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Sunday, September 5, 2004

Let's Go Voltron Force!

My feet still ache from standing in the body cast but it's complete. We were all pretty eager to get started and it was a little weird to finally do it after months and months of planning. It took longer than we thought, well over three hours, but the result was nothing short of awesome. I have to say, they busted their ass doing it right. The discomfort level sucked ass but I plan on only doing this once. There were a few moments towards the end when I started getting light headed but that was only becuase I didn't take a deep breath when they layed the chest strips. My ball of my heels were numb by the time they pulled me out. I think I would have fallen over from numb feet if not for Lana holding me up. I'm still impressed by the pictures every time I look at them. I can't wait to show em off on the project page but we still have a little more work ahead of us. The fiberglass casting is next.

I'll say this though. Derek hit it on the head when he commented why we made such a great team. Years and years of roleplaying together. I've never seen so many people working on one task at once work so well together. I think I've got them convinced to all have a body cast made for costuming. We've got big plans and, after seeing these fuckers work together, I know we can do it.

I had my first cigarette in two months when they pulled me out. Layed out on the floor trying to get the feeling back in my feet, letting the blood return to my head, and so greasy I probably couldn't stand up anyway, I couldn't resist a lite cigarette. Right after everyone left I took a long hot shower. Damn it felt good.


I'll be posting the pictures in the next few days in my photo album, so keep an eye out. These fuckers got some bragging rights and I plan on posting as many of the pictures as I can. I haven't seen a better body cast online anywhere. Nothing like a good friends to put you in a full body cast and do nothing more than mock you. All I can say guys is I owe you mother fuckers! Who's next?!

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