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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Movies and Roleplaying

I've gotta get a tivo. Three hours of tv that I could have spent doing productive stuff like going to the petstore, krogers, or even the hardware store to finish my vacuum table. First NYPD, then two episodes of Law and Order. All the while I try to get as much done as possible like running the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen and picking up the living room but I can't vacuum since I wouldn't be able to hear the tv. Anyway. I do have a VCR though. Right.
I ended up not making Anthony's movie night. Lana had a crazy day running all around town and was late getting back home. By the time she got home it was a little after 9 and I know it takes her about twenty to get ready. I know Anthony and Liz work so I hate putting them in that situation so I just called em up and told them we wouldn't make it. I feel bad about it because I really wanted to go. I wanted to get out of the house, spend some time with friends, and Lana. The night wasn't a loss though. Micah and Kelly came by and we watched movies. It was in the early morning hours by the time they went home and Kelly found a new favorite movie. Micah slept through it since there was no explosions or car chases but he did manage to stay awake through Eternal Sunshine.

I've seen The Big Kahuna a total of three times now in the past few days and I still want to watch it again. I love how they both manage to convey so much emotion with just a simple look. More is said between the two of them with simple looks than in the dialogue they say to each other. I don't want to go too deep into it, but it's good to see a movie that's not about solving the murder, finding the kidnapped, killing the bad guys before they blowup x, but about two friends acknowledging that sometimes we do need help and it's going to be okay in the end.
In the end that's really all that matters I think. Good friends to see you through the day whether they be your wife, brother, high school buddy, or your dad.
Speaking of friends, Friday is just around the corner and I need to get on the ball. I got an idea for a ongoing GURPS game. My Midian game is pretty much dead at this time and my He-Man game doesn't seem to appeal to all so... I want to do a Mad Max world. I thought about doing Heroes Die when I read it, but Micah called dibs on it after he read it. The 28 Days Later game seemed to have gone nowhere but I suspect it's because it simply didn't appeal to all. The SWAT team Demo was just too Paranoia-inducing. They turned on each other like rats in a sinking cage. I had the feeling that not all were into either game world. Some like the feel of a well greased machine gun while creeping into an abandoned warehouse searching for food while others prefer the feel of sweaty leather armor as they charge into a room armed with just their fists and a roughly sharpened piece steel. So I'm going to try and combine the two but without the sci-fi and magic of the He-Man world. I'm still working out the plot details but I think it'll involve some "movie research". What got me thinking about it seriously was Micah telling me that Mad Max 4 is in the works. I want it to replace the Midian game as a regular campaign. I miss Friday night gaming. I've been sorta dodging the GM seat for awhile now and I'm itching to saddle back up.

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