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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Road Trip!

It's been a super cool weekend and it's only Saturday! Okay, so I slept through most of today but we don't usually get started until after seven anyway. We ended up canceling our Friday night poker game to play a little hookey over at Isle of Capri. They have a shootout tournament we were wanting to play so we loaded up and headed for Louisiana. We all remembered our driver's license this time and got there early enough to register for the big game. When they found out we all came together they did the coolest thing for us. They made sure we were all on separate tables so we all had a better chances of making it to the money. I did end up on Tracy's table though since there were a total of eleven of us and only ten tables. I was nervous from the word go, but I always am in a new crowd. I didn't make it past my table but I did end up going out fourth at my table. Out of eleven of us, five of us went heads up at our table and my baby actually made it to the final table! She went out seventh but she played a damn good game. I'm pretty hyped about making it out there again soon. I had a good time even though I was pretty tired after the tournament. We ended up heading out to Harrah's for some cash games but I chilled and read some more.

Oscar loaned me a really great horror book, Evil Intent. I knew I had no business sitting down at a cash game as tired as I was so I warmed up a chair next to a slot machine and read until evenyone else cashed out or wandered back out of hunger. It was a truly great Friday, I just wish more of our friends could have made it out. I think next time I'd like to see about renting a van. I think it would be cheaper but I'll have to look into it. We didn't get home until something near seven in the morning. I don't really remember what time I passed out at but I do know the sun was coming up. Man, we gotta do that more often.

I think tonight there was talk of having a gaming night. I'm sure poker will get mentioned somewhere in there. I don't think I'll mind. Well, Lana's back with food and my little man so I'm out for now!

Oh, here's a little test I stole from Micah's blog. I'm more geeky than I thought I was...

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