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Saturday, September 4, 2004

Just In Case

I still haven't made it out to the bookstore to pick up Lost Horizons. I did catch up on laundry or so I thought. Lana has this thing about never unpacking after a trip. She likes to let her dirty cloths marinate in her suitcases for a while I guess. Then she just carefully, yet artfully, dumps their contents onto the bedroom floor. Yeah, so now I'm behind on laundry again. It's a losing war.

On a different note, I'm preparing to start my body cast. I found a perfect athletic shirt at Walmart. It's long sleeve, stretchy, and barely fits me. I was tempted to get another "just in case" but I really can't see what could go wrong that would ruin the first one. I went to the hardware store, grabbed two bags of plaster (25 pds each), and a roll of burlap just in case I run out of plaster gauss. I think I have enough though. Finding the tight pants was another matter. Originally I was just going to buy dance pants but I figured Walmart has everything else under the sun, I'd give them a shot first. No luck. Then Lana suggests panty hose. I looked harder. Then I figured the kids section. Pajamas. I found a pack of long johns. Large or XLarge? Lana suggested XLarge even though I thought Large might be better. I grabbed the XLarge reluctantly and bought two pair of panty hose "just in case".

When we got home after much running around, I tried on the long johns. Too big, just as I suspected. The panty hose mocked me from the Walmart bag. To make a long story short, I now know the proper way to put on panty hose after trial and error plus a tutorial from Lana. I doubled them up so you can't see through them but I'll probably buy a pair of bikini briefs just in case the Vasoline makes the panty hose transparent. Hopefully I'll be able to wrangle up the guys tonight to get the body cast knocked out. I did buy Marcel a set of long johns just in case they can't make it. Then I can just make his duct tape dummy for his costume project, whatever it may be. He changes his costume about once a day.

Kelly just called me on Lana's cell phone. She just found out from Lana that I was going to try to do the body cast today and wanted to help. Vasoline, bandages, and a guy wearing panty hose was just something a girl couldn't pass up. It's going to be an interesting weekend I think.

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