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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Pulling Teeth

I'm now two wisdom teeth short. Yup, I went in on Monday morning and had them pulled. The antibiotics brought the swelling down though and I almost put off having them pulled again. I figured it was time though.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it's not exactly something I would want to do again. I was pretty nervous going in. I must have read the same chapter three times waiting for the dentist while the local set in. I could hear him working in the other room. Something about the sound of that damn drill grinding on enamel just sets me on edge. When he finally did come in the room to pull them, it went pretty fast. Pulling the gum back, working a tool between the gum and tooth, the slow prying and wiggling back and forth, etc. It went fast but not fast enough I guess. The downtown view from the huge windows was great though. I wish I had brought the camera.

We went out to eat right afterwards. I about gagged before we got there just swallowing the medicine and blood in my mouth before I finally got something to drink. It hasn't been so bad since then though. The medicine mouth taste is gone and the blood taste is all but gone. Plus Vicodin is nice. I slept most of yesterday. Lana took care of me most of the day, while I sort of vegged out and let the Vicodin do it's work.

Not a lot going on around here other than me recovering. Johnny and Dosha signed the papers to their house though the other day. They're pretty excited and I can't blame them. It was only a seven months ago we moved into ours. Plus I'm sure their pretty excited about being on their own again.

I should get off the computer for now. I'm thinking of going to Walmart and movie shop. I need something to do when I'm not sleeping off a dose of Vicodin.

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