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Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Fresh Day

I've got to stop doing this. It's one o'clock and I just got up about fifteen minutes ago. As usual, I stayed up way too late watching a movie with Lana. Ginger Snaps was a pretty good flick. It didn't exactly elicit any deep thoughts of reflection but it was a great werewolf movie. I can't say I really regret the way I spent my time yesterday even if I did get up late but I utilized my time well I think.

I'm driving a legal car again! Yup, I finally got the truck inspected and got a new registration sticker put on. I don't know why I put it off as long as I did. It wasn't that big of a hassle, it got me out of the house, and Marcel and me got to hang out. Afterwards we went to Walmart to look at some toys. He got a transformer and I picked up four boosters to the new Magic set that just came out, Champions of Kamigawa. Afterwards we were feeling pretty good. We had the windows rolled down, jamming to some oldies and just feeling good. I took him to get a much needed haircut and then hit the snowcone shop like always. By the time we got to the house I was pretty exhausted. I ended up cleaning up my garage/workshop and prepared my Fiberglas dummy. Later today I'll bond the two halves together. Eventually. I'm not sure I'm going to make it for Halloween. It doesn't seem like that much work when I step back, I just need to get motivated and DO IT.

I've been reading a lot more lately. It's not the one book a week rate I used to do, but I think now I enjoy my reading time far more than I used to. I took the time for granted back in school and before I got married. I could sit down anywhere, anytime, and pull out my current book and read. I took it with me everywhere. It was really more of gluttony than anything. I gorged on books, always stocking up for the next new flavor. Now, I try to take my time and savor the time I have with the story. I'm almost done with Lost Horizon. I'll probably finish it today. I love books like this. It's a beautiful pace, the characters develop before you slowly and secretly (rather than the author pushing on you who they are), and the story is engrossing. I'm glad Anthony recommended it.

It's books like this that always make me second guess my writing ability. I love writing. Lana reminded me how much the other night when we got into a deep conversation about it in bed one night. We got to talking about the gaming scenarios and past campaigns. She knows that lately my whole heart just hasn't been in any game I run. She hit it on the head for me though. I've been trying to run all these games based off of something I've read or seen on tv and it's just not there in me to give it my all. It's the stories that I start out with a scratch of paper and a pencil that I get engrossed into. I let the story go so far on paper, bringing the characters to their precipice, their moment of glory or despairing failure, then I convert it to a GURPS Campaign and introduce the PC's to them and see where it leads. One of these days I get around to actually finishing the numerous short stories I have hidden away. Hell, I might even submit a few. Who knows. Right now I'm craving some breakfast. Plus I promised Marcel I'd build some cool Bionicles with him while we watched Bionicles 2 again.

Well, the day is still early and I gots stuff to do besides rambling here and downloading more Elvis Presley mp3's.

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