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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Lazy Tuesday

My box of goodies came in today. I called up Wolfgang to get the tracking number only to find out that it had been delivered earlier today. I must have slept right through the ups guy ringing the door bell. It was a long night of cleaning up vomit and tucking Marcel back in bed so I'm not really surprised.

We stayed up pretty late watching Shall We Dance. Marcel wasn't all that interested and fell asleep on the couch. I tucked him in and Lana and I crawled into bed. All seemed well until I heard him get off the couch and stumble into the kitchen. I jumped out of bed to make sure he was okay and found him stumbling around the kitchen half asleep. He wasn't very coherent but I managed to get out of him his tummy hurt and he needed a glass of water. He was filling his glass when his tummy revolted all over the kitchen and I do mean all over the kitchen. I didn't know a six year old's stomach could compact that much food inside. I managed to get him out of the mess, clean him up and back on the couch without too much trouble. So there I am, half asleep myself, in my boxers, standing in a pool of vomit lost on where to start. I decided cleaning myself off was probably not a bad place to start. It took a couple of towels, a steaming hot mop, the dust pan, lots of bleach and about forty minutes. About the time I was dozing off again with the smell of bleach burned in my nostrils, he was up again. He made it to the toilet thankfully this time. He did this a few more times but mostly it was just his tummy making sure it was empty. I think Lana rolled over once in her sleep but I'm not sure. My baby could sleep through an earthquake.

I was pretty excited about getting my box in today even if I am too tired to really mess around much with the bus. Turns out they shorted me all the bulbs. I'll call them tomorrow to bitch I guess. I still need to find a wiper motor and front seats. I'm pretty sure I found the front seats for two hundred here in town but I still haven't found the wiper motor. I could just buy one out of a catalog for another two hundred but I see them on some of the forums going for around seventy five. I'm not sure if my patience can hold out. Once all the wiring is replaced and upgraded to twelve volts, I can pass an inspection. Which means it will officially be my daily driver. Whoo hooo!!! I shouldn't celebrate too early. The wiring and conversion are going to be quite the task. I think tomorrow I'll try to get up early to get a good start before I have to get ready for my brother's poker game.

Turns out Anthony is a mean poker player. Lana had a meeting on Sunday so it was the perfect excuse for me to get the guys together for some games. Micah, Derek, Anthony, and me started off with a game of Strange Synergy. By the time I managed to pull a win out my butt, the meeting was over and poker was mentioned by the girls. After four pizza's, a snack run, and ice cream, we ended up playing well into the morning hours with Anthony and Micah calling in sick in the morning. Derek stayed strong despite all the peer pressure to call in sick and bailed a little early so he could make it to work on time. It's been a while since we had a full house like that for games. I think I like the idea of a Sunday game day. Roleplaying was even mentioned. It looks promising so far...

Maybe tonight I'll work on my GURPS game that I've been wanting to run. Gather up all my books in the living room, pop some popcorn and watch some movies to set the mood while I take gaming notes. It feels like a sci-fi movie run tonight. 'Night!

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