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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Seven Days

Today is Sunday. I had no idea it was Sunday until I decided to go to the hardware store and get the materials I need to construct my Fiberglas dummy stand. I got there just as they were closing the doors. I did go to Walmart and find a children's play helmet that fit me though. I'm going to use it as a base to build my samurai helmet. That was an entertaining trip. I had to sneak off and find an isle that wasn't busy so I could try it on to make sure it fit. I almost got caught. I did scare the hell out of the Walmart chic though. I was just taking it off and turning the corner when she turned the corner. The woman jumps back, and squeals loudly. I think she scared me more than I scared her. Took me a moment to realize what freaked her out. By the time we both gathered our wits, a small crowd of nosy Walmart people were asking if she was okay. I walked away quickly only to end up in her checkout lane. Talk about awkward feeling.

On other weekend notes, I went to see The Grudge this weekend with a friend. I had been wanting to see it since I saw the first preview despite Sarah Michelle Gellar staring in it. I liked the way it started out. The first jump scene started pretty good building with the proper amount of intensity. The next one was pretty good too, although predictable (most of them were). But after using the same tactics to build up a jump scene over and over it just got old. By the time you get to the climax of the movie your yawning because you've seen the same technique five times already. Not the greatest of horror flicks by any means but still not the sloppy turd punisher was. I'm glad I only paid matinee price.

I've added something new I'd like to do to my list of "projects". I want to get certified for SCUBA diving. The reason? Well, on Friday Lana, Marcel and me went to Galveston to Moody Gardens. I had won some Imax tickets on the oldies radio station and Lana had to meet with one of her girls in Galveston to help her set up her website. We figured great timing. Turns out my tickets are only good at the Museum of Natural Science so we bought tickets to the aquarium and the Rainforest. While we were walking around checking out the aquarium Lana pointed out to me some fliers about volunteer opportunities. "Dive with fish, feed them by hand and help maintain our aquariums." Only catch, of course, is you have to be a certified diver. I'm sure Lana kicked herself when she realized what she did. Who knows though, maybe I can get her to take the classes with me.

Time to get moving I guess. Seven days left and I've got a lot of work to do. The timer starts tonight. :)

Wish me luck!

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