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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A Triggered Memory

It's three o'clock in the morning and I'm wide awake. That damn movie is going to bug me all night for a number of reasons. Overall it wasn't really a great movie, but it does get one thinking though about Things. I'm sorry, I pulled a Lana. I just watched The Day After Tomorrow (no relation to the Heinlein novel).

It's odd how something you totally forgot about can be brought back so vividly by something simple as sound or smell stimulation. The scene I'm talking about is the one where the Donnie Darko kid is on the plane and it starts to shudder in the turbulence. Once the plane started to plummet, I remembered the dream I had a few months back in fresh detail. The memory was so vivid I felt like I was choking for a second. It wasn't a real memory but the dreams I remember are always as close to real memories as one can get.

In the dream Lana and I were on a plane going somewhere. I don't know where but I know we were both pretty excited about it, at least some of the time. Like all freaky dreams though, Lana wasn't always Lana, we weren't always happy about where we were going. It was a late flight. Sometimes my mom was on the plane, sometimes I was alone. Then the plane would start to fucking SHUTTER. No pilot over the speaker (because he's panicking in front of the control panel thinking about his family not the plane), no flight attendants to calm you (because their to the rear of the plane praying), just that sound of metal being torn and the wind smashing into the plane. I feel my stomach lurch like it does on a roller coaster diving down but the feeling doesn't go away. I can taste bile in my mouth. In the dream I remember trying to yell and tell Lana how much I love her. She tries to talk to me but I can't hear her. Sometimes it's my mom who just glowers at me. In the dream I have no idea where Marcel is but I know he's not with us. The plane starts to tear apart and we begin to rattle through the sky and all I can think about is that I'm hurtling in the dark into a deeper darkness. Then I woke up.

Wow, I feel better after getting that out. Funny thing is I've never hated flying. I can't say I've ever enjoyed but I've never had a fear of flying. I had completely forgotten about that damn dream - until that scene. Damn movie. I'll be thinking about it all night now.

The rest of the movie was okay I guess. The special effects were impressive and I enjoyed them. While the special effects were crucial to the story, the story wasn't really about the storms. I won't get into what I thought the movie was about due to the hour. An altogether good movie despite plot problems. I'd like to watch it again during the day.

What kind nerds burn the books instead of the dozens upon dozens of solid wood tables, chairs and bookshelves??? Wood burns hotter and for a lot longer. I'm sure it was just because the director thought it would be more "symbolic" if the books (the past) we're burned in order to survive. Stupid. Anyway. I'm off to watch another movie. Maybe another movie will get this song out of my head too. Peter, Paul and Mary's Lemon Tree. Have you ever really listened to the words of the song??? I've been hearing the words to the song all day in my head. I woke up with the chorus tune in my head and decided to listen to the words. Problem is I really like the song but I've never really paid too much attention to the words. Impossible to eat. The little phrase brings to mind a lot of very visually visceral images for me. It brings to mind another dream I had...

Maybe another night. That one is a bit too much for even me right now. Sweet dreams.

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