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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Warm Weather!

The past few days have been a blaze of cleaning for me. The weather is starting to warm up and it just feels good to be moving around outside rather than sitting inside. I even got the leaf blower out and bagged all the leaves up. It's amazing all the stuff that was hidden under the leaves. I found what remained of my back fence lattice that one of the kids tore down, plus numerous toys. I found my pavved path again too.

During Lana's meeting I took Marcel out to the park to ride his bike. It needed a little attention but nothing I couldn't take care of. It reminded me how much I relied on my bike growing up to get me where I wanted. I rode that thing everywhere. I learned how to fix my own flats, how to straighten a rim, how to fix a chain, adjust my brakes, plus I rode without ten pounds of protective gear. Marcel was pretty excited about his riding equipment though. They had a Batman set that came with helmet, kneepads and elbow pads. He's so worried about falling, not because he might get hurt, but because he might scratch his cool helmet. I'm thinking of getting a bike so I can go riding with him around the neighborhood. Mike might have my old bike still in the garage, stored away.

Today I've busied myself with finishing up the yard and putting new flashing cement around our aluminum patio cover. The real test is when it rains. I hope to never have to do that again. I think I ruined another pair of jeans. I never think to change clothes when I'm working on something I get so focused on just getting it done. I can see now I'll be scrubbing that stuff off my hands for days.I'm really looking forward to the warm weather. Beach trips, going to the park, riding bikes, etc. The way things are looking, I'll be getting to where I want in a new (for me) 1966 VW Bus! That is, if all works out well. I think I found the one I want but it'll take a little bit of planning since it's in New Hampshire. So wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed. I think it'll work out well though. I've been envisioning my bus for so long it's nice to know that I'm getting close. Marcel's pretty excited about it too. He's been a little hawk about loose change lately. The other day I found out why when he walked up to me and said, "Here daddy. It's for our bus since they're kind of expensive.

So now I have a small pile of change from Marcel in my closet that's going straight to the bus fund. It's going to be a good summer I think with lots of beach time. :)

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  1. Man, that's like the batmobile but in bus format. Bad ass, man. Good luck getting it from New Hampshire!

    - Anthony