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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Quicky

The buzzing in the kitchen has me seeking refuge in Lana's office. On our oven we have an oven cleaning timer. Well, the clock knob on it is broken and it goes off whenever it damn well feels like it. The first few days when we moved in I messed with it constantly while unpacking to get it to stop buzzing. I finally did so, but Lana "bumped it" while making corn bread the other night. I'm a little bitchy about it only because she gave up on making it stop so it's left to me to do now. I already took the damn thing off and looked at the wiring. Yup, I have no idea how to make it stop next to replacing the timer unit for one with a knob that isn't broken. I could just go in and snip wires but I have the feeling that wouldn't be too safe no matter how tempting it is.

Marcel and I worked some on his spelling words today and I promised we'd do some art later tonight after we ate. I figure I'll teach him painting basics. Brush strokes, types of brushes, and mixing colors. Art, Shop, and English were always my favorite classes. I might even let him play with my clay and sculpt a few things.

I was hoping to make it out to waldenbooks and pick up a copy of Blade of Tyshalle but I called first. Turns out they don't have it in, but I did special order it. Only reason I even thought to swing by there was I got a coupon in my email from them for 20 percent off a single purchase. Whoo hoo!! It's a dangerous thing when I go to the bookstore. It'll be hard to go in there and get just the book I ordered. I tend to wander around reading cover after cover, thumbing through whatever catches my eye and buying more than I plan. If I had one indulgence I don't do that often anymore, it's spending time in bookstores and libraries.

I've decided to go ahead and pick me up another bug for a second car until I find my '67 bus. I plan on getting a '67 VW bus and converting it to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Van. I found the bug I want but I'll have to wait and hope since I can't get it this month. I'm sure another will come along by then. I saw it and fell in love with it even though it is a few years older than the model I would prefer. I still have all my '71 Super Beetle stuff packed away including a right side floor pan. I'm thinking a full baja conversion (skid plates, roll bars, lift kit, etc.) a cheap ass spray paint job and the Decepticons emblem on the hood. Bumblebee gone bad. :)

Well, dinner just arrived (pizza tonight!) and I just picked up the Clerks 10th Anniversary Edition the other night that I want watch while I eat. 'Night!

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