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Friday, September 10, 2004

Fun in the cemetery

I've been slacking the past few days on blogging but I've been so busy I haven't had much of a chance to come up to Lana's office to visit my computer. Between catching up on laundry, helping Derek move, and cleaning house, it's been pretty non stop.

I went to see Resident Evil 2 last night at the midnight premiere with Micah. Initially I had invited others, but everyone else bailed. It wasn't bad but not to be compared to the first one. I personally thought the first one was better. The acting was better, the story line unfolded smoother, and the action scenes were more believable and less predictable. The monster looked like a Hellraiser Cenobite gone renegade after juicing up on a couple gallons of steroids. I can't really complain though. I laughed, I jumped, and walked out smiling.

Lana, Dosha, Kelly, and Allison spent the evening in Lana's office brainstorming for their meeting on Sunday and watching Calender Girls. Can't say I'm really too interested in watching a movie where a bunch of old chicks get naked. Love my friends and all but old chicks don't do it for me. Speaking of friends, that brings to mind a awkward situation.

The situation was one where something I said in my blog made for an uncomfortable situation between other friends. The situation forced me to ask myself how much editorial restraint should one use when writing about friends and family? Here's the weird part. I never thought I'd have to ask myself that question. Five years ago the idea of an online journal for all the world to read would have horrified me not because I have anything to hide but because by nature I'm a very private person. While I'll probably never get too personal on here, I do feel that a certain level of intimacy is necessary for it to be worthwhile for me and anyone who chooses to read. Without a certain level of intimacy and personal emotions banked in what I write it's all just scripted bullshit and self stroking. When I sit down to blog it's for ME, not the reader. Blogging for me is a way to clear my head, organize my thoughts, and is therapeutic in a way I didn't anticipate. On the other hand I should keep in mind that I'm Blogging, not keeping a diary. Others will read this. Normally I don't give a rat's ass what others think, but the opinions of my friends and family I respect. After reading over the blog I realized that I had posted something that had been intended to remain between just us and felt like dog doo over it. While I make no apologies for my opinions, I do apologize for the accidental breach of confidence between friends. With that off my chest, I feel better. Nothing says it better than me though so excuse me while I make a phone call.

I was planning on going to Galveston today to visit the cemetery there but that kind of fell through. I wanted to get outlines and photographs of some of the headstones for my Halloween project. I plan on making headstones for my yard (front or maybe back depending on the restrictions). When I told Allison about my idea she was pretty hyped about it, so I invited her to go along and make some for her yard since she was willing to help. When Cory found out about it, he got hyped about it too and decided he wanted to go. Only problem is he works so I gotta wait til next week. I hate waiting but more hands working means more outlines in less time. I should make it a group trip for next weekend and start planning the headstone names and epitaph. I see a plan forming already. If I get enough folks in on it, we can make a bunch of outlines and be back at my place cutting up the foam. Lost yet?

So next weekend will be one filled with fiberglass as I cast my body mold, lots of polystyrene, super 77 glue, and an old army buddy might be visiting. Yep, I just got off the phone with Matt. It'll be good to see him again. Maybe I can get him to work this weekend too.

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