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Thursday, November 4, 2004

The Handy Man

I woke up today and just couldn't seem to sit still. It's been like that all day. I don't really know what the deal is but I just felt like doing something. I ran to the post office, barely making it as is expected by the ladies there now, then went to the bank to drop off a deposit. I was still feeling pretty restless and figured I'd go and pick up a new garbage disposal to install since ours in the house was locked into place from rust. Well, somewhere in time I spend wandering the isles of Lowes I decided I'd move the fridge to the house rather than in the garage. The complication was I would have to find the right size water shutoff valve for the pipe on the wall where the fridge should go. Like any man, I was feeling pretty damn good and figured I could make a good guess. That is, until I saw how many sizes there were. I gave in after a while and called Lana to see if she could tell me the measurement on the end cap. No luck. After walking the plumbing isle a few more dozen times the lady there finally asked if I needed help. In five minutes I had the right shutoff valve and hose. I'm sure I would have figured it out eventually.

The adventures began when I finished installing the garbage disposal. It wouldn't turn on. I switched out the switch, thinking it was bad, I uninstalled the disposal, then decided to check the wiring job I was so confident I did right. After rewiring, it worked fine. Laugh, go ahead, but it works fine now. The fridge adventure went pretty good other than trying to move it into the house with the food still in it. The garage is going to smell like salsa and pickles for a while I think.

Oh, the toilet in my bathroom can't be used until tomorrow. Yeah, I decided to re-anchor the toilet too while I was at it. Every time anyone sits down or stands up the reservoir tank hits the wall loudly and everyone in the living room hears it. I grinded the rusted bolts off, burned a small spot in the carpet from the hot bolt (who the hell puts carpet in a bathroom???), shut off the water and drained the toilet. I put the new bolts on but in my excitement at the hardware store to "be productive" I forgot the wax seal. Lana's not too happy about the toilet thing but I think the garbage disposal and fridge made up for it. Plus I promised to finish installing the kitchen water sprayer tomorrow.

The best part of doing little projects around the house is the feeling of accomplishment when the job is done. It's always a bonus when they come out right and everything works too. ;)

I've had a good day. :)

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