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Monday, May 16, 2005

Oscar Spawns Again!

Wow, the past few days have been bit of a blur. I keep meaning to sit down and blog but there's always something that needs to be done or I'm just too damn tired to devote a good forty five minutes to it.

The riding lessons have got us on a somewhat decent schedule now and I find myself exhausted by eleven. We're going to get Marcel started on lessons sometime this week as well plus we're taking yearling lessons to help us with our new baby horse. Yup, we bought a horse. It didn't take that much on Lana's part to talk me into it. I've really been enjoying the time we spend out there. The first time we meet Danny, we were pretty much sold. He looks like a big shaggy teddy bear right now. I'm told he's going to get a lot bigger than he is now and that has me worried a little bit. He's already pretty big and from what I'm told Percherons get pretty large. He's grown on me already despite him having scared the shit out of once already. Turns out being dragged by a horse is commonly referred to as "dirt skiing". I'm not going to go into details, thank you. He's a big friendly thing though, and I think so long as we have a little guidance with his training it'll be a great experience.

Oh, I have good news! Heather had the baby girl! Taylor was eight pounds and three ounces. Oscar had called me around two in the morning letting me know they were at the hospital but I was already in bed at the time. We had company over pretty much the whole weekend and I was beat. As soon as I found out I pretty much dropped my plans for today to make it out there and see the baby. Something about holding a new born baby just feels right. I'm going to try and stay out of the hair for a few days but I did offer to babysit Tabs. They both looked pretty worn out and I remember all too clearly that first week. I forgot my camera in the truck I was in such a rush to go see the baby but luckily Alberto had his with him so I just have to wait for him to email me them before I can post them.

I'm pretty exhausted right now. I feel like I haven't had much sleep the past few days. I think Lana made a valid point that we've just been running around a lot more lately than usual. Between riding lessons, feeding Danny, poker, roleplaying, and daily stuff like laundry and cleaning I'm dead to the world by eleven. I'd better call it quits now while I'm still somewhat coherent. 'Night...

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