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Monday, August 29, 2005

Post Party

marcelbdayparty07_01Marcel's birthday went off wonderfully. It was a bit hectic, as it is every year, but I think we did good. No random fires, an ambulance was never required, and all the kids were accounted for at the end of the party.

The poker game went really awesome. Turns out my son is bit of a maniac. If he wasn't raising, he was all in. I think he folded one hand the whole game. It got pretty damn mean from the first hand as Marcel put pressure on everyone else. There were rebuys all around after the first hand and it only got worse as it went on. Their play money went fast and the pot grew and grew. It ended up coming down heads up between Marcel and Britney. The hard part was keeping the parents out of the game. I don't know how many times I had to remind them one person per hand. Mike made the comment he couldn't help it. He hadn't had a poker fix in two weeks. Kelly had to drag Micah away from the table but it wasn't too long until Kelly was whispering in Becca's ear. I'm not positive but I think she even threw me the Momma look for commenting about no help. Marcel got lucky for the umtenth time and took down the win. I've never seen such a run. Scratch that, I have but I'd rather not talk about it since it wasn't for play money. Anyway, the game went really well. The kids played, got hopped up on super spiked sugar punch, and devoured multitudes of candy. Marcel actually passed out. The living room looked like Allison's house after the Halloween parties minus the booze.

I was pretty worn out after the poker game but that didn't stop us from breaking out the roleplaying stuff. We actually managed to get a roleplaying game going!! I was pretty surprised myself as I figured with everyone over we'd end up playing a game of poker ourselves or something like Pictionary. It was really great to play in a larger game for a change and as a player not the GM. I tweaked out an older character of mine, Shane, and got to play him again so I had a blast. We ended up playing way into the early morning hours. Allison passed out with a set of dice in her hands. I hadn't seen that in so long it almost brought a tear to my eye.

Hopefully we'll be able to get the game going again sometime soon. If not I've still got the Oscar and Anthony game going now and then to hook me up with my fix plus there is talk of a post-workout game. Old west is the flavor this time and I think I'm digging it. I'm more than ready to start roleplaying again. I don't see myself going to some extremes though. Read and enjoy. Micah sent that to me with,
"I can honestly say that no matter what we do, we'll NEVER be as nerdy as this fucker."

I think I can agree although I do plan on randomly giving out experience points.

"Damn babe, I've never thought to use a banana and Saran Wrap like that!! Ten points!!!"

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Birthday Boy

Marcel's birthday is just around the corner. Man, this year has gone so fast. We've now spent our first year in our new home. Doesn't seem that long ago but Marcel's birthday is a pretty solid reminder of the passing time. He's decided this year he wants a poker party so Lana I hit the party store in the mall. I was surprised to see so much poker themed stuff. Pinata's, table centerpieces, big plastic playing cards, cups, table cloths, napkins, etc. Lana vetoed balloons this year and I wasn't going to argue when she has that crazy look on her face. So we loaded up and browsed around before paying for everything. Halloween is definitely in the air. It's time to get moving on those headstones and costumes. We still need to pick up a few more things like candy and play money but I think we're actually ready ahead of time. Amazing.

We've even managed to get his birthday presents. Last trip to Walmart he was drooling over a shiny green bike. It's a nice ride that I can attest to. I rode it out to the car much to Lana's objections. I was tempted to pop a wheelie but the air was a little low on the tires so I refrained. Plus if I bust my ass doing something a twenty eight year old geek has no business doing anymore, I don't want it to be in my neighborhood Walmart parking lot.

Marcel's grown so much and his old bike is just too small now. His knees almost hit the handle bars and he almost falls on every turn. I'm thinking of getting a bike myself so we can go riding around the neighborhood together. Sally and I just can't keep up with him even when we try. I miss having a bike. I spent a lot of my summers running around on my bike and earned a lot of injuries. Should be fun. I should be doing other stuff like cleaning the office for tomorrow or working some more on the costumes but my brain is a little fried after a few hours of Medal of Honor. I finally beat the game. That last level is hellish. It's probably the most I died the whole damn game. Next I'm going to start over with it set on Hard. :)

We were going to try to throw together a LAN party after Marcel's party but looks like we're falling back to roleplaying. I have a feeling we'll end up playing something everyone can play though since we'll have a full house of company. I'm voting for roleplaying since it's been so long. Might even throw together a fantasy scenario to GM. I don't think my road warrior game did too well but I'm mostly to blame. It was half ass thrown together and I didn't put out the best GMing effort. Ah well, not the first game to go down and flames and I doubt it'll be the last. It could be saved though I think. Any roleplaying sounds good right now. I've been having the itch.

Well, I should go now. I've got lots of stuff I should be doing and I need to find my motivation for at least some it. Maybe I left it in the fridge next to the ice cream...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Dip in the River

theriver01Man, today was just a good day. I slept in with Lana as usual but today just felt good. We goofed off for a while trying to get the motivation to get out of bed and finally a deal was struck. I go to the store for her smokes and Diet Dr. Pepper and she'll cook breakfast. I liked my original deal better but she wasn't budging. I was willing to cook and go to the store for a favor imparted by her. I decided to take Sally out for a walk around the neighborhood after breakfast. I was going to try taking Bree along with me but I didn't feel like wrestling with her on the leash the whole walk. Sally's still needs a little work but she's so much easier to walk with. We walked around the neighborhood and it just felt good to be outside and stretching my legs. I was half tempted to jog a little but then a better idea occurred to me. I could be swimming in the river. The weather was perfect for it and I was already imagining the cool water. I picked up my step, and before too long, Sally and me were back home loading up the truck. Lana opted to stay inside today, catch up on her tivo'd horse shows, and read some. I was a little disappointed but I still had my mind set on the the hot sand and cool water. Fifteen minutes after my walk and I was splashing in the river with the dogs and boys.

It was just a perfect day for it too. It wasn't all that crowded at all. There were only a few other people there and most of them were there for just a quiet late afternoon dip like us. There was some boat traffic going back and forth but most of them were polite to slow down when passing by. I spent most of my time just swimming lazily back and forth while keeping an eye on the boys. Marcel and Ryan went back and forth from the water to building "the monster ant hill". By the time we left it was pretty damn big. They were both pretty wiped out by the time the water was getting too cold to swim. The dogs had long since called it quits along with me.

It was an excellent day for doing nothing at all and I'm happy to say I utilized every moment. I even captured a few in photos since I found the camera still in the truck buried under some stuff in the back. In fact, I'm rather proud of them so go check them out. My favorite is, of course, the last look back. ;)

Well, I've got Micah and Chris arriving any moment for our workout.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Blast from the Past

Derek, Micah and me bellied up to the poker table, settled in, and went to war. Yup, I finally broke in my copy of Axis & Allies! I bought it near six months ago and just now opened up the little baggies inside. I love opening a new game up. It's a lot like opening a new book but this you get to do with friends. I've never played Axis & Allies before and always wanted to. Whenever I saw the price tag on the box I always said I'll get it later. At fifty dollars it's not exactly my standard impulse buy at Nan's. I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket that Laura gave to me for Christmas so I finally did it. Something really fun about tearing open all the little baggies, organizing the troops, arranging all the ships, interpreting the rules amongst friends and the fresh smell of a board game.

I have to say, I really enjoy the game. I can see this game being a top ten game. I only wish I had discovered it sooner. I knew it was a popular game but I never knew how much. I did a search on google and found clubs, organizations, strategy guides, etc. I have a feeling the next few games we play are going to be vicious. Micah's been reading up on some of the sites too plus taking advice from a long-time player at work. I can't wait to roll with my German tanks again. I dreamed of playing the damn game. I dreamt I was in Washington again visiting Karen for her graduation but this time with my family and some friends. We played a game of Axis & Allies in her parents living room. At some point in the dream I was living back at home with Mike and my dad, flying the Planet Express, trick or treating after making formation, and feeding the HUGE fish tank that took up most of my dad's living room. Does any of that mean anything other than I shouldn't eat ice cream before bed???

It did get me wondering about Karen though. I hadn't heard from her in ages and we sort of lost touch after the whole Mary saga part of my life. We had been good friends for a long time, even boyfriend and girlfriend back in middle school, and everything just sort of got crushed before I knew what happened. There were a few awkward phone calls after Mary moved out but nothing ever got resolved between us. Lana and I started dating shortly after wards and you know the rest. Anyway, it got me wondering about how she's been over the years, so I googled her. Who knows, maybe she blogs right? Turns out she's got a high school reunion coming up on Marcel's birthday. Funny how the universe works out sometimes.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Road Trip!

It's been a super cool weekend and it's only Saturday! Okay, so I slept through most of today but we don't usually get started until after seven anyway. We ended up canceling our Friday night poker game to play a little hookey over at Isle of Capri. They have a shootout tournament we were wanting to play so we loaded up and headed for Louisiana. We all remembered our driver's license this time and got there early enough to register for the big game. When they found out we all came together they did the coolest thing for us. They made sure we were all on separate tables so we all had a better chances of making it to the money. I did end up on Tracy's table though since there were a total of eleven of us and only ten tables. I was nervous from the word go, but I always am in a new crowd. I didn't make it past my table but I did end up going out fourth at my table. Out of eleven of us, five of us went heads up at our table and my baby actually made it to the final table! She went out seventh but she played a damn good game. I'm pretty hyped about making it out there again soon. I had a good time even though I was pretty tired after the tournament. We ended up heading out to Harrah's for some cash games but I chilled and read some more.

Oscar loaned me a really great horror book, Evil Intent. I knew I had no business sitting down at a cash game as tired as I was so I warmed up a chair next to a slot machine and read until evenyone else cashed out or wandered back out of hunger. It was a truly great Friday, I just wish more of our friends could have made it out. I think next time I'd like to see about renting a van. I think it would be cheaper but I'll have to look into it. We didn't get home until something near seven in the morning. I don't really remember what time I passed out at but I do know the sun was coming up. Man, we gotta do that more often.

I think tonight there was talk of having a gaming night. I'm sure poker will get mentioned somewhere in there. I don't think I'll mind. Well, Lana's back with food and my little man so I'm out for now!

Oh, here's a little test I stole from Micah's blog. I'm more geeky than I thought I was...

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

An Early Start

I slept horrible last night. I was tossing and turning most of the night. It wasn't the usual though so I shouldn't bitch too much. Old schools, ex-girlfriends returning, and life in a barracks/dorm. It was a combination of odd dreams. I woke up dreaming I was belching. Not the standard belch but a long, uncontrolled, obnoxiously loud, tasty burp. No more Jack in the Box before bed.

We hit Jack in the Crack on the way back from Mike's poker game. I went out on the bubble. That's one before the money payout for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term. I was kicking myself all night long for that last hand. I keep telling myself I only lost the fifty for our buy in and add-on but I'm constantly running myself through that crippling hand knowing I should have played it differently. There's always tomorrow. Mike mentioned something I hadn't thought of though about Friday nights. With Tony taking a break from poker tournaments, we might see an influx at our game. I think I'll have to clear off the project table and get it cleaned up just in case. Eventually I'll get around to making that last poker table. There's lots of things waiting on "eventually". Right now though, I'm thinking about breakfast. Maybe some Tums to settle my stomach. Damn Jack in the Box.

Monday, August 1, 2005

The Lovesac's Back!

lovesacEveryone who's been in my house knows that my

lovesac is a coveted spot usually fought over by children, dogs, and guests. Everyone loves sitting in it, especially Sally. A few weeks ago the kids had spilt a drink on the cover so I took it off to wash it. Like usual though, I put off washing laundry. So the cover sat in the laundry room waiting for me to wash it. While Marcel and me were up in the office and Lana was out, Sally and Bree got into a scuffle over the lovesac. The lovesac paid the ultimate price. When I got in the house foam was everywhere. Having dogs is a lot like having toddlers all over again. No matter how mad you get at them hitting them is the wrong thing to do. So I choked down my temper despite my father-in-law's great advice about killing them, and threw them outside. I was at a loss on where to start. So I shoved it in the bedroom and decided I'd deal with it later. Later turned out to be a few weeks later.

I ordered one of those Handy Stitch machines off ebay thinking I could sew it up without having to empty the whole damn sac. I got it in the mail today and man this little thing rocks!! It took about ten minutes to get the hang of it but once you figure out how to end a stitch it's pretty easy to use. I ended up dumping all the foam out anyway but the handy stitch machine made it all pretty easy. So my lovesac is back! 'S so comfy...

I'm thinking of working on the Halloween stuff some tonight before I crawl in the sac to watch a movie and eat some ice cream. Right now I'm just sort of killing time waiting in queue. My site is currently down thanks to some DNS problem made by my host. I'm thinking of breaking out the sewing machine and sewing a few bantha raider pouches and finishing up the mask sculpture. I feel like being a little productive today. It's pretty late to get stuff started but I got up pretty late so I'm just now catching my stride. ;)

Well, off to do something productive...