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Monday, December 27, 2004

A Super Christmas

Another Christmas gone. This was probably our best Christmas and not just financially speaking. We're in a good place in a lot of ways. Marcel had a great Christmas I think and so did I. I finally found out what that big thing lurking under the tree with my name on it was. The package was so huge Lana had to lean it against one of my bookshelves in fear it would knock over the Christmas tree. I tried messing with it once but decided it was too damn heavy. Turns out my baby got me a Super Lovesac!! I've been wanting one every since I first heard about the company but never could muster up the nerve to pop down the money for it. It's so comfy. I go comatose in it if I stay in it too long. I've tried watching a few movies in it but can't help but drift off everytime.

I had no idea what to get Lana this year. I drove out to the mall on a mission, determined to get something for her that just said BUY ME FOR LANA. After an hour of wandering with no inspiration, I reset my determination and made another lap. An hour later desperation was creeping in. I decided to call in the calvary. When she picked up the phone she said something to the effect, "I know why you're calling and I haven't a clue what to get her either. You're on your own." Thanks Kelly. So I began wondering the department stores. That's pretty much when I remembered she had been wanting a leather coat. I threw in a nice pair of diamond earrings to boot. She's so damn hard to shop for. I don't think I did any harm and that's always good. I really wanted to wow her with something but what I found was waay out of budget range. Maybe next year. ;)

Marcel got the usual slew of action figures (this year it's Star Wars), bionicles, r/c stuff, plus a Robosapian. While not an incredibly impressive toy for an adult considering how much Santa paid for it, it entertains the kids for hours since it burps, farts, and wolf whistles on command. Hey, he dances too.

To top it all off, it snowed on Christmas. Not the great white fallouts Mike and me grew up knowing, but it did bring back some really great memories. Mike called me that day to tell me he had snow on his lawn. We talked about the snow fights we had, the snow forts and the fun we had just playing together. Hell, we've played in a blizzard once. Our mom drove up, yanked us out of the four feet deep snow by our necks threatening our lives as she threw us in the back of the car and rushed us home to hot cocoa and warm blankets. We didn't see her until she was literally right on top of us it was snowing so bad. I've really got to crawl up in my dad's attic and pull down our old toys. I'm willing to bet our old snow suits and sleds are buried up there with who knows how many other memories. One of these days one of us is going to get the nerve up for that climb.

Man, I miss having my dad around for Christmas but I'm happy for him. This year Lana had her family over for Christmas Eve dinner. I invited my brother over too but he and Xiomaria have been under the weather the past week. I still have presents for his kiddos since they didn't make in on Christmas. Maybe they'll make it next year. Anyway. I probably ought to get off here. I promised Marcel we'd go to the park last night and fly his new r/c plane he got from Santa. It came with instructions, five extra props, and glue for repairing broken wings. If only everything in life did right? A trip to radio shack first though. Unfortunately, it didn't come with an extra antennae. Marcel told me under a fit of tears that one of the kids broke it and he'd have to throw it away. It was one of those I'm-An-Adult moments and I relished it. It's not everyday you can save the day. :)

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