were done with karaoke. I just didn't wanna ruin everyone else's fun and be bored. I can be bored at my house.

The movie was pretty good. The car chase was a dizzying experience that almost made me nauseous but in a fun roller coaster sort of way. Lana might argue with me on that one and just call it nauseating but she'll torture her way through it just to see Matt Damon. Sorry ladies, no new "Shampoo Scene" in this one.

We ended up playing a few rounds of Hiding Go Peek A Boo until everyone was too tired or too hot to continue, then talked about movies that scarred us as children.

Poltergeist; my cousin Siris had a clown that looked just like the one that pulled that kid under the bed and tried to kill him. Cats Eye; Who hasn't heard the noises in their room and thought something was coming after them? Jaws; I was living in Hawaii when this damn thing came out. Twilight Zone The Movie; That goblin scared the piss outta me as a kid when it licked the glass.

I could go on and on, but I should get my day started now. Later!