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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Summer Rains

The truck got towed to Dr. Rick's today and sometime tomorrow we'll find out the damage. I hate having truck problems. No matter how trivial it makes my stomach sink even if it's not that bad. I guess it's just all the bad experiences we had with our Explorer, struggling just to pay the bills, and our third transmission died. Then the repo man came sniffing around when we stopped paying. It was a shitty time all around and it always comes back in color when I find myself with a dead car again. I shouldn't let stuff like that get to me but with everything else it's just one more thing. Hopefully it will be something like the water pump, we'll put it on the card, and drive away before Friday. Keep your fingers crossed. I hate being a pessimist sometimes but I just can't get away from it some days.

Marcel and I have been going outside a little more often. He really loves going outside to play and lately he's been getting that summertime wandering itch I think. I think that sometimes I'm a little over protective of him but my second guessing crumbles when I see some kiddo without. I'd rather error on the side of overprotectiveness then neglect. He was pretty intent on our walk yesterday despite all the rain so I figured what the hell. It's only a little rain. We walked in the drizzle and almost made it to the pond when the rain started coming down a little more. We were making our way back when I noticed a little more pep in his step. I don't think it ever occurred to him that being drenched in rain sucks. When we rounded the corner I noticed he wasn't the only kiddo enjoying our down pour. I met a few more of the neighborhood kids all hooting and running around in the rain. I was half tempted to take my own shoes and shirt off and join them. It's the most fun I've had in a while. I had forgotten how much fun it was to play in the rain.

Today is was just plain hot on our walk but Marcel still found the energy to burn once we got to the park. I was so tired I napped once we got home. I still feel a little groggy from it but I think it's mostly just not enough water. We're counting down to the neighborhood pool opening up. I think tomorrow I'll see if I can get Lana to play a little hookey with Marcel and me down at the river. Man, I love the summertime.

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