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Monday, August 29, 2005

Post Party

marcelbdayparty07_01Marcel's birthday went off wonderfully. It was a bit hectic, as it is every year, but I think we did good. No random fires, an ambulance was never required, and all the kids were accounted for at the end of the party.

The poker game went really awesome. Turns out my son is bit of a maniac. If he wasn't raising, he was all in. I think he folded one hand the whole game. It got pretty damn mean from the first hand as Marcel put pressure on everyone else. There were rebuys all around after the first hand and it only got worse as it went on. Their play money went fast and the pot grew and grew. It ended up coming down heads up between Marcel and Britney. The hard part was keeping the parents out of the game. I don't know how many times I had to remind them one person per hand. Mike made the comment he couldn't help it. He hadn't had a poker fix in two weeks. Kelly had to drag Micah away from the table but it wasn't too long until Kelly was whispering in Becca's ear. I'm not positive but I think she even threw me the Momma look for commenting about no help. Marcel got lucky for the umtenth time and took down the win. I've never seen such a run. Scratch that, I have but I'd rather not talk about it since it wasn't for play money. Anyway, the game went really well. The kids played, got hopped up on super spiked sugar punch, and devoured multitudes of candy. Marcel actually passed out. The living room looked like Allison's house after the Halloween parties minus the booze.

I was pretty worn out after the poker game but that didn't stop us from breaking out the roleplaying stuff. We actually managed to get a roleplaying game going!! I was pretty surprised myself as I figured with everyone over we'd end up playing a game of poker ourselves or something like Pictionary. It was really great to play in a larger game for a change and as a player not the GM. I tweaked out an older character of mine, Shane, and got to play him again so I had a blast. We ended up playing way into the early morning hours. Allison passed out with a set of dice in her hands. I hadn't seen that in so long it almost brought a tear to my eye.

Hopefully we'll be able to get the game going again sometime soon. If not I've still got the Oscar and Anthony game going now and then to hook me up with my fix plus there is talk of a post-workout game. Old west is the flavor this time and I think I'm digging it. I'm more than ready to start roleplaying again. I don't see myself going to some extremes though. Read and enjoy. Micah sent that to me with,
"I can honestly say that no matter what we do, we'll NEVER be as nerdy as this fucker."

I think I can agree although I do plan on randomly giving out experience points.

"Damn babe, I've never thought to use a banana and Saran Wrap like that!! Ten points!!!"

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