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Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!!

I'm sitting in the comfort of my living room, sprawled out in my lovesac, blogging on my big screen. How cool is that? It's a little weird though since I have to type it out in word at two hundred percent so I can read as I type. Man, I love having my tv system networked. I keep finding myself looking over my shoulder to see if anyone is reading, and then I have to remind myself what I’m doing. Seems silly doesn't it? I can't help it though, I hate having someone reading over my shoulder. No matter what I'm writing, I always feel more comfortable doing it in private.

I did finally get around to uploading the Disney World pictures today. I'm still uploading as I type, from my computer in Lana's office (gotta love remote desktop control). I didn't realize how many photos I took until I was trying to decide which ones to put in the photo album. I told my dad about it and he just laughed. I immediately knew what he was laughing about. He'd go through two or three rolls of film in just one day at the beach when we were kids. I called him earlier to wish him happy birthday. Seems so weird him not being ten minutes away. He's doing good though and I’m happy he's happy.

I can't believe he’s already forty five. He was telling me how he could never get his head around the idea of being forty five. Here it is though.

I think I'm going to start running in the morning. It might start off as just a stroll and end with me panting at my front door, but its start. After running around the pond the other day chasing a few friends with a paintball gun, I realized how badly out of shape I've become. Correction: how badly out of shape I've allowed myself to become. I've never been a great runner, but I used to be able to do it without too much trouble, if you don't count the P.T. test. My belt size has gone up a few more inches and I’ve decided that I don't like it. Besides, running in the morning will get me out of bed at a decent hour. Who knows, it might prompt me to start using that weight bench gathering dust in Lana's office. One thing at a time though.

Owlcon is this weekend. I’m ready this year. I’m only running a few games this year. I plan on actually getting some play time as a player this year. Plus I was a bit too lazy to write a few new demos. Besides, next time I hop back in the GM saddle it'll be for my post apocalyptic game.

I think I'm off to the Movie Trading Company right now. Lana wants me to pick up a poker tournament on dvd so she can study it. She's starting to freak me out a little. She's got Marcel playing poker now for "math" she says. It's all good though. I'm gonna see if I can't find Code 46 while I'm there. Later!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Convention in Florida

florida37We're back from Florida now. I didn't participate in any of Lana's convention this year but I really can't say I regret it. At every convention previously, I've helped out where I could and lurked in the background. These women come from all over. Their excited about meeting each other, helping each other, and having a good time. There's moments the energy can be felt in the room. I'll definitely be back be lurking along the back wall next year. This year was special though since it was in Orlando, Florida. Marcel's never been to Disney World so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Marcel and I ended up spending three full days at Disney World jumping from one park to another. We managed to hit all four parks and our legs paid for it. By the third, and last day, of our passes Marcel and I both were dragging around the parks looking for more stuff we hadn't done yet. We called it quits early that day and spent the evening relaxing in the hotel pool. I've never been to Disney World or Disney Land and was just amazed at some of the stuff there. The Indiana Jones show, the 3d A Bug's Life movie, the Star Wars ride, etc. I could go on and on but I'll let the photos do the talking. I'll add the Disney World photo album probably sometime tomorrow. The whole time after an evening of walking around the parks he found the energy to run around the hotel room swinging his Pirate sword he got from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I told him he could only pick two toys over the course of the trip and the sword won out over the Indiana Jones gun. It was a tough choice. The Buzz Lightyear with the Star Command belt was never up for debate. As soon as he jumped off the ride and saw it his jaw dropped and he immediately began speaking in tongues. He gets that from his momma.
We're glad to be home though. As good as road trips are, I love coming home. Hell, I think that's a good chunk of the joy of going on trips. Returning home, curling up with my little guy and Lana on the couch, and just enjoying being home.
Plus my paintball gun was waiting for me. Before we left I shopped around and found a great deal for a Spyder Rodeo. ( Like my cozy living room and warm bed, it was waiting for me when I got home. I can't wait to break it in. There's talk of paintballing this weekend...
I better hop off here for now. I bought Open Water and I want to watch it before it gets too late. I'm pretty sleepy right now, being on a day schedule and all now. Off to watch my movie!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Paintball Warriors We Be

paintball02Out of bed by eight (that's a.m. folks), dressed and ready by eight thirty, and out and running to the paintball field by eleven. For a group that is not known for their promptness, I'd say we did pretty damn good. We pretty much had a full group turnout at paintball zone as you can see in the picture. When the girls first saw the picture first thing out of Lana's mouth was, "Ya'll look so cute. Dressed up like that ya'll don't even look like computer geeks." Yeah, thanks babe.
We had a blast. It's been years since we've hit the paintball field plus for some of us it was a first. I had a rental gun but it was a Spyder XL Extra. The mask the guy handed me smelled like the last guy used it to wipe his ass so I borrowed Derek's extra mask. We walked away bruised, covered in mud, bloodied in some cases, and feeling really good. Something about running around shooting your friends I guess. There's even talk about making a paintball field out on Scott's property. I didn't get too bruised up other than a small one on my arm and few I can feel but not see. Anthony had two break skin when he turned the corner on the castle scenerio and got shoot at close range.
I learned my lesson from an eleven year old about requesting a surrender from someone. I rushed the kid from the rear. He never saw me coming. I felt bad about shooting someone at close range, nevermind he was just a kid, so I yelled surrender. What does he do? He turns around, pops me a few times, then throws his gun up squealing "I surrender!!" So I shot him back. I didn't even feel bad.
After we all got cleaned up, we ended up back at my place and played a some Texas Hold'em. I've never really been into poker but I think it's a good thing. I've realized that poker is a game I could very easily become addicted to. Micah ended up winning the first pot. I was pretty tired by the time the game was over so I crashed. Everyone else though, trooped on to the next game where Kelly won the pot. Lana went out and bought some chips so we could "practice" for next poker night. I have a feeling this could get dangerous with the both of us on the same addiction at the same time. We played some last night with Micah and Kelly. If they didn't come by Lana wanted to watch Rounders again.
I should probably get back to doing laundry. I'm behind, as usual, and we leave for Florida tomorrow! Passion Parties Convention is in Florida this year so we're taking Marcel with us this time. I'm going to miss all of the convention this year but I won't be bored. There's so much to do there! Well, off to pack!

Monday, January 10, 2005

La Carnivale!

I'm about a quarter through Blade of Tyshalle and I only wish I had someone to talk to about it. My gawd, the man can write. The story takes place six years after Heroes Die but Stover picks up the story without missing a beat. I see now I'm going to have to go back and read Heroes Die again. It'll probably have to wait until after I loan it to Anthony since I promised the book to him and Oscar next.

I still need to call Oscar and make double sure he's going paintballing with us on Saturday. Last time I talked to him he said yes, but it has been a few days. During our last conversation he did give me some good news though. Heather's having a baby girl this time. She had her ultrasound the other day and the doctor is pretty sure on it. Looks like Tabs will have a baby sister. Oscar will have two teenage girls at the same time. Man, I'm laughing already. ;)

I should probably go to bed or at least try to. I'll probably play some more Metal Marines and read some before I finally call it a night. Either that or watch the new episode of Carnivale again. It's such an awesome show with so much still left to be revealed. I was right on one thing so far! Turns out the "False Sun" was the atomic bomb like I suspected. I can't wait for the next one. I've already got my Tivo season pass set up. I had to do it twice though.

I found it on HBO, set the Tivo to record it at eight, then let Lana have the tv so she could get her groove on with Donkey Kong Country. So at nine, after I booted Lana and Dosha off the Mame, we all got ready to watch. I started it up to fast forward past the beginning intro. When I hit play I couldn't understand a damn word. It took me a few moments to realize why. I guess I didn't bother to notice that the season pass I got was for the HBO Espanol channel. Lana was more than amused with that, I assure you. So we had to wait until the HBO English channel played it. I found the irony only slightly amusing.

On that note, I'm going to watch Carnivale.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Attic Recon

I've been crawling around the attic for the past few hours. I managed to find both phone lines and traced them throughout the attic to their respective jacks. I even rewired the telephone access box so it's nice and organized now. Tomorrow I'll crawl around some more and start pulling some zip cord. I should probably get a telephone line to the office first. I'm pretty exhausted but I feel good. I may not have actually did much, but the recon crawl was very productive.

I did go by my brother's for a little bit to visit and pick up that letter. He's been getting into poker these days and wanted to know if I had a computer program for Texas Hold 'Em. I told him I'd talk to Tracy about that but I don't have his email address so I'll have to give him a ring.

Since the subject of emails has been brought up... I discovered what's wrong with my Outlook email contacts list. I don't know how or why, but for some reason, my Outlook didn't transfer any of the email addresses with the contact info so now I gotta go back and put them all back in. Needless to say, it won't get done any time soon as I got other things to do besides sitting in front of this monitor. Like playing some more Metal Marines in the living room before going to bed.... ;)

I'm off to take over the world!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2005


I've been feeling a little restless I guess lately. I think it's been coming off as though I'm in a bad mood. I haven't been sleeping well despite staying up to the wee hours of the morning and getting up in the early afternoon. There's a lot to be said about quality sleep. So for the past couple days I've been taking Sally out for a walk to help burn off that extra energy and general uncomfortable feeling of staying still too long. Once the walk is over I still feel the need to do something. I could read (I have a lot to catch up on), I could construct my Warhammer army, or half a dozen other small projects. None of those seem to eliminate the need to DO SOMETHING. So, today I decided to run the network cable to connect Lana's office to the house. I've been putting off doing this for sometime now as everyone around me knows but I finally decided it was time. It's a little over eighty feet from her office to the house through the walkway roof. Johnny helped a lot and even Sean came by and got wrangled into helping out. When Micah showed up he jumped right in without even me asking. I had more help then I could have asked for and didn't even ask. Thanks guys, in case I didn't already say it.

To make a long story short, with all there help we got the cable from her office to the laundry room where the other switch is going to route to the rest of the house. Tomorrow my mission is to buy another box of CAT5 and get a six outlet plate to start running cable to the rooms in the house. It's going to be a busy next few days and for that I'm pretty grateful. It'll give me time chew over some disturbing news I got from my brother today.

He called me on my cell as I was untangling some twine after attempt one to run a pulley through the pvc. He said he got a letter from a cousin of mine who happens to be in jail. I have a pretty expansive extended family and I regrettably don't really make much of an effort to keep in touch with all of them but that's not always a bad thing. Well, to spare you all the details of the letter he seems to think my brother, my dad, and me owe him for all the woes in his life and money would make it all better. Then he brought my mom into it, using emotional trauma to invoke some sense of guilt and duty. Right now I'm just in a whirlwind of emotions. One part of me wants to drive up there and just give him a piece of my mind, to yell, hit, thrash, and ripe skin. Another tells me to just blow it off. Some of the things he said in the letter were pretty ugly things to say and I only heard what my brother was willing to read to me. Tomorrow I'll swing by and pick it up and guess and read the rest for myself. Oh, I forgot to mention that he also asked for a letter of recommendation to his parole board coming up. The nerve.

It did get me thinking about a few other thinks. A lot in my life has changed in the past ten years. I'm thinking of taking a trip to see my mom's parents just to see for myself what kind of people they are now. People can change. I know I have. I guess it's all the fond memories I have of them that makes it hard to write them off completely. They've never met my son. I'd like my son to know about the grandma he'll never meet from someone besides just me and meet his great grandparents at least once.

I'll mull it over some more I think though. If I do go, I'd like Mike to go along with me.

On to a lighter subject. I started reading Blade of Tyshalle today. It's going to be hard to keep myself from devouring it over the course of a few days. His style is so brutally refreshing. I haven't read an author with such an addictive style since Bradbury but it's not fair to compare the two since their so different. They both have that addictive quality to them though. Bradbury is more like a slow sips of warm saki on a cold day and Stover is more like a shot of epinephrine chased down with a fistfull of ecstasy. I'm going to regulate myself to only a few chapters a day otherwise I'll be done with it in a few days and want more.

I've had a busy day and my body is telling me so. A hot shower, take in some Law & Order, and maybe a bowl of ice cream. Ice cream always makes things a little better. Butter Pecan... mmmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

A Dog's Night Out

Oscar came by for a visit. It's been a while since I've seen him. With the holidays, him recently moving, etc. there hasn't been much time for visiting. We sat around catching up a bit around a couple rounds of Mortal Kombat two and three and just vented off a little to each other as is our custom. Lana says we argue like an old couple and at times I can see it. Bitching to each other and at each other has just always been our ritual of greeting. Anyway. He seems pretty excited about the baby on the way and I can't blame him. He finds out what sex his baby will be tomorrow. Hell, I'm pretty excited and it's not even my baby. It was getting late so he took off but not before letting the dogs out of the yard. All of them. At a little past twelve am.

So I just spent the past thirty minutes running up and down the street chasing the damn dogs. Sally, Marcel's lab that he got for his birthday, got bored of watching me run after her and decided she wanted her belly rubbed. Homie, Johnny and Dosha's wiener dog, followed Sally. Bruno, Johnny and Dosha's lab, had other ideas. It's trash day in our neighborhood tomorrow and he was making his rounds. I chased him as far as I could before I lost sight of him then I took the car out driving around the neighborhood. I don't even want to think about all the trash bags he tore into. Lana and Kelly were the ones who found him of course. They were sitting on the front porch curb, having a smoke, probably making fun of me for searching for a black dog in the middle of the night. Bruno apparently got tired/full and came home. So now I'm sweaty, I smell like dog, and I'm pretty tired. I'm not happy with the dogs right now to say the least.

Speaking of sweaty and stinky, Micah's got me pretty hyped about paintballing again. It's been a good bit since I hit the field. I'm hoping I can convince Oscar to go along just so I can shoot him and send him in the fetal position screaming like a little girl. You had to have been there.

I hear the shower and Link calling me to the house so I'm calling it a night.

Oh, like the new settings for the blog? I think I finally got it configured to display right for the most part. I still need to fix a few minor things but I'm happy with it for the most part now.

Well, off to save the princess - again. ;)