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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bored Outta My Skull

Damn it. I just posted a whole blog and lost it when I was trying to plug in the camera to upload a photo. Fuuuuuuuck...

It's been one of those kinda days. I haven't gotten anything really accomplished today other than making sure I get Lana's mail out. She's out of town for the next two days and I hate it. Whenever she's gone I get so damn restless. Marcel's the one who pays for it though. I drag him everywhere with me but the bathroom. I don't think he minds though. It's not that I hate being alone I just don't like being without her. Isn't it weird how the people we were before marriage transform into someone totally different? She's probably playing poker tonight at the casino she's staying at. Arg.

Speaking of poker, I won last Friday night! Yup, I survived the blinds, got lucky in a few races, doubled up, survived some more, and got lucky in a three way all in. It was probably the toughest game I've played. As much as I enjoyed the first game, I've grown really fond of the second game. It usually doesn't start until around two or three in the morning, everyone's tired and winding down, and everyone is just basking in each other's company. There's still a lot of trash talk, and the game isn't any easier but it is much more laid back. I ended up crawling into bed roughly around the time Brandon and Gina realized the sun was coming up. I had to be at a fifty five dollar freeze-out at two thirty.

The game turned out to be a bust, for me at least. I can't say I played bad or good since I didn't really play more than three hands before I busted out. I spent most of our time there in the loser's lounge reading Maximum Ice. Tony flopped trip jacks in the big blind and I walked into quads on the turn. I thought my pocket sevens for the boat were good thinking he had the four for a smaller boat but he had the jack. I can't really bitch though, since my chips went to a good player who simply out played me. Micah and Tracy lasted a bit longer than me but we were driving home around four. There's always next time though.

I feel so damn restless but I don't feel like doing any of the thinks I should be doing. Laundry, cleaning the living room, fixing my torn lovesac, etc. It's a lazy day and I don't feel like driving far. I think I'll load Marcel, Sally, and Bree in the truck and head to the river for a dip.

Probably set up a game of poker on the drive out there. ;)

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