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Monday, January 17, 2005

Paintball Warriors We Be

paintball02Out of bed by eight (that's a.m. folks), dressed and ready by eight thirty, and out and running to the paintball field by eleven. For a group that is not known for their promptness, I'd say we did pretty damn good. We pretty much had a full group turnout at paintball zone as you can see in the picture. When the girls first saw the picture first thing out of Lana's mouth was, "Ya'll look so cute. Dressed up like that ya'll don't even look like computer geeks." Yeah, thanks babe.
We had a blast. It's been years since we've hit the paintball field plus for some of us it was a first. I had a rental gun but it was a Spyder XL Extra. The mask the guy handed me smelled like the last guy used it to wipe his ass so I borrowed Derek's extra mask. We walked away bruised, covered in mud, bloodied in some cases, and feeling really good. Something about running around shooting your friends I guess. There's even talk about making a paintball field out on Scott's property. I didn't get too bruised up other than a small one on my arm and few I can feel but not see. Anthony had two break skin when he turned the corner on the castle scenerio and got shoot at close range.
I learned my lesson from an eleven year old about requesting a surrender from someone. I rushed the kid from the rear. He never saw me coming. I felt bad about shooting someone at close range, nevermind he was just a kid, so I yelled surrender. What does he do? He turns around, pops me a few times, then throws his gun up squealing "I surrender!!" So I shot him back. I didn't even feel bad.
After we all got cleaned up, we ended up back at my place and played a some Texas Hold'em. I've never really been into poker but I think it's a good thing. I've realized that poker is a game I could very easily become addicted to. Micah ended up winning the first pot. I was pretty tired by the time the game was over so I crashed. Everyone else though, trooped on to the next game where Kelly won the pot. Lana went out and bought some chips so we could "practice" for next poker night. I have a feeling this could get dangerous with the both of us on the same addiction at the same time. We played some last night with Micah and Kelly. If they didn't come by Lana wanted to watch Rounders again.
I should probably get back to doing laundry. I'm behind, as usual, and we leave for Florida tomorrow! Passion Parties Convention is in Florida this year so we're taking Marcel with us this time. I'm going to miss all of the convention this year but I won't be bored. There's so much to do there! Well, off to pack!


  1. Hey came across your site while searching for Houston RPG's.

    I normally don't comment, but I gotta say the picture really disturbs me. Can you say lack of marker safety? Just under half of the poeple in the picture have their barrel socks off. And two idiots (sorry, but that is the only way I can describe them) are pointing their markers at each other with masks up and no barrel socks on! Usually I wouldn't say anything, but, being a ref and experienced player, those types of things really perturb me. Especially as I know the place the pic was taken was outside the play field, so others were endangered as well (yeah, I know, it is a spot away from the main area, but it isn't that far away, and paint flies a good distance). Ranting over.

    What are the surrender rules out at Paintball Zone? Just wondering, because most of the fields I play at surrender is optional. I've bene out there before, but only for a couple of Scenario Games that were run out there several years ago.

    R. Scott "Boss" Roberts
    Captain - Team FUBAR Scenario Paintball Team

  2. Dude, we were posing for a picture, and the two guys pointing their guns at one another, yeah, that was for laughs in the pic. They did it on purpose, we all had a chuckle about it, no lectures please. We know what we were "in danger of" and if it gets your panties in a wad that bad, just think of us as walking on the wild side. We're rebels, I tell ya.

    Seriously, though, I don't take issue with your opinion or the PSA, but calling my friends idiots was uncalled for and make you flame-bait.

  3. I waste him with my cross bow!!!!

    Seriously dude, come get to know us, then call us idiots. Sure, there's some disregard for safety there but where the heck are the ref's when someone's gun is dialed up high enough to draw blood at 20 feet? That's more dangerous to me than a friend who doesn't have his hand on the trigger. This is one of the coolest RPG groups you'll ever meet. Don't screw it up with a premature dis!

  4. The guns were empty at the time actually. It was the end of a good day, we didn't have enough paint for another game so we donated our paint to a kid there with his dad, then dad took our group picture. Yeah, we're well aware that serious injuries can occur but let it be known that we aren't the kind of "idiots" who take stupid risks let alone speak before we know the whole story.
    As for the surrender? I'm not the kind of ass who gets a thrill out of shooting some eleven year old in the back roughly ten feet away. Optional or not, I'm there to have fun so I try to play a fair game whether it's an "optional rule" or not.
    Well, see ya on the paintball field "Boss"! ;)

  5. Okay, maybe using the term idiots was a little too much. I apologize.

    BUT, I am a ref, not a regular one because my schedule doesn't allow it, but one that my field (Paintball USA)calls upon when things get too busy. When I see things like that, I tend to get a tad upset.

    Anonymous, you say you guys play on the wildside? So does my team (and we are all RPG players as well). There is a reason we are called FUBAR, and we live up to that reputation. But we don't play with safety. Alex, you said the markers were empty... cool. It's the one round in the chamber you gotta worry about. Been there, seen that. Hell I did that, but I had a sock on (sucks washing those out).

    I agree there is a problem with markers shooting hot. But that is a problem with the refs. And I won't go into too much detail, but I do not have a very high opinion of the ref staff at Paintball Zone. I worked with them at the scenario games that were held there and they are next to worthless in my opinion. Honestly, if they were worth anything at all, they would have been all over you guys for having your socks off in the parking lot.

    Like I said, idiots is probably too drastic a term, but consider this, with the bad rep that paintball is getting in the media, do pics like that help?

    Okay, rant over, assholiness gone. I apologize if I have offended anyone. If you guys ever come out to a scenario game or Paintball USA ask around for Boss, you'll see I am only 1/4 the self-indulged-holier-than-thou ass that I make myself out to be.

    R. Scott "Boss" Roberts