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Sunday, November 7, 2004

Tivo Rocks!!

Last night, while writing this blog, my case made a rather loud pop sound and my computer died. Luckily, I save as I go. I dissected it immediately and took apart the power supply. My power supply fried. Luckily, Johnny has a spare I'm running on until I run out to Fry's tonight. So, without further ado, the blog that killed my power supply.

I still haven't done the bathroom plumbing. I think I kinda ran out of steam after I finished the kitchen sink plumbing. I'll get to it eventually, but I've been pretty busy playing with my new Directv Tivo system. No one else seems to love it as much as me. I've already got my mega remote (Sony RM-AV3100) reprogrammed for the Tivo plus got it setup to record Law and Order (both shows), CSI (both), Teen Titans, and NYPD Blue. I will no longer be held captive to the tv during the morning and evenings! I will watch TV when I want! I stayed up way too long last night waiting for Lana to come home. I ended up watching Heavy Metal and Ghoulies from the comfort of my own bed with a book in hand. I read during the commercials. The truth of the matter is I was really just enjoying having satellite in my bedroom more so than waiting up for Lana. It's the small guilty pleasures that amuse me the most.

I did feel sorry for the guy hooking up the DirecTv though. His boss told him it was a quick job and that he could take the rest of the day off afterward. It was four thirty when he started and he didn't leave until after six. Never mind he almost fell off the roof when he scared the piss out of me, quiet literally. Let me explain. Our upstairs bathroom doesn't have curtains. It's one of the many things we've been putting off. There I was, dick in hand, when the DirecTv guy walks by on the roof, installing cable in one of the upstairs bedrooms. He does a double take, then rushes away from the window rather quickly. I almost got my shoes. I suppose falling off a roof would have been far worse but I was still a little upset over the whole thing. I'm picking up blinds later today from Walmart.

I'm almost finished reading Califia's Daughters and I'm trying to pace myself for the ending. It's getting pretty good and I hate to see a good book end too quickly. I'm itching to start Blade of Tyshalle but I also got a few books I borrowed from Anthony I'm pretty eager to read. I'm pretty deep in the queued books sitting on my shelf but it's been that way for years now. I buy books knowing I'll eventually get around to them. Having my books out made all the difference in the world. They've been in boxes for years now, every since we moved from Fort Campbell. I love just going to see my books, opening them, reading a few pages remembering flashes of a good story and moving on to another. If books were food, I'd be the fattest fuck in my height division.

I feel like I hadn't seen Lana much this week. Between me working on the house a lot, Lana being on the phone and doing parties, the only time we've had with each other is in the early morning hours half dead watching a movie while we catch up. So today we were a little bad and went to Papa's, had an excellent meal (steak and lobster!), then gorged on a trip to Barnes and Nobles. I was planning on uploading the Halloween pictures tonight but I'll have to put it off until tomorrow morning. Alton came by the other day to visit for a bit and drop off the pictures from their camera. I'll post them after I've looked over them. ;)

Anyway. I got laundry to fold and put away plus an episode of Law and Order waiting on Tivo. Gawd, I can see how this Tivo thing can get outta hand if I'm not careful. I might actually keep up on the laundry...

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