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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Convention in Florida

florida37We're back from Florida now. I didn't participate in any of Lana's convention this year but I really can't say I regret it. At every convention previously, I've helped out where I could and lurked in the background. These women come from all over. Their excited about meeting each other, helping each other, and having a good time. There's moments the energy can be felt in the room. I'll definitely be back be lurking along the back wall next year. This year was special though since it was in Orlando, Florida. Marcel's never been to Disney World so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Marcel and I ended up spending three full days at Disney World jumping from one park to another. We managed to hit all four parks and our legs paid for it. By the third, and last day, of our passes Marcel and I both were dragging around the parks looking for more stuff we hadn't done yet. We called it quits early that day and spent the evening relaxing in the hotel pool. I've never been to Disney World or Disney Land and was just amazed at some of the stuff there. The Indiana Jones show, the 3d A Bug's Life movie, the Star Wars ride, etc. I could go on and on but I'll let the photos do the talking. I'll add the Disney World photo album probably sometime tomorrow. The whole time after an evening of walking around the parks he found the energy to run around the hotel room swinging his Pirate sword he got from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I told him he could only pick two toys over the course of the trip and the sword won out over the Indiana Jones gun. It was a tough choice. The Buzz Lightyear with the Star Command belt was never up for debate. As soon as he jumped off the ride and saw it his jaw dropped and he immediately began speaking in tongues. He gets that from his momma.
We're glad to be home though. As good as road trips are, I love coming home. Hell, I think that's a good chunk of the joy of going on trips. Returning home, curling up with my little guy and Lana on the couch, and just enjoying being home.
Plus my paintball gun was waiting for me. Before we left I shopped around and found a great deal for a Spyder Rodeo. ( Like my cozy living room and warm bed, it was waiting for me when I got home. I can't wait to break it in. There's talk of paintballing this weekend...
I better hop off here for now. I bought Open Water and I want to watch it before it gets too late. I'm pretty sleepy right now, being on a day schedule and all now. Off to watch my movie!

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