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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Two Squirrels and a Towed Car

Halloween has snuck up on me again. At least I've gotten a better head start than a week this year. Hopefully I'll be doing the fiberglass for my full body cast on Saturday. Today I'll be doing Marcel's duct tape dummy for whatever costume he decides on. Then there's the Sunday trip to the cemetery then Tab's birthday party in the evening. Sometime before the weekend I need to try and construct a foam cutting table so we can cut the headstones out of foam faster. Arg. It shouldn't be too hard but working with electricity always makes me a little nervous. I am making good progress on Micah's Wolverine costume though. I pulled a plaster gauze mold off his face the other day and casted it in plaster. The claw that I'm going to mold is almost done too. It's my samurai costume that's going to be extensive. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I feel so exhausted and I just woke up!!

I was out running around yesterday pricing hardware (nichrome wire, 12" drill bit, fiberglass, etc.) plus I dropped off some injured squirrels. That was an adventure all to itself.

Yesterday Oscar and I towed his recovered stolen car. Don't get me started. My ex-slum landlord had his car "removed" from his property despite having never made contact with me prior. When he had it "removed" they broke out the steering column and took the battery. He told Oscar to his face he didn't know what happened to it ("It must have been stolen") despite neighbors having seen him with another guy "removing" it from the driveway.

After recovering Oscars ride, we went back to micah's to get the car he drove there in when micah saw two squirrels drop out of the tree behind me. We went to check it out and it was two babies that had fallen out of their nest. One of them was bitten pretty badly. The other seemed okay but was bleeding out of the nose. We scooped them up and I took them home ONLY THINKING OF REHABILITATION!!! Although Scott mentioning I had a cage perfect for them didn't help me keep my motives straight. So I went home with two squirrels and hit the net searching for registered squirrel rehabs in my area. I finally heard back from someone the next day, drove to the wrong side of FM 1960, and back again, before finally dropping them off at a vet who'd see them for free. I'll have to call the rehab girl and see how they're doing. I don't see one bitten making it, but I can hope.

I really should be doing other things than staring at this computer. Pricing fiberglass, doing dishes, eating breakfast, trying to wake Lana again, etc. One thing at a time. Gonna go shovel some food down. Later!

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