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Friday, August 13, 2004


Last night I dragged some of the guys out to see the new AVP movie. It was a midnight premiere on an Imax screen. They had two screens open and it was pretty full. I have to say, the movie was much better than I thought it would be. Lots of action and pretty fast-paced. There were a few things I didn't like about it but nothing major other than the ending. Total cheese. I won't give it away but any fan of the Alien and/or predator movies will enjoy it for what it is. As a bonus there was some major hotties at the theater.

Micah and I had a good conversation about the movie on the ride home and got into much heavier conversation when we got to his house. The girls were watching X Men 2 and we ended up getting into a little debate as to the possibility of peaceful coexistence of mutants and humans. Personally, I don't see it possible. I'm a firm believer that man has deluded himself into thinking he's no longer an animal and is above the survival instinct. Hate and fear (as well as all other emotions) are all just instinctive survival tools that allow him to assure the survival of the species, not the individual. To make a long story short, I believe that hate, fear, and all the other emotions man has deemed socially unacceptable are all a necessary part of the human psyche and are just as crucial to species survival. Like all survival traits though, the pack must cull out the extremes that could hurt the survival of the group. Anyway, a deeper argument for another time. ;)

I found something really cool online today looking for more examples of the predator costumes. Marcel has, yet again, changed his mind on his Halloween costume. I'm really sort of relieved because a Buzz Lightyear costume would be possible but difficult with time running short. Anyway, I found the official website of the guys who did the Batman - Dead End film. They are now making a Batman and Superman Teamup Movie!! I downloaded the trailer and can't wait for the movie to come out.

Other news? The house survey didn't get faxed over in time to our bank guy for it to close today so it's been postponed to... Next Monday, of course.

I did pricing for my NES emulator system and the computer cost is going to be 525. That's not including the cost for four joysticks, buttons, and the ipac board. It's cheaper than most arcade cabinets though since I won't be buying wood or a monitor so I'm saving at least a couple hundred. I'm still pretty hyped. Here's a mockup of what the controllers will look like. The controller shell is longer than the original Advantage and will be custom built out of fiberglass with a plywood bottom. I'll make a mockup out of wood (beveled edges, routed lines, and button holes), make a negative out of silicone from that, a mothermold out of plaster, and cast them in fiberglass. I think it'll work. My ebay purchase (three NES systems, two paddles, and an Advantage) ship on Monday. I plan on rebuilding the old NES cabinet Mike and me had as kids to house the whole thing since I can't find one online. They used to sell em at Toys R Us. It was a small cabinet on wheels, a shelf for your NES, a door below for your controllers and a shelf below for your games. The whole planning phase of this project is distracting me from the perpetual Next Monday I keep hearing will eventually come. Off to the Movie store. I'm gonna go pick up Predator and Alien on DVD if I can find em. Costume Research. ;)

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