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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Somewhere between getting over the flu and trying to ignore the pain of a wisdom tooth tearing through my gums, I read the most amazing book. There's not to many books I stockpile just to give away but I think I can now add Replay to that list.
The past few days, maybe even a week I guess, I've been in bit of a funk. Just thinking about all the wrong things at the wrong time of year.

After a while I felt it was time for therapeutic day. Just being in the house was feeling a bit stifling and I couldn't shake the funk. My self prescribed therapy usually consists of a healthy dose of alone time so I spent most of the day at the bookstore. The whole time I was there I had to remind myself I wasn't in any rush to get anywhere. I had to force myself to slow down, grab a few books and find a corner to read. After browsing through shelves and shelves of books I found I was toting around a few, so I made my usual pile to push around with me. By the time I made it upstairs I was toting quite the pile of books but I had managed to put aside the cause of my moodiness. I love bookstores. I had read the first few pages of I don't know how many books, looking for the right ones for the mood I was in. I had the beginnings of dozens of stories floating around my head, looking for the few that felt good at the moment.

I almost didn't get the book since I already had a pile of books. If Derek hadn't given me that gift card for Half Price for my birthday, I probably would have put it back saying 'next time' to myself. That would be funny if you've read the book.
The book starts with Jeff on the phone with his wife when he's struck by a heart attack. He contemplates how his wife would have finished her sentence, "Jeff, we need -" as he dies. Then he wakes up in his college dorm at the age of eighteen. He does it all differently this time around but still can't seem to dodge the heart attack that hits him on the same day, at the same time, in 1988. Over and over, he lives his life, replaying it out differently each time.

I don't want to give too much away but it's truly awesome, heartwarming, heartbreaking, awe inspiring story. It's a book I'll read over and over. I loved it so much I went straight to the computer the next day to look up the author. He only had five published works and none of them got the kind of praise Replay did. I read somewhere that when he died a few years back, he was working on the sequel to Replay. I hate finding out stuff like that. What "could have been" verses what is. I ended up on a site reading posts from other readers telling their own story on how the book touched their lives. A truly wonderful book. It was just what I needed I think.

Oh, after the bookstore and Nan's I hit the movies. I didn't quite feel ready to go home so I hit the movies. I had been putting off seeing Million Dollar Baby for a while so I decided it was the perfect time. I had an hour to kill so I sat down at Chilli's and enjoyed a steak dinner while I read the first few chapters of Replay. It's a good thing it's only across the parking lot from the movie theater because I almost lost track of time reading. I plan on seeing it again tonight with Lana. I hope to see it a few more times before it's out of the theater. Funny how that theme has been creeping up around me lately. Here's a good quote I noticed in the movie on a poster in the gym.
Winners are simply willing to do what losers won't.

Well, I better hop off the computer for now. It's time for my dose of Ibuprofin and antibiotics. Whoo hoo. Next week I get the good stuff for when they yank my wisdom tooth out. Better living through modern medicine, right?

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