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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Out for a Walk

Last night I let Marcel sleep in our bed since Lana was stranded out in New Brounsfels. She had a party out there last night but the truck started overheating. She made it out to her party and her host's husband towed her to a hotel after wards. Our uber insurance is covering most of the towing fee so it's not too bad. I hate having truck problems. It drops my mood and patience a few good notches no matter what mood I'm in and I need all the notches of patience I can get. I won't go into details but lately my patience has been running short.

barn_firstridinglesson08Marcel and I took a walk this morning first thing to sort of get out on the right foot. We didn't go far but we did go to the pond. Sally was well behaved considering there were squirrels everywhere and ducks to harass. We even found a nest of duck eggs tucked away in a tree hollow. Marcel talked about his riding lesson most of the way there and back. He's pretty eager to take another one. He did scare me a bit when he asked me how to make Freckles, the horse he rode, run. It would be just like him to think he could handle a running animal ten times his weight after only his first lesson. This is the boy who only recently discovered he didn't know how to swim. When he was smaller, he just knew he knew how to swim so he never bothered trying to really learn. It always amazes me how he can have such an undoubting level of confidence in some things but not in others. He would quite literally swing from my arm without warning to dive into the pool at the mighty age of three. He did do well during his riding lesson though. He looked like he truly knew what he was doing up there.

I think the mission for today is de-stress, clean a little, and wait for Lana to make it back home. It's a Paul Simon, Peter, Paul, & Mary kind of day - I hope. ;)

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