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Friday, September 2, 2005

Ain't no 9 to 5 here...

I'm trying to find the motivation to clean the office and it just hasn't happened yet. Tonight is poker night and I'm not the usual excited about it. I think I've hit burnout. I'm not positive, but I think I'm there. It's not that I don't ever want to play again, but for a while there I was playing three or four times a week. I find myself content to play once a week. Maybe tonight's game will renew my obsession for it. We'll see how it goes. Plus tonight is the first night of the Freeroll Tournament. Before then though, I've got to empty all the nasty asstrays(that's not typo), all the half full cans, vacuum the floor, clean the bathroom, and wipe down the tables. Fun, fun.

I think I just need a nice relaxing day or two with no laundry, dishes, broken toys, floors to sweep, cans to empty, or kitchen to clean. Everytime I want to do something fun, all those things that I need to be doing come back to haunt me. I'm constantly picking up around the house. I mean constantly. It's mostly little stuff but it try doing the same monotonous task twenty-thirty times a day, everyday, seven days a week, always playing the same track of, "Please don't drop your stuff on the floor/bar/desk". Yep, I need to get out soon. It's time for a bookstore day, a movie day, or maybe a just whole day at the river. I don't know but I do know that my "no job ass" needs a break.

The past day or two I've actually been working on getting the vacuum table finished. It's been sitting in the garage unfinished since last year. Man, I didn't realize how long it had been until I started moving stuff around looking for it under all the junk I've accumulated. Underneath all the blocks of styrene, window screen, foam padding and random computer parts, I finally found it. With my heating element finally in, I'm only one part away from finished now. I need a hood to house the heating element. I'm hoping I can bribe one of my poker buddies into building one out of aluminum for me since he has a bunch of welding equipment. He's offered to teach me how to weld a few times and I'm really thinking of taking him up on the offer.

I can feel Halloween creeping up on me. I'm nowhere near being finished like I hoped to be. I keep telling myself, "when the vacuum table is working..." but the thing is, I could be doing other stuff until then. I still have headstones to work on. I work better under pressure anyway.

This weekend, I'm going to attempt to take a break. Play some poker, hopefully get some roleplaying time in, and catch up on some reading.

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