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Sunday, December 19, 2004

A Birthday Surprise

Another birthday bites the dust. I'm twenty three for the fifth time. ;)

Turns out my woman decided to have friends over but was having a hard time getting me out the house to prepare. I wasn't in an "outside" type of mood and just wanted to bump around the house so I ignored my cell phone other than my dad and brother. I was planning on a nice quiet evening and Lana surprised me by letting the cat out of the bag that she had a little party planned for me. I'm surprised she managed to keep it in the bag as long as she did.

It was a pleasant surprise and I had waaaay more to drink than I should have. The last time I got that drunk I ended up with bald legs, an I.V. line in my living room, and the worst hangover ever. Gina saved me from a roaring hangover this time I think. Every time I reached for a drink she'd had me a glass of water. Some sober part of me knew I needed to drink water and try to sober up but the other part of me was roving for another shot. Once I stopped drinking it was a battle to stay awake. I vaguely remember talking to Abbey on the phone but I have no idea what I said. The last thing I really remember was being tucked into bed by Abbey. There are other flashes of memories I'm beginning to remember but that's not for here. I slept like a rock until my stomach revolted around six. I'll spare all of you the details but by noon I was feeling human and happy.

All in all, I had a great time and I'm grateful to have such great friends. None of them wrote on me, painted on me or took compromising pictures of me while I was passed out. It's nice to have a circle of friends you can get wasted around without worry.

Meanwhile, not a lot has been going on other than Lana and me devouring season one of Carnivale. My brother called dibs on it as soon as he saw it since he was as addicted to it as we were. Season two is supposed to start in ninth of January.

I'm hoping to get in bed early tonight being that I have Christmas shopping to jump on still. I hate fighting the malls, traffic and customer service, but then I did wait until the very last minute yet again.

I think I'll read and call it. :)


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