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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Movies and Roleplaying

I've gotta get a tivo. Three hours of tv that I could have spent doing productive stuff like going to the petstore, krogers, or even the hardware store to finish my vacuum table. First NYPD, then two episodes of Law and Order. All the while I try to get as much done as possible like running the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen and picking up the living room but I can't vacuum since I wouldn't be able to hear the tv. Anyway. I do have a VCR though. Right.
I ended up not making Anthony's movie night. Lana had a crazy day running all around town and was late getting back home. By the time she got home it was a little after 9 and I know it takes her about twenty to get ready. I know Anthony and Liz work so I hate putting them in that situation so I just called em up and told them we wouldn't make it. I feel bad about it because I really wanted to go. I wanted to get out of the house, spend some time with friends, and Lana. The night wasn't a loss though. Micah and Kelly came by and we watched movies. It was in the early morning hours by the time they went home and Kelly found a new favorite movie. Micah slept through it since there was no explosions or car chases but he did manage to stay awake through Eternal Sunshine.

I've seen The Big Kahuna a total of three times now in the past few days and I still want to watch it again. I love how they both manage to convey so much emotion with just a simple look. More is said between the two of them with simple looks than in the dialogue they say to each other. I don't want to go too deep into it, but it's good to see a movie that's not about solving the murder, finding the kidnapped, killing the bad guys before they blowup x, but about two friends acknowledging that sometimes we do need help and it's going to be okay in the end.
In the end that's really all that matters I think. Good friends to see you through the day whether they be your wife, brother, high school buddy, or your dad.
Speaking of friends, Friday is just around the corner and I need to get on the ball. I got an idea for a ongoing GURPS game. My Midian game is pretty much dead at this time and my He-Man game doesn't seem to appeal to all so... I want to do a Mad Max world. I thought about doing Heroes Die when I read it, but Micah called dibs on it after he read it. The 28 Days Later game seemed to have gone nowhere but I suspect it's because it simply didn't appeal to all. The SWAT team Demo was just too Paranoia-inducing. They turned on each other like rats in a sinking cage. I had the feeling that not all were into either game world. Some like the feel of a well greased machine gun while creeping into an abandoned warehouse searching for food while others prefer the feel of sweaty leather armor as they charge into a room armed with just their fists and a roughly sharpened piece steel. So I'm going to try and combine the two but without the sci-fi and magic of the He-Man world. I'm still working out the plot details but I think it'll involve some "movie research". What got me thinking about it seriously was Micah telling me that Mad Max 4 is in the works. I want it to replace the Midian game as a regular campaign. I miss Friday night gaming. I've been sorta dodging the GM seat for awhile now and I'm itching to saddle back up.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Quicky

The buzzing in the kitchen has me seeking refuge in Lana's office. On our oven we have an oven cleaning timer. Well, the clock knob on it is broken and it goes off whenever it damn well feels like it. The first few days when we moved in I messed with it constantly while unpacking to get it to stop buzzing. I finally did so, but Lana "bumped it" while making corn bread the other night. I'm a little bitchy about it only because she gave up on making it stop so it's left to me to do now. I already took the damn thing off and looked at the wiring. Yup, I have no idea how to make it stop next to replacing the timer unit for one with a knob that isn't broken. I could just go in and snip wires but I have the feeling that wouldn't be too safe no matter how tempting it is.

Marcel and I worked some on his spelling words today and I promised we'd do some art later tonight after we ate. I figure I'll teach him painting basics. Brush strokes, types of brushes, and mixing colors. Art, Shop, and English were always my favorite classes. I might even let him play with my clay and sculpt a few things.

I was hoping to make it out to waldenbooks and pick up a copy of Blade of Tyshalle but I called first. Turns out they don't have it in, but I did special order it. Only reason I even thought to swing by there was I got a coupon in my email from them for 20 percent off a single purchase. Whoo hoo!! It's a dangerous thing when I go to the bookstore. It'll be hard to go in there and get just the book I ordered. I tend to wander around reading cover after cover, thumbing through whatever catches my eye and buying more than I plan. If I had one indulgence I don't do that often anymore, it's spending time in bookstores and libraries.

I've decided to go ahead and pick me up another bug for a second car until I find my '67 bus. I plan on getting a '67 VW bus and converting it to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Van. I found the bug I want but I'll have to wait and hope since I can't get it this month. I'm sure another will come along by then. I saw it and fell in love with it even though it is a few years older than the model I would prefer. I still have all my '71 Super Beetle stuff packed away including a right side floor pan. I'm thinking a full baja conversion (skid plates, roll bars, lift kit, etc.) a cheap ass spray paint job and the Decepticons emblem on the hood. Bumblebee gone bad. :)

Well, dinner just arrived (pizza tonight!) and I just picked up the Clerks 10th Anniversary Edition the other night that I want watch while I eat. 'Night!

Monday, September 27, 2004

A Secret Blog

It's been an eventful weekend. I was supposed to go to Protocon this weekend but Oscar bailed on me like a little girl. Lana had to rearrange her party schedule for me to go so when I told her I wasn't going she wasn't exactly happy with him either. It turned out all right though. Friday night we had friends over, Lana cooked, and we played games all night and well into the morning. Since I didn't go to Protocon on Saturday I was able to go to Anthony's house warming party. I actually managed to drag Lana along. I think she had a good time other than a minor incident which doesn't need repeating here. All and all, I had a good time and was glad I could make it. I feel kinda bad about our house warming gift though.

We were running late, as usual, and hadn't picked up anything yet. We're on the way to drop Marcel off at my brother's place brainstorming what to get them. We eventually decided on on an Ikea gift certificate but they had just closed by the time we got to that side of town. I'll get it to him on Wednesday at the book club meeting. I still need to sit down and read it more. It's getting pretty good though and I'm digging the author's writing style.

I will mention this though about the party; I think Anthony enjoys wearing women's makeup waaaay too much. I only wish I had my digital camera with me.

I hadn't made much progress on costumes. I still need to caste the other half of the plaster mold in fiberglass. Tomorrow I'm hitting Halloween like a nightmare. Cutting more foam headstones, pouring the other half of Micah's claw mold, and start sketching out Marcel's Yu Gi Oh costume. I think I've got Dosha sucked into helping me with the headstones. She's pretty hyped about em. With her and Allison helping I could get a lot knocked out.

I figure one day of rest on Sunday before I get back to work on everything. I'm pretty damn tired but I think it's just from a lack of doing anything today. We went out to eat with Micah and Kelly but besides that we hadn't done much today. I figured I'd kill some time and catch up on a blog while I was reading up on box car derby racing.

Yeah, I'm thinking of adding that to the growing list of projects. I just need a kid eight or older and interested in working with their hands. It all started really from me thinking about building Marcel a go cart. The more I thought about the more I was convinced that to do what I want to do would require me learning how to weld (that's on the list). So the next best thing would be a derby car. That's when the little handyman in me cleared his throat rather loudly and pointed out that I have all the tools in my garage already. Turns out the rules are pretty strict about the kid constructing the whole thing and only they can race it. I'm thinking if Brit were interested in building a car I'd be willing to loaning my garage out to her and finding her sponsorship. I need to read up on it more before I run it by Kelly. I only hope she doesn't read my blog that regularly.

Which brings me to another rambling. While at Anthony and Liz's housewarming party I found out that they meet through when I mentioned my site and asked if anyone there blogs. I'm amazed at how popular it's become and there seems to be only two big blogger sites out there; and I checked them both out first before I decided on I just didn't like how you could block some people from reading your blog, you had "buddies," you can text message people, block people from viewing your bio, etc. I wanted to blog, not socialize or network. I wanted my blog to be about, well, me. We ended up getting into this big discussion on blogs, why we write them, what we write about, what level of censorship we self impose, etc. I made a comment about my rule on never blogging when angry. That's when almost all of them laughed and said that's why they have two blogs. One for friends and one for strangers. While I didn't like the idea at first of censoring myself for my friends, I do feel that a level of respect for your friends privacy makes it mandatory. The more I think about it, the more appealing a secret blog begins to look. I keep thinking to myself about the reservoir of fuel that I'm not tapping by not blogging when I'm angry. Blogging is therapeutic in a lot of ways, so why not when you need to let it out the most? So there it is I guess.

I'm going to start an Angry Blog out there somewhere. I'll have to name it something other than Angry Blog now I guess. Damn. I haven't decided where or even when but I'll get around to it when the mood strikes me I'm sure.

I'm starting to wonder why Micah has yet to give me his Blog address despite asking for it numerous times... That's a hint mofo!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Crunch Time

The hot foam cutter is pretty much done except for one minor detail. I can't seem to get the wiring right. Every time I think I got it and give it a try, the breaker flips. I think I'm just going to have to buy a transformer from Radio shack. The one I'm trying to use is a 2 dollar Goodwill 35W transformer with no ground. That's what I get for being a cheapo I guess. The whole project has only costed me about 15 bucks so I can't say I've broke the bank and it's definitely cheaper than buying one of Hot Wire Foam Factory's. Now if I could just get it to work.

I also bought all the fiberglas I'll need for my body cast. I'm hoping to start today once I get the foam cutter working. I'm pretty eager to get started and I need to get moving on it. Marcel has decided on a costume. He had me worried for a while with Robocop. Thankfully he changes his mind about as often as he changes his underwear and has decided on Yu Gi Oh. Mostly sewing so that means I need to get Lana's machine out here in the next few days.

My biggest distraction the past few days has been TNT and the Spike network. Law and Order, NYPD, and CSI. I find myself glued to the television watching one police drama after the next. With all the projects I have on the table right now the last thing I need to be doing is watching TV. I've got my fiberglass cast to do, sculpt and cast my armor, sew Marcel's costume, finish my foam cutter, build some headstones, sculpt and cast Micah's Wolverine costume, cast and paint more plaster walls for my Strange Synergy game before this weekend, and build my MAME system and controllers. Never enough time it seems.

I went to Tab's birthday party this weekend. I showed up a little late since I had house guests over this weekend but all went well. I guess. John was there and as soon as I showed up he and his woman made a hasty exit with a lame excuse. I don't know what his problem is but if he's not willing to talk about it then I'm not going to bother. We had a good time at the party despite him. I didn't leave until late and Marcel passed out on the way home. It's always good to see Heather and Tab since they don't come over very often with Oscar. Hear that Heather?? That's a hint!! Anyway.

I better get back to work. I gotta get this foam cutter working before Law and Order comes on at 7pm.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Two Squirrels and a Towed Car

Halloween has snuck up on me again. At least I've gotten a better head start than a week this year. Hopefully I'll be doing the fiberglass for my full body cast on Saturday. Today I'll be doing Marcel's duct tape dummy for whatever costume he decides on. Then there's the Sunday trip to the cemetery then Tab's birthday party in the evening. Sometime before the weekend I need to try and construct a foam cutting table so we can cut the headstones out of foam faster. Arg. It shouldn't be too hard but working with electricity always makes me a little nervous. I am making good progress on Micah's Wolverine costume though. I pulled a plaster gauze mold off his face the other day and casted it in plaster. The claw that I'm going to mold is almost done too. It's my samurai costume that's going to be extensive. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I feel so exhausted and I just woke up!!

I was out running around yesterday pricing hardware (nichrome wire, 12" drill bit, fiberglass, etc.) plus I dropped off some injured squirrels. That was an adventure all to itself.

Yesterday Oscar and I towed his recovered stolen car. Don't get me started. My ex-slum landlord had his car "removed" from his property despite having never made contact with me prior. When he had it "removed" they broke out the steering column and took the battery. He told Oscar to his face he didn't know what happened to it ("It must have been stolen") despite neighbors having seen him with another guy "removing" it from the driveway.

After recovering Oscars ride, we went back to micah's to get the car he drove there in when micah saw two squirrels drop out of the tree behind me. We went to check it out and it was two babies that had fallen out of their nest. One of them was bitten pretty badly. The other seemed okay but was bleeding out of the nose. We scooped them up and I took them home ONLY THINKING OF REHABILITATION!!! Although Scott mentioning I had a cage perfect for them didn't help me keep my motives straight. So I went home with two squirrels and hit the net searching for registered squirrel rehabs in my area. I finally heard back from someone the next day, drove to the wrong side of FM 1960, and back again, before finally dropping them off at a vet who'd see them for free. I'll have to call the rehab girl and see how they're doing. I don't see one bitten making it, but I can hope.

I really should be doing other things than staring at this computer. Pricing fiberglass, doing dishes, eating breakfast, trying to wake Lana again, etc. One thing at a time. Gonna go shovel some food down. Later!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Fun in the cemetery

I've been slacking the past few days on blogging but I've been so busy I haven't had much of a chance to come up to Lana's office to visit my computer. Between catching up on laundry, helping Derek move, and cleaning house, it's been pretty non stop.

I went to see Resident Evil 2 last night at the midnight premiere with Micah. Initially I had invited others, but everyone else bailed. It wasn't bad but not to be compared to the first one. I personally thought the first one was better. The acting was better, the story line unfolded smoother, and the action scenes were more believable and less predictable. The monster looked like a Hellraiser Cenobite gone renegade after juicing up on a couple gallons of steroids. I can't really complain though. I laughed, I jumped, and walked out smiling.

Lana, Dosha, Kelly, and Allison spent the evening in Lana's office brainstorming for their meeting on Sunday and watching Calender Girls. Can't say I'm really too interested in watching a movie where a bunch of old chicks get naked. Love my friends and all but old chicks don't do it for me. Speaking of friends, that brings to mind a awkward situation.

The situation was one where something I said in my blog made for an uncomfortable situation between other friends. The situation forced me to ask myself how much editorial restraint should one use when writing about friends and family? Here's the weird part. I never thought I'd have to ask myself that question. Five years ago the idea of an online journal for all the world to read would have horrified me not because I have anything to hide but because by nature I'm a very private person. While I'll probably never get too personal on here, I do feel that a certain level of intimacy is necessary for it to be worthwhile for me and anyone who chooses to read. Without a certain level of intimacy and personal emotions banked in what I write it's all just scripted bullshit and self stroking. When I sit down to blog it's for ME, not the reader. Blogging for me is a way to clear my head, organize my thoughts, and is therapeutic in a way I didn't anticipate. On the other hand I should keep in mind that I'm Blogging, not keeping a diary. Others will read this. Normally I don't give a rat's ass what others think, but the opinions of my friends and family I respect. After reading over the blog I realized that I had posted something that had been intended to remain between just us and felt like dog doo over it. While I make no apologies for my opinions, I do apologize for the accidental breach of confidence between friends. With that off my chest, I feel better. Nothing says it better than me though so excuse me while I make a phone call.

I was planning on going to Galveston today to visit the cemetery there but that kind of fell through. I wanted to get outlines and photographs of some of the headstones for my Halloween project. I plan on making headstones for my yard (front or maybe back depending on the restrictions). When I told Allison about my idea she was pretty hyped about it, so I invited her to go along and make some for her yard since she was willing to help. When Cory found out about it, he got hyped about it too and decided he wanted to go. Only problem is he works so I gotta wait til next week. I hate waiting but more hands working means more outlines in less time. I should make it a group trip for next weekend and start planning the headstone names and epitaph. I see a plan forming already. If I get enough folks in on it, we can make a bunch of outlines and be back at my place cutting up the foam. Lost yet?

So next weekend will be one filled with fiberglass as I cast my body mold, lots of polystyrene, super 77 glue, and an old army buddy might be visiting. Yep, I just got off the phone with Matt. It'll be good to see him again. Maybe I can get him to work this weekend too.

Sunday, September 5, 2004

Let's Go Voltron Force!

My feet still ache from standing in the body cast but it's complete. We were all pretty eager to get started and it was a little weird to finally do it after months and months of planning. It took longer than we thought, well over three hours, but the result was nothing short of awesome. I have to say, they busted their ass doing it right. The discomfort level sucked ass but I plan on only doing this once. There were a few moments towards the end when I started getting light headed but that was only becuase I didn't take a deep breath when they layed the chest strips. My ball of my heels were numb by the time they pulled me out. I think I would have fallen over from numb feet if not for Lana holding me up. I'm still impressed by the pictures every time I look at them. I can't wait to show em off on the project page but we still have a little more work ahead of us. The fiberglass casting is next.

I'll say this though. Derek hit it on the head when he commented why we made such a great team. Years and years of roleplaying together. I've never seen so many people working on one task at once work so well together. I think I've got them convinced to all have a body cast made for costuming. We've got big plans and, after seeing these fuckers work together, I know we can do it.

I had my first cigarette in two months when they pulled me out. Layed out on the floor trying to get the feeling back in my feet, letting the blood return to my head, and so greasy I probably couldn't stand up anyway, I couldn't resist a lite cigarette. Right after everyone left I took a long hot shower. Damn it felt good.


I'll be posting the pictures in the next few days in my photo album, so keep an eye out. These fuckers got some bragging rights and I plan on posting as many of the pictures as I can. I haven't seen a better body cast online anywhere. Nothing like a good friends to put you in a full body cast and do nothing more than mock you. All I can say guys is I owe you mother fuckers! Who's next?!

Saturday, September 4, 2004

Just In Case

I still haven't made it out to the bookstore to pick up Lost Horizons. I did catch up on laundry or so I thought. Lana has this thing about never unpacking after a trip. She likes to let her dirty cloths marinate in her suitcases for a while I guess. Then she just carefully, yet artfully, dumps their contents onto the bedroom floor. Yeah, so now I'm behind on laundry again. It's a losing war.

On a different note, I'm preparing to start my body cast. I found a perfect athletic shirt at Walmart. It's long sleeve, stretchy, and barely fits me. I was tempted to get another "just in case" but I really can't see what could go wrong that would ruin the first one. I went to the hardware store, grabbed two bags of plaster (25 pds each), and a roll of burlap just in case I run out of plaster gauss. I think I have enough though. Finding the tight pants was another matter. Originally I was just going to buy dance pants but I figured Walmart has everything else under the sun, I'd give them a shot first. No luck. Then Lana suggests panty hose. I looked harder. Then I figured the kids section. Pajamas. I found a pack of long johns. Large or XLarge? Lana suggested XLarge even though I thought Large might be better. I grabbed the XLarge reluctantly and bought two pair of panty hose "just in case".

When we got home after much running around, I tried on the long johns. Too big, just as I suspected. The panty hose mocked me from the Walmart bag. To make a long story short, I now know the proper way to put on panty hose after trial and error plus a tutorial from Lana. I doubled them up so you can't see through them but I'll probably buy a pair of bikini briefs just in case the Vasoline makes the panty hose transparent. Hopefully I'll be able to wrangle up the guys tonight to get the body cast knocked out. I did buy Marcel a set of long johns just in case they can't make it. Then I can just make his duct tape dummy for his costume project, whatever it may be. He changes his costume about once a day.

Kelly just called me on Lana's cell phone. She just found out from Lana that I was going to try to do the body cast today and wanted to help. Vasoline, bandages, and a guy wearing panty hose was just something a girl couldn't pass up. It's going to be an interesting weekend I think.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Book Club Meeting

I think today I'm going to try and stay in a little. I have laundry to catch up on, a house that needs vacuuming, and a book to finish reading. I've been trying to read Refugee by Piers Anthony but I don't know if I can stomach anymore. I keep telling myself it'll get better but I think I just don't like the way he writes. I hate the way stuffing tastes. It's not that it isn't digestible and I'm sure others eat it like cheese wiz, but I just don't like the flavor or the pasty texture. Piers Anthony's writing is a lot like that to me. With each page (bite) I tell myself it's not that bad, I just need to get used to it. Besides, I have a new book I need to read.

A few friends of mine formed a book club. Our first book is Lost Horizon by James Hilton. There's supposed to be a book store not too far down the road from here according to Yahoo. The first meeting went pretty good and we ended up playing games most of the night and talking about movies and books. I got to play with their freaky little cat more too. He can stand up for a really long time. A really long time. It's freaky. Anthony figures it's because he has a wider foot and it's easier for him to balance with an opposable toe on each foot.

I showed up a little late but what else is new? It wasn't really my fault though. I was on my way out the door when I noticed some boxes sitting inside my breeze way gate. It was my NES ebay stuff and my Ironing Fun cover. I had to open em. Lots of stuff to do today. Clean the house a little, laundry, hit the book store, try and get my vacuum table working, go to the hardware store for my Advantage mockup parts... arg. So much for staying in. I tried. The earlier I wake the more shit I find to do. Maybe sleeping in wasn't so bad after all.