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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Brain Brewing

Despite having slept in some today and finding out that our move has been delayed until next Monday (insert scream here), I have to say it's been a very productive and enjoyable day. I've been really stuck on the idea of creating a emulator arcade for my big screen tv.

The other day I was roaming through Kroger for a lack of anything better to do, when I picked up a computer magazine. I proceeded to camp in the magazine department despite how much I hate how people do that and began reading an interesting article on a cool case mod. This guy had turned two cases and various car parts into a cool computer case mod. When I got home all I could think about was how cool that was and how I could do it better. So I hit the net looking for different ideas on case mods when I came across One the site the sell mini motherboards, power supplies, and hard drives to construct - well, mini computers. Then they proceed to show you examples of how you can creatively utilize these mini computers. Suddenly guys are turning everything from toasters to Commodore 64's into mini computers. The one that caught my attention was the one that turned a NES into a emulator.

Then it hit me. I could make my emulator system an old NES case and use the casings for the old NES Advantage for the controllers!!! Micah and I started brainstorming, and before too long, we had a plan on to do just that.

That led to a pawn shop trip (looking for a NES case), Nan's and Gatti's with the kids (to look at some actual arcades). Most of the time we spent bouncing ideas off each other. We decided to pull Derek, another good idea kindda guy, into it. Trust me, we had to twist his arm really hard.

Initially, we planned on roleplaying but we were just too distracted by the whole process of brainstorming. Before too long we somehow came to the idea that we should make our own short films. Hours later, a coke run (Mountain Dew but everything in Texas is coke) , and a food run, we had an awesome plot lined out that we weren't just happy with, but hyped about. I'm pretty excited and can't wait to actually start writing it out with the guys. It'll be the first writing project I've taken on collaboratively. I'm excited. The story has a lot of heart I think. Hell, I'd pay to see it if it was a movie. Hey, we could be the next Kevin Smith, Matt Damon, and Ben Aflick trio. I think I'd be the Kevin Smith. He's the super cool guy.

I'm sure some might argue, but it's my fantasy so screw you. ;)

Been a busy day and my head is still buzzing with ideas. How to build the NES emulator and controllers, our Halloween costume projects, the initial writing for the short films. Do I need sleep??? It seems like such a burden sometimes. Arg. I guess I'll go harass Lana. 'Night.


  1. Dude, I can't wait to get crackin'! I showed Kelly some of the mini-itx projects and she thinks it's awesome too. I'm a little intimidated by the writing we have ahead of us, but I'm hyped too.

    It's settled then. Derek gets to be Ben Asslick.

  2. I've never been big on sharing my writing with anyone else (I write for my enjoyment) so this is going to be a big change for me nevermind I've never done any sort of script writing. It'll be a good experience I think. We can tell our kids later, "yeah, I once wrote a movie script." Hey, Where you bloggin at anyway??