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Friday, December 3, 2004

Another Baby Tooth!

My baby lost another tooth yesterday. It was sort of my fault but I swear I didn't pull it. We were goofing off after we decorated the Christmas tree and we got rough. His first two teeth I pulled but only because Marcel refused to touch them and his adult teeth were coming in crooked. When he realized his teeth were a valuable commodity he asked me daily to pull them. Thanks to Charlie, Laura's hubby, each tooth is worth ten dollars. My tooth fairy left a dollar or two. I guess the market for teeth has gone up since I was a kid. Marcel decided he's going to hold on to his tooth and wait for more to fall out so he'll have more money. It's funny how your kids will do something in particular that just reminds you of yourself so much when you were the same age. The way they play, something they say, or just a facial expression.

Last night we finished decorating the tree. The bulbs need a little rearranging (all the kids decorated) but not much. I'm thinking of starting a fire in the fireplace tonight but I might wait for a quiet night when we can keep a closer eye on the kids. We're probably going to be roleplaying tonight and I'm not to wild about the kids in the living room with a fire. There's already been one fire made upstairs on my carpet by the kiddos. Tonight there will be anywhere from seven to nine kids running around my house. It gets pretty wild on roleplaying nights to say the least. Since it is a roleplaying night I should probably be doing other things rather than being on here.

I'm hoping to watch a few episodes of Law and Order on my Tivo but Don's been on a Stargate Marathon on my TV for the past two days. I think he can go without for a few hours while I get my fix and fold some laundry. I should eat some food too sometime today...

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