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Monday, October 4, 2004

A Guy's Weekend

I still haven't gotten the other half of the fiberglass mold casted but I did have a great weekend. Friday night we roleplayed my 28 Days Later game (GURPS of course). It went pretty good considering we hadn't played in a long time. I hope to keep the game alive. So long as I can keep a regular group in it, I think I can keep it running. It seems like every session has different players. I feel like I'm starting all over every session and it's hard to get a plot running that way.
Saturday we all gathered at Derek's new digs and let the kids play in the pool. Afterwards we went back to my place, Derek threw some meat on the grill, we feed our mouths, watched Momento (I LOVE that movie and can't wait to see what Christopher Nolan does with the new Batman Begins movie) and bellied up to the table for some roleplaying.

We revived Micah's Star Wars campaign and blasted our way into a freightliner ship loaded with Tie Fighters, Stormtroopers, and a mysterious luxury cruise ship. I'm going to start keeping a body count on my character. I'm gonna post him too just as soon as I get around to updating my GURPS page stuff. ummm, yeaaaah. An action packed session that ended only because we realized the sun was coming up. Great game Micah.

I'm working on notes to my new Mad Max game. I'm pretty exited about it. Lots of ideas, hidden secrets, and a lot of little scenarios I'd like to see unfold. I would have worked on it yesterday but some of the guys (Johnny, Micah, Chris and Sean) came over yesterday to LAN game. We called it quits around 3 and ended up staying awake way later playing Grass and B.S.'in as usual.

I am a little stressed out though. I won't go into details but a family thang kinda came up that might cause a some tension. I know what I should do, what I can do, but I don't know I'm going to do. I'll sleep on it and figure it out tomorrow.
I did find out some really REALLY REALLY good news though. I can't say what it is yet because it's not my news to share but I have to say I'm super happy about it. It makes me smile every time I think about it.

Hey, I got a hair cut!!! Yup, I finally did it. Well, I didn't cut it all off and donate it like I was thinking of doing, but I did cut off about fourteen inches off. It's still touching my shoulder blades but I'm not sitting on it anymore and I'm remarkably headache free now. I was getting them pretty regularly from sitting on my hair, laying on it wrong when I sleep and the weight of it. I feel sooo much better. It's amazing how great a simple haircut can make you feel. I know why the girls like to go get pedicures, haircuts, and manicures. It's very relaxing. I forgot how relaxing it is to have someone massage your scalp, how soothing the sound of scissors cutting hair is, and the relaxing sensation of electric clippers on the back of your neck. I remember I used to almost fall asleep every time my dad took me to get my hair cut when I was little. She blow dried my hair too. That was kinda weird. She said I should blow dry it more often for it to look the as shiny and smooth as she made it look after wards. I dunno about that but it was a good experience.

Now that the weekend is over it's back to costume preparing, laundry, cleaning house, and home schooling. Later!

Oh, Kelly here's a link for you to read! ;)
Brit would love it!!
I don't know when the next regular one is but it's never too early to build!

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