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Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Crazy Monday

Lice suck. Literally and figuratively. One of the kids came home with them and it's been a torrent of activity all day. After everyone's heads had been checked, I commenced to cleaning Marcel's room and our bedroom. All his sheets and clothes were trashbaged and the air pushed out. Then I moved downstairs and did the same to my bedroom and sprayed both rooms with lice killer. Nevermind I've been doing laundry today. I hate lice. ick.

The good thing is no one had them other than the one kiddo, and I'd rather error on the side of caution than be a little lax and have them over and over again down the road. With eight people in the house it would be a living nightmare. I love animals and all but bugs like that just make me itch all over. Hell, I can't stop scratching just thinking about the little fuckers.

Speaking of animals, I think I might be inheriting a cat. Yup, add a cat to the list of pets in my house. Well, I shouldn't say that just yet. It's not official yet. Turns out Juice the Cat needs a new home. Juice, the name Oscar gave the cat, bit Cory and now he needs a new home. Oscar told me when he first gave me the cat that if Cory changed his mind, he wanted it back. Afterall, he crossed a Houston freeway for the animal. I think I might be a little attached to an animal I risked my life for too. Well, in the short time we had the cat, Lana decided she wanted the cat. Her "office cat" as she put it. So if Oscar has changed his mind since then about wanting the cat back, we'll be the proud owners of Juice the Cat, Sally the lab, A 120 gallon fish tank, and a turtle plus the two dogs Johnny and Dosha have. It's going to get a lot more interesting around here I think. I wonder which dog will be the first to get fucked up by the cat. Add the fact that this one obviously has some attitude and I foresee hours of amusement. I hope he's not a tree climber. We were planning on buying new ornaments for the Christmas tree this year.

Hopefully we'll get our tree up tomorrow but with us it's best to not make solid plans. ;)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

A Quiet Night

It's been a bit chilly out and I'm trying to find my numb fingers on the keyboard. I like the chilly weather but it's cold in the house too. I think it's probably time to kick the heaters on. I've been trying to not spend as much time on the computer as I have the past week or so. If I get on Half Life 2 I know I'll just waste hours and hours away trying to make it to the next good save point. It's been a pretty relaxing Saturday even if I've got nothing really accomplished today.

Thanksgiving has come and gone already. Christmas is right around the corner but it feels so far away. We're going to try and get our Christmas tree up sometime this week I think. We were actually feeling pretty motivated on Thanksgiving but no one was open to sell us a tree. Go figure. We ended up just eating out at the Black Eyed Pea. My brother invited us to Thanksgiving but Lana and I slept in waaaay to late to make it. I feel bad about it but I was so wasted that day. It wasn't a bad Thanksgiving though. We had a quiet meal, just the three of us.

I'm going to actually get some more notes done on my game so I'll sign off for now. Maybe I'll feel more in the writing mode once I start writing more. Funny how that works...

Monday, November 22, 2004


I just hadn't felt the need to post lately. About half of it falls under the category of Noneya and the rest just plain laziness. I shouldn't say laziness but more of higher priorities. Lana's computer died (motherboard), I upgraded my hard drive (had a bitch of a time getting XP installed until Johnny stepped in to help), and I've been busy editing my GURPS game scenario. Nevermind the fact that I spent roughly three days pounding away on my keyboard constructing a new droid from the GURPS Robots book for our Star Wars game. The GURPS scenerio is finally done I think. I hope...

Over four months ago I submitted a game scenerio to Steve Jackson Games to be used by their Rep group that I'm a part of. I watched other game submissions get posted, one after the other, that were submitted after my game. Yeah, I was getting way frustrated but I tried to levy that with the fact that they do this on a volunteer basis just like me. After my demo going through four different editors, someone finally edited it and sent it back to me. I'm hoping it will actually be posted now before next year. That will mean five more points to spend on some new GURPS books.

After digging out those old documents on my hard drive I was reminded how much I enjoy writing fiction. I honestly don't know if I'm any good and not sure if I want to know, but I enjoy it. I think it's time to break out the old story note pad. I've got the itch and it's always best to scratch it when it's hot under the skin. Plus I really want to get my post apoch game going.

I should probably get off here. I've spent way too much time in front of the computer the past week.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I Have the Power!!

My computer seems to be running fine now and I got a new power supply and video card!! I kidnapped Micah and twisted his arm into helping me shop for a new video card at Fry's. I really like going to Fry's. It's the same way with Office Depot or the school supplies isles in Walmart. It just appeals to that part of me that relishes in well organized rows, neatly stacked things, and color coded systems. Plus their holding my tv. I can't seem to ever get out of there without at least saying hi to it. It's a 61" flat panel plasma widescreen but for 20 grand they can hold it for me a little longer. Like when I hit the lottery.

So I've got this new video card in my computer now and I find myself wasting away hours at a time now playing Star Wars Galaxies. I cut myself off earlier today and chilled with Marcel some. He hasn't been feeling very good today or yesterday. I hate seeing him sick. Even though I know he'll probably never be sick like that again, I always have to choke down that little rising bubble of panics whenever he runs a fever. The fever has been easily controlled with meds but I still feel uneasy whenever I see him so worn out. I'm sure it's just a cold or something and I'm sure he'll have plenty more later but I doubt that panics feeling well ever go away completely.

Other than that, not a lot has been going on around here. It's been a quiet past few days even with extra peps in the house. I'm just about to knock out Califia's Daughters, probably sometime tonight. I'm pretty eager to see what happens in the end. I think I'm ready to start writing a few short stories for my post apocalyptic GURPS game too. I've decided that rather than base it off of the Mad Max world, I'm going to rewrite it and make it my own. There's no end to the post apocalyptic stories out there to draw inspiration from (and outright steal from!) and I'm getting pretty hyped about the world that's been forming in my head. It's Thursday already and I was thinking of starting it probably on Saturday but it really depends on if I get around to those short stories and notes.

Well, were getting ready to head off to the Movie Trading Company. Greg the Bunny is out on DVD now and I plan on picking it up. It was such a cool show and I hated to see it cancelled. There's only thirteen episodes so I'll have to ration out each one. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Tivo Rocks!!

Last night, while writing this blog, my case made a rather loud pop sound and my computer died. Luckily, I save as I go. I dissected it immediately and took apart the power supply. My power supply fried. Luckily, Johnny has a spare I'm running on until I run out to Fry's tonight. So, without further ado, the blog that killed my power supply.

I still haven't done the bathroom plumbing. I think I kinda ran out of steam after I finished the kitchen sink plumbing. I'll get to it eventually, but I've been pretty busy playing with my new Directv Tivo system. No one else seems to love it as much as me. I've already got my mega remote (Sony RM-AV3100) reprogrammed for the Tivo plus got it setup to record Law and Order (both shows), CSI (both), Teen Titans, and NYPD Blue. I will no longer be held captive to the tv during the morning and evenings! I will watch TV when I want! I stayed up way too long last night waiting for Lana to come home. I ended up watching Heavy Metal and Ghoulies from the comfort of my own bed with a book in hand. I read during the commercials. The truth of the matter is I was really just enjoying having satellite in my bedroom more so than waiting up for Lana. It's the small guilty pleasures that amuse me the most.

I did feel sorry for the guy hooking up the DirecTv though. His boss told him it was a quick job and that he could take the rest of the day off afterward. It was four thirty when he started and he didn't leave until after six. Never mind he almost fell off the roof when he scared the piss out of me, quiet literally. Let me explain. Our upstairs bathroom doesn't have curtains. It's one of the many things we've been putting off. There I was, dick in hand, when the DirecTv guy walks by on the roof, installing cable in one of the upstairs bedrooms. He does a double take, then rushes away from the window rather quickly. I almost got my shoes. I suppose falling off a roof would have been far worse but I was still a little upset over the whole thing. I'm picking up blinds later today from Walmart.

I'm almost finished reading Califia's Daughters and I'm trying to pace myself for the ending. It's getting pretty good and I hate to see a good book end too quickly. I'm itching to start Blade of Tyshalle but I also got a few books I borrowed from Anthony I'm pretty eager to read. I'm pretty deep in the queued books sitting on my shelf but it's been that way for years now. I buy books knowing I'll eventually get around to them. Having my books out made all the difference in the world. They've been in boxes for years now, every since we moved from Fort Campbell. I love just going to see my books, opening them, reading a few pages remembering flashes of a good story and moving on to another. If books were food, I'd be the fattest fuck in my height division.

I feel like I hadn't seen Lana much this week. Between me working on the house a lot, Lana being on the phone and doing parties, the only time we've had with each other is in the early morning hours half dead watching a movie while we catch up. So today we were a little bad and went to Papa's, had an excellent meal (steak and lobster!), then gorged on a trip to Barnes and Nobles. I was planning on uploading the Halloween pictures tonight but I'll have to put it off until tomorrow morning. Alton came by the other day to visit for a bit and drop off the pictures from their camera. I'll post them after I've looked over them. ;)

Anyway. I got laundry to fold and put away plus an episode of Law and Order waiting on Tivo. Gawd, I can see how this Tivo thing can get outta hand if I'm not careful. I might actually keep up on the laundry...

Friday, November 5, 2004

Plumbing Projects

Today I'll go to the hardware store again. I always need just "one more part" to complete whatever it is I'm doing. I took the old kitchen faucet off last night and put the new one one. The old copper tubing was so old on it though I had to replace it. I hadn't planned on replacing it so I had Lana pick up the new hoses since she was out running around with Dosha. When they got back I put the new hose on only to see that the shutoff valve is a flanged connection and the hose wasn't. To make matters worse, I leaned too hard on the sink drain and broke it while attaching the hoses to the new faucet. Yeah, I was having quite the day yesterday. So it's new hoses (flanged connection) and a new pvc for the sink drain. Then I'll tackle installing the new shower faucet in the bathroom.

I won't be going to Lowes though. I've been in there about four times in the past few days and the girl that works in plumbing is no longer subtle. Yeah, it was fun the first few times but subtly went out the window this last time. Innuendos about "fitting pipes", "getting it in the hole", suggestive hands, etc. Maybe it's just that I like to be the flirter and she's a little too aggressive than I'm used to. Yeah, right. I'm married to, "Why aren't you naked yet?" All I know is that my face was on fire by the time I left the plumbing section. I don't think I've been that embarrassed in public in a while. I wonder if Ace Hardware will have everything I need...

I can't believe it's Friday already. I'm supposed to be going to Anthony's today, plus I want to take Marcel to see The Incredibles. Now that I think about it, I probably won't get around to the bathroom shower. I guess I better get moving. It's a beautiful day outside and I wanna get out a little. I do have a twenty percent off coupon for Waldenbooks in my pocket that I've been waiting to use.

Halloween pictures will be posted when I hear back from Gina. I still need to work on my projects page too sometime soon. Hell, the garage still looks like a bomb went off down there.

I'll get around to it eventually but probably not while I have other things to do like breaking in new toys. Lana picked up a Liberator shape last night while at Euros. It came with a blindfold, a carrier, and restraining straps. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2004

The Handy Man

I woke up today and just couldn't seem to sit still. It's been like that all day. I don't really know what the deal is but I just felt like doing something. I ran to the post office, barely making it as is expected by the ladies there now, then went to the bank to drop off a deposit. I was still feeling pretty restless and figured I'd go and pick up a new garbage disposal to install since ours in the house was locked into place from rust. Well, somewhere in time I spend wandering the isles of Lowes I decided I'd move the fridge to the house rather than in the garage. The complication was I would have to find the right size water shutoff valve for the pipe on the wall where the fridge should go. Like any man, I was feeling pretty damn good and figured I could make a good guess. That is, until I saw how many sizes there were. I gave in after a while and called Lana to see if she could tell me the measurement on the end cap. No luck. After walking the plumbing isle a few more dozen times the lady there finally asked if I needed help. In five minutes I had the right shutoff valve and hose. I'm sure I would have figured it out eventually.

The adventures began when I finished installing the garbage disposal. It wouldn't turn on. I switched out the switch, thinking it was bad, I uninstalled the disposal, then decided to check the wiring job I was so confident I did right. After rewiring, it worked fine. Laugh, go ahead, but it works fine now. The fridge adventure went pretty good other than trying to move it into the house with the food still in it. The garage is going to smell like salsa and pickles for a while I think.

Oh, the toilet in my bathroom can't be used until tomorrow. Yeah, I decided to re-anchor the toilet too while I was at it. Every time anyone sits down or stands up the reservoir tank hits the wall loudly and everyone in the living room hears it. I grinded the rusted bolts off, burned a small spot in the carpet from the hot bolt (who the hell puts carpet in a bathroom???), shut off the water and drained the toilet. I put the new bolts on but in my excitement at the hardware store to "be productive" I forgot the wax seal. Lana's not too happy about the toilet thing but I think the garbage disposal and fridge made up for it. Plus I promised to finish installing the kitchen water sprayer tomorrow.

The best part of doing little projects around the house is the feeling of accomplishment when the job is done. It's always a bonus when they come out right and everything works too. ;)

I've had a good day. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Election Day

I woke up pretty damn early today, for me anyway. It was around 930am when I finally gave up on trying to sleep. The dogs were howling from their kennels and refused to be ignored. For the first thirty minutes I had this nagging feeling I needed to be somewhere today. Then it hit me what it was; Election Day. Keep in mind I haven't been keeping up with politics at all. That still didn't get rid of the feeling that I had to vote despite the fact that I knew little to nothing on where the candidates stood.

So I got showered, got dressed, and hit the web. I don't know how many sites I hit but I know I read for a couple hours straight. My eyes weren't seeing straight by the time I walked away to digest what I had read on the candidates. Yeah, probably not enough to truly make a well informed decision but I think sometimes it's better to make a hurried decision then not make one at all. I called my dad for his opinion on the way to my old high school and drove around a bit chewing it all over in my head.

I honestly believe that it's a privilege to be able to have such an influence over our government and that to not vote would be insulting to those who have defended our rights to do so. I didn't vote last presidential election and made excuses for my laziness. I was still in the Army at the time and figured, "Hey, I've done more than most to serve my country. I'm a soldier." Looking back now, I had even more reason to vote. After all, the president isn't just a political figurehead to a soldier; he's chain of command. So I voted today and I feel pretty good about my vote even if it was a decision made quickly.

It looks like Bush is taking home the prize again. I can't really say if I'm happy or not about it. The only reason I say that is I jumped into the whole thing a little too late to make a well informed decision. I feel a little bad about it, but it won't happen next time. I think I surprised my dad when I called him. I'm not sure if it was the fact I was calling him before 10am or that I was asking his opinion on politics. It's been a long time since I really paid any attention to politics and he's well aware of it. My dad took me to cast my first vote. I remember the day well because I was so enthused to be voting. I was exercising my right as an American. I knew it was a big deal to my dad to take his son to cast his first vote and I was proud to be able to. Illegal aliens and immigrants know what it is to be an American more than most Americans do I think.

Anyway. Next voting day, I plan on casting my vote with the confidence that I made a well informed decision. No more slacking on something as important as this again.

Monday, November 1, 2004

A Productive Monday

I tried relaxing today, I did. I wanted to just relax today and recoup from a majorly frantic weekend. We ended up roleplaying on Sunday night late into the early morning hours. I was more than eager to jump into my warm bed by the time everyone went home. It was a great ending to a rather busy, but nice, weekend. :P

So I slept in today and planned on doing nothing more energetic other than taking out the trash. I woke up rather motivated much to my own disapproval. I ended up cleaning a bit around the house and got all the laundry caught up. I watched a few episodes of Law and Order as well NYPD Blue, got all the laundry put away, plus I read some. I even cleaned the kitchen some and picked up the living room. It's been a rather productive day despite my plans to be lazy today.

I think it's the rain. I love the rain. It's so hypnotically calming but invigorating at the same time. If I had it my way, I'd open all the windows when it rains and the doors. Unfortunately the doors don't have screen doors and Lana might object to it. I love the smell of rain, the droning sound of it coming down, the cool air, and the low rumble of distant thunder. It's been raining all day and I love it.

I still hadn't cleaned the garage/shop yet though. I wasn't feeling that motivated. It looks like a bomb went off in there. Fiberglas, plaster, clay, sheets of foam, dust, paint, bondo, fabric scraps, etc. It's a mess, trust me. I guess tomorrow I'll start cleaning it. I'm sure it'll be a two day thing, at least.

Well, it's getting a little late and I'd like to read some more and watch Dawn of the Dead before I go to bed. That movie just rocks. I wish they played movies longer in the theatres like they used to. I bought the movie the day it came out on DVD but I just hadn't had the time to sit down and enjoy it. Hell, it's still in the shrink wrap. I really enjoyed it at the movies and have been waiting for the right time to curl up on the couch and watch it with no distractions. I think it's tonight. The low drone of rain, a good horror flick on the tv with the lights out and big bowl of buttery popcorn. ;)

'Night all.