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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Birthday Boy

Marcel's birthday is just around the corner. Man, this year has gone so fast. We've now spent our first year in our new home. Doesn't seem that long ago but Marcel's birthday is a pretty solid reminder of the passing time. He's decided this year he wants a poker party so Lana I hit the party store in the mall. I was surprised to see so much poker themed stuff. Pinata's, table centerpieces, big plastic playing cards, cups, table cloths, napkins, etc. Lana vetoed balloons this year and I wasn't going to argue when she has that crazy look on her face. So we loaded up and browsed around before paying for everything. Halloween is definitely in the air. It's time to get moving on those headstones and costumes. We still need to pick up a few more things like candy and play money but I think we're actually ready ahead of time. Amazing.

We've even managed to get his birthday presents. Last trip to Walmart he was drooling over a shiny green bike. It's a nice ride that I can attest to. I rode it out to the car much to Lana's objections. I was tempted to pop a wheelie but the air was a little low on the tires so I refrained. Plus if I bust my ass doing something a twenty eight year old geek has no business doing anymore, I don't want it to be in my neighborhood Walmart parking lot.

Marcel's grown so much and his old bike is just too small now. His knees almost hit the handle bars and he almost falls on every turn. I'm thinking of getting a bike myself so we can go riding around the neighborhood together. Sally and I just can't keep up with him even when we try. I miss having a bike. I spent a lot of my summers running around on my bike and earned a lot of injuries. Should be fun. I should be doing other stuff like cleaning the office for tomorrow or working some more on the costumes but my brain is a little fried after a few hours of Medal of Honor. I finally beat the game. That last level is hellish. It's probably the most I died the whole damn game. Next I'm going to start over with it set on Hard. :)

We were going to try to throw together a LAN party after Marcel's party but looks like we're falling back to roleplaying. I have a feeling we'll end up playing something everyone can play though since we'll have a full house of company. I'm voting for roleplaying since it's been so long. Might even throw together a fantasy scenario to GM. I don't think my road warrior game did too well but I'm mostly to blame. It was half ass thrown together and I didn't put out the best GMing effort. Ah well, not the first game to go down and flames and I doubt it'll be the last. It could be saved though I think. Any roleplaying sounds good right now. I've been having the itch.

Well, I should go now. I've got lots of stuff I should be doing and I need to find my motivation for at least some it. Maybe I left it in the fridge next to the ice cream...

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