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Monday, September 27, 2004

A Secret Blog

It's been an eventful weekend. I was supposed to go to Protocon this weekend but Oscar bailed on me like a little girl. Lana had to rearrange her party schedule for me to go so when I told her I wasn't going she wasn't exactly happy with him either. It turned out all right though. Friday night we had friends over, Lana cooked, and we played games all night and well into the morning. Since I didn't go to Protocon on Saturday I was able to go to Anthony's house warming party. I actually managed to drag Lana along. I think she had a good time other than a minor incident which doesn't need repeating here. All and all, I had a good time and was glad I could make it. I feel kinda bad about our house warming gift though.

We were running late, as usual, and hadn't picked up anything yet. We're on the way to drop Marcel off at my brother's place brainstorming what to get them. We eventually decided on on an Ikea gift certificate but they had just closed by the time we got to that side of town. I'll get it to him on Wednesday at the book club meeting. I still need to sit down and read it more. It's getting pretty good though and I'm digging the author's writing style.

I will mention this though about the party; I think Anthony enjoys wearing women's makeup waaaay too much. I only wish I had my digital camera with me.

I hadn't made much progress on costumes. I still need to caste the other half of the plaster mold in fiberglass. Tomorrow I'm hitting Halloween like a nightmare. Cutting more foam headstones, pouring the other half of Micah's claw mold, and start sketching out Marcel's Yu Gi Oh costume. I think I've got Dosha sucked into helping me with the headstones. She's pretty hyped about em. With her and Allison helping I could get a lot knocked out.

I figure one day of rest on Sunday before I get back to work on everything. I'm pretty damn tired but I think it's just from a lack of doing anything today. We went out to eat with Micah and Kelly but besides that we hadn't done much today. I figured I'd kill some time and catch up on a blog while I was reading up on box car derby racing.

Yeah, I'm thinking of adding that to the growing list of projects. I just need a kid eight or older and interested in working with their hands. It all started really from me thinking about building Marcel a go cart. The more I thought about the more I was convinced that to do what I want to do would require me learning how to weld (that's on the list). So the next best thing would be a derby car. That's when the little handyman in me cleared his throat rather loudly and pointed out that I have all the tools in my garage already. Turns out the rules are pretty strict about the kid constructing the whole thing and only they can race it. I'm thinking if Brit were interested in building a car I'd be willing to loaning my garage out to her and finding her sponsorship. I need to read up on it more before I run it by Kelly. I only hope she doesn't read my blog that regularly.

Which brings me to another rambling. While at Anthony and Liz's housewarming party I found out that they meet through when I mentioned my site and asked if anyone there blogs. I'm amazed at how popular it's become and there seems to be only two big blogger sites out there; and I checked them both out first before I decided on I just didn't like how you could block some people from reading your blog, you had "buddies," you can text message people, block people from viewing your bio, etc. I wanted to blog, not socialize or network. I wanted my blog to be about, well, me. We ended up getting into this big discussion on blogs, why we write them, what we write about, what level of censorship we self impose, etc. I made a comment about my rule on never blogging when angry. That's when almost all of them laughed and said that's why they have two blogs. One for friends and one for strangers. While I didn't like the idea at first of censoring myself for my friends, I do feel that a level of respect for your friends privacy makes it mandatory. The more I think about it, the more appealing a secret blog begins to look. I keep thinking to myself about the reservoir of fuel that I'm not tapping by not blogging when I'm angry. Blogging is therapeutic in a lot of ways, so why not when you need to let it out the most? So there it is I guess.

I'm going to start an Angry Blog out there somewhere. I'll have to name it something other than Angry Blog now I guess. Damn. I haven't decided where or even when but I'll get around to it when the mood strikes me I'm sure.

I'm starting to wonder why Micah has yet to give me his Blog address despite asking for it numerous times... That's a hint mofo!


  1. I do, ahem, read it regularly....

    Kelly ( biting nails)

  2. Oops.. :)

    There you go. :)