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Sunday, August 1, 2004

Hiding Go Peek A Boo

I was out pretty late last night so, again, no blog. Lana came home from her party and mentioned the Dosha was really wanting to karaoke. I shudder at the word now. It's not that they sing bad, but last time we got together for games and the K word Micah, Dosha, and Chris ended up karaoke'in all night long. I eventually ended passing out on the coach listening to karaoke follow me in my sleep.

So I when the girls came to pick us up for some karaoke action, I hung back, bought me a movie ticket to see The Bourne Supremacy online, and told Lana to call me on the cell phone when they were done with karaoke. I just didn't wanna ruin everyone else's fun and be bored. I can be bored at my house.

The movie was pretty good. The car chase was a dizzying experience that almost made me nauseous but in a fun roller coaster sort of way. Lana might argue with me on that one and just call it nauseating but she'll torture her way through it just to see Matt Damon. Sorry ladies, no new "Shampoo Scene" in this one.

We ended up playing a few rounds of Hiding Go Peek A Boo until everyone was too tired or too hot to continue, then talked about movies that scarred us as children.

Poltergeist; my cousin Siris had a clown that looked just like the one that pulled that kid under the bed and tried to kill him. Cats Eye; Who hasn't heard the noises in their room and thought something was coming after them? Jaws; I was living in Hawaii when this damn thing came out. Twilight Zone The Movie; That goblin scared the piss outta me as a kid when it licked the glass.

I could go on and on, but I should get my day started now. Later!

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