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Friday, August 6, 2004

Just the Guys

Lana's off on another business trip. It's a car party for one of her girls. We stayed up until her flight had to leave doing laundry, and watched a movie, among other things that are nonyabusiness.

I'm bloggin on my computer! Yup, it's up and running now. I'm now running 2GHz and 512 RAM!! My computer sounds like a damn helicopter taking off thanks to the megafan I bought, but I have a computer again and don't have to submit myself to the smoke room to check my email. Speaking of email...

The mystery email was from an old friend of my mom's. To make a long story short, a lot bad memories came back. I had posted previously on the whole thing, but I felt it was a bit too personal. (Never blog when your in a bad mood.)

The year the two of them became best friends was the same year my dad left for Korea for a year. My mom clung to her newly found faith in the church and I became a introvert (I guess I never grew out of it). We fought constantly, sometimes physically. It was one of the worst times of my life. I was at that horrible year of thirteen, my dad was gone, and my mom was struggling by herself with two boys. I felt so alone.

One of the most horrible memories I have was celebrating my dad's birthday that year. His duffel bags were packed, the candles on the cake were lit, and he was in his uniform. The only time I've seen my dad look more miserable was at my mom's funeral. I don't think we even bothered to cut the cake. We dropped him off at the airport that night.

When my dad returned he found an angry teenager, a reborn Christian wife, and a confused eight year old who was stuck in the middle. The church's pull almost tore our family apart. To say I harbor some bad feelings towards the church and some of the members is an understatement. They made what was an already hard situation unbearable.

I've been sitting at her email for a day wondering how to reply. I know now looking back she was doing what she thought best, and trying to help us but I just feel that some things a family must get though together to bring them together. I don't know. I'll email her tonight after I've thought about it some more.

For now though, Marcel and I are going to go eat and catch a movie. I hate when Lana's not here. The house gets so quiet.

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