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Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Under Pressure

It's been a particularly busy day. It started as just a quick trip to the post office and ended with me just getting home. I got there about fifteen minutes until closing, as the ladies at the post office expect now. Then the eye clinic from Sam's called to let me know my contacts were in. I was pretty excited so I went to go get them straight from the post office. I couldn't wait to put them in and wore them out of the eye clinic. They took a few minutes getting used to as the Wild Eyes White Out is slightly perceivable in my peripheral vision and was a little distracting at first. I love wearing contacts. No glasses slipping off my face, no sore nose bridge, no readjusting bent frames, I can horse play with Marcel without warning, etc. I can go on and on. Lana's still not sure about them. She's been doing the Becka thing to me when I look at her too long. Her hands go up over her eyes in the universal Don't-Look-At-Me. Marcel digs em though.

Afterwards I figured it was time to seriously hunt for the missing adapter to my Python hose. I found it at Petsmart as well as the twenty-foot extender. After looking real good at the thing (and the twenty dollar price tag) I talked myself out of it figuring I could build my own extender from parts bought at Lowe's for a lot cheaper. I found all the parts cheaper at Lowe's but I figured I'd save myself a few more bucks and just get the double nipple rather than the pressurized hose connecter. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Needless to say, I ended up with a big mess of fresh water all over the kitchen floor. It could have been worse, like dirty tank water on the carpet so I shouldn't complain too much plus I have only myself to blame. Tomorrow I'll take exchange the double nipple for the pressurized hose connecter. At least my tank is on the long road to recovery. It's been nearly two months since I last did a water change.

Costumes? Not much progress lately. Tonight I'm going to finish my Fiberglas dummy. Tonight I will finish my Fiberglas dummy. That was for my benefit, not yours. So much left to do, but I'm trying to not stress about it. Halloween is about having fun not worrying about a deadline. I'll get em done before. I work good under pressure. Too bad my homemade Python extension doesn't.

On a side note, I took the helicopter fan outa my computer case. I had to rig my old fan to the port plug but I got it in there without any trouble. Lana did much rejoicing despite my dirty looks. Hell, I have to admit it was pretty freaking loud and was a bit annoying. Still, she didn't have to do a little dance. Smart ass.

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