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Sunday, August 8, 2004

Where to Sleep

It's been a busy day. We woke up around our usual time today, around 1pm, but decided to actually get moving before the day was shot. I wasn't really feeling up for the drive to the beach like Marcel was, so we compromised. We grabbed a few towel and hit the pool at the Y.

Marcel loves the water and has always firmly believed he can swim despite contrary evidence. Today he actually did a little on his own. Okay, so he had a little help from a life jacket. He's been telling everyone that will listen that he swam without help from his daddy. He's told me at least a dozen times today and I was there. What really got me today though was watching him play tag with a few kids he met there.

It may not seem like that big of deal to most, but I was never (and still aren't) much of a socializer. To watch my own son strike up a conversation with two older boys who he didn't know and start a game of tag was simply amazing to me. I was mesmerized. I found myself numerous times trying to keep from laughing out loud when I saw how much fun they were having. I now know what my dad meant when he once told me he sometimes wished he could jump in like one of the kids when he'd hear my own few friends and me playing. I wasn't the only one though. This somehow tangible excitement the three of them were unknowingly pouring out soon had all the kids out of the pool and playing tag. If you have kids, you know how great a feat it is to convince them out of the water without pulling them out bodily. Hell, I wish I could have jumped in the game. You ever envy a child for no other reason then the want of a good game of tag in the sprinklers? Anyways.

Afterwards, we went for snowcones. While not as great as the ones my brother and I enjoyed after a busy day at the beach in Hawaii, the place off Normandy and Market serve a mean rainbow. After that? We hit the Movie Trading Company and picked up the first season of a new Spiderman show. I had Johnathan and Marian for the night too so we spent the evening on the couch eating ice cream and watching cartoons. I had to grudgingly send them to bed when they started passing out on the couch.

It's three in the morning and I need to figure out where I'm sleeping. Marcel, Johnathan, and Marian are hogging up a king size bed in the manner only a child can; all limbs flailed out in every direction so that ever quarter inch of bed is claimed. Marian fell asleep on my chest while I watched a movie. I forgot how good a feeling that is. I think I'll just squeeze in with em. 'Night.

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