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Thursday, November 11, 2004

I Have the Power!!

My computer seems to be running fine now and I got a new power supply and video card!! I kidnapped Micah and twisted his arm into helping me shop for a new video card at Fry's. I really like going to Fry's. It's the same way with Office Depot or the school supplies isles in Walmart. It just appeals to that part of me that relishes in well organized rows, neatly stacked things, and color coded systems. Plus their holding my tv. I can't seem to ever get out of there without at least saying hi to it. It's a 61" flat panel plasma widescreen but for 20 grand they can hold it for me a little longer. Like when I hit the lottery.

So I've got this new video card in my computer now and I find myself wasting away hours at a time now playing Star Wars Galaxies. I cut myself off earlier today and chilled with Marcel some. He hasn't been feeling very good today or yesterday. I hate seeing him sick. Even though I know he'll probably never be sick like that again, I always have to choke down that little rising bubble of panics whenever he runs a fever. The fever has been easily controlled with meds but I still feel uneasy whenever I see him so worn out. I'm sure it's just a cold or something and I'm sure he'll have plenty more later but I doubt that panics feeling well ever go away completely.

Other than that, not a lot has been going on around here. It's been a quiet past few days even with extra peps in the house. I'm just about to knock out Califia's Daughters, probably sometime tonight. I'm pretty eager to see what happens in the end. I think I'm ready to start writing a few short stories for my post apocalyptic GURPS game too. I've decided that rather than base it off of the Mad Max world, I'm going to rewrite it and make it my own. There's no end to the post apocalyptic stories out there to draw inspiration from (and outright steal from!) and I'm getting pretty hyped about the world that's been forming in my head. It's Thursday already and I was thinking of starting it probably on Saturday but it really depends on if I get around to those short stories and notes.

Well, were getting ready to head off to the Movie Trading Company. Greg the Bunny is out on DVD now and I plan on picking it up. It was such a cool show and I hated to see it cancelled. There's only thirteen episodes so I'll have to ration out each one. :)

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