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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Nothing in Particular

I finally went to the radio station to pick up my Imax tickets. I hate driving on that side of town (galleria area) but they were free tickets after all. Besides, it got me away from Marcel's Gameboy SP. That damn thing ate my whole day yesterday. Marcel asked me for help beating a level on Metroid Fusion and that's all it took. I could have been reading, working on mine or Marcel's costume, or even watching the Stargate DVD's Johnny loaned me. Nooooo... I wasted the day playing gameboy. To make matters worse, I picked it up earlier to play and Marcel accidentally erased my game. I had to restrain myself from throwing the damn thing.
Not much has been going on here much this week, thankfully. It's great having company over but it's nice to have a quiet house too. All last weekend was crazy. Lana's sister came into town for the weekend the same weekend Glenoviere was in town too. Nevermind it was also Laura's wedding weekend which meant a bachelorette party at my place. Between the party, roleplaying, and guests, we had a full house the whole weekend. So it's nice to have a quiet week. Gets me ready for the weekend.
Speaking of weekends, I'm hoping to get some reading done before then. I want to get my Post Apocalypse game off the ground this weekend. I rewatched all of the Mad Max movies, I'm reading a good book with a similar setting, plus a secret one I won't reveal since I'm stealing a piece of the plot for the game. A good writer borrows... ;)
I have lots of reading to catch up on. I just picked up my copy of Blade of Tyshalle the other day and I'm ripping through these other two books I'm reading just so I can start reading it. I hate rushing through a book like that but I can't help it. It's a big distraction having it while I'm trying to read other things. I can't wait to read the first page, crack the spine and smell the fresh print on the pages, but I know I don't want two other books bouncing around in my head when I begin. I want a clean palate. I haven't even opened it up to the first page because I know I won't stop.
I better get back to work I guess. I have costumes to make. Halloween is only a few weeks away. Why do I do this to myself every time????

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